Why Cannabis Yoga is the Best — Best Weed Strain To Use

Why Cannabis Yoga is the Best

Long gone is the bad image that cloaked marijuana. The path it is on now has changed many to look at it in a different light. We have discovered that it is not just for recreational use, but has much more to offer. In a holistic approach, Cannabis Yoga has stepped onto the stage. Yoga has always emphasized focus on the heightened sense of awareness. The aim of yoga is to help you reach physical and mental enlightenment.

Cannabis Yoga is quite a controversial topic among yogis, but the majority agrees that marijuana helps to break mental and physical boundaries.

How to Infuse Cannabis with Yoga

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Marijuana and Yoga are both two practices focusing on relaxation. There can be a beautiful relationship between yoga and cannabis. But there are tips to follow and you need to remember that weed can slow you down (depending on the marijuana strain though). However, try not to do any challenging or power yoga while using cannabis.

You also need to know how your body reacts to weed. It might be wise to ease it into your routine in order to get the whole benefit of this duo.

The whole point here is to prepare your mind so that you are connected and unlocked rather than disconnected and locked.

Let’s start at the Beginning

What Weed should you use?

It seems that Yoga does better with Hybrids. Pure Sativa strains could be very busy and distracting. Indica, on the other hand, could be too heavy and relaxing that it demotivates rather than focuses.  But ultimately it is up to the users as they know best what works for them. If you find something that you really like, stick to it.

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Use a Vaporizer and get high before the class. It is better to smoke less than what you would smoke normally when hanging out with friends. It is ok to smoke during class if needed; especially just before meditation.

Be Calm

If this is the first time that you are infusing cannabis with yoga, focus on being calm. The whole idea is for it to be a relaxing experience and to work stress and tension away. Cannabis should help your experience. If it is your first time, it might be better to start with smaller amounts to avoid any complications.

As the whole point of yoga is to enhance relaxation, cannabis offers a perfect partner for it. The physical benefits of yoga can be greatly enhanced with marijuana. Muscle pains, anxiety and stress and blood pressure can be greatly improved.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Yoga?

  • Cannabis and Yoga infused bring a heightened awareness and help the body to sink body, mind, and breath. This helps anxiety and depression issues.
  • It releases blood pressure and increases the metabolism
  • Supports the immune system and strengthens muscles and joints
  • Relieves pain and inflammation. By itself, both cannabis and yoga are good for relieving pain and inflammation. Together they are a potent tool.
  • Yoga offers bliss and spiritual awareness and cannabis help the body to respond well to that.

Final thoughts

The combination of yoga and cannabis might just be the best experience you ever had. Like I made mention earlier if you are a newbie to weed, start off small and gradually make your way up until you are comfortable.


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