Why Cannabis Beer Is Bad For Your Health — Adverse Effects

Why Cannabis Beer Is Bad For Your Health

With the cannabis industry fast developing, we’re seeing new unique combinations of cannabis infusion. One of the more recent developments to have hit the marketplace is cannabis-infused beer or wine. While this novel approach to intoxication might sound interesting, you have to remember that mixing alcohol and cannabis is quite risky.

For any long-term stoner, mixing alcohol and cannabis is never a good idea. For starters, the effects depend on the order in which you take the substances. If you were to ‘smoke first’ and then drink alcohol, you’d be able to moderate your drinking to suit the ‘high’.

However, conversely smoking after drinking alcohol will almost certainly send you into a spiral decent where you might end up hugging the toilet all night.

Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this phenomenon.

What happens when you mix alcohol with cannabis?

cannabis and beer

While there aren’t too many studies on the interchangeable effects of cannabis and alcohol combined, there are a few that gives us an idea of what happens.

As mentioned earlier, there are many different side effects depending on which substance you consume first. In any case, the following side effects were recorded according to research studies:


  • Enhanced effects of THC
  • Overdose potential
  • Decreased judgment
  • Increased dehydration
  • Potential issues with elimination
  • Intensified side effects
  • Long-term effects
  • Complicated physical dependence
  • Psychological effect


Consuming alcohol before cannabis

Experienced users know that you should never drink alcohol before you smoke marijuana. Otherwise, you stand the chance of ‘greening out’. Greening out is a sensation where users start feeling dizzy, paranoid and usually end in vomiting — after which, they have a strong sensation to lie down and rest.

For anyone who has ever gone through this situation, you know how dreadful it can be.


The reason why people ‘green out’ is because when they consume alcohol first, it changes the way their intestines absorb THC. In fact, it absorbs it at a much higher rate.


Think of it like turning a joint into a less-potent edible. The effects become stacked and eventually, you’ve passed the threshold of sanity. Once this point is reached, it’s a dark spiral to the toilet.

Consuming cannabis before alcohol

Conversely, smoking first will make the experience a lot nicer. Smoking weed first changes the CB2 receptors and actually changes the way alcohol is absorbed. The cannabis makes it so that you maintain a lower blood-alcohol level, meaning you can drink a bit longer. Nonetheless, you can also go overboard seeing that alcohol inhibits things like critical thinking and risk assessment.

Most cannabis users tend to just smoke marijuana as opposed to mixing substances.

Why cannabis beer can be risky?

Now that you know the interactions of cannabis and alcohol, it only makes sense that mixing the two together can have adverse effects. While we would never tell anyone what they can and cannot put into their own bodies, it is wise to be critical about your consumption habits.


mixing cannabis and beer together


Wrap up

Alcohol and Cannabis, when mixed together, can cause adverse effects whether used in extreme moderation. Whenever alcohol is involved, it’s easier to overconsume than under-consume.

We’re not saying that these cannabis-alcohol infusions should be banned, we’re simply saying that if you were to consume these two in combination, know what you’re getting yourself into first.

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