White Widow Marijuana Strain Review — A- Z Information

White Widow Marijuana Strain Review

The White Widow Marijuana Strain is one of the most infamous strains on the planet. This hybrid powerhouse is the brainchild of the Dutch Master Arjan, owner of Green House Seeds.

With a 30 year history, White Widow’s unique balance of Sativa and Indica provides you with a potent punch that will send you into a swirling energetic near blissful experience.

With an incredibly short grow cycle and high resin production, this is still a favourite among growers of all calibres.



white widow


White Widow is a unique marriage between two very distinct parts of the world. The sativa portion of the plant derives from a South American landrace, whereas the indica portion of the strain comes from a South Indian Indica.

While the plant is a 50-50 hybrid, the Sativa effects definitely dominate within the actual ‘high’. We’ll talk more about the specific effects, taste, and flavours below.


Good For — Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia
Effects — Happy, Euphoric, Uplifting, Relaxed, Creative


Types of high

As mentioned, the sativa effects of the two strains are what manifests when consumed. Most users report an intense happiness coupled with a deep relaxation. You’re going to be bursting with energy and euphoria and your creative side will most definitely be stimulated.

Nonetheless, if you were to infuse your food with this cannabis strain, you can expect a deep heavy almost narcotic body experience, making it a superb

Aroma & Taste

In terms of Aroma and Taste, White Widow has a predominantly earthy smell to it. There is almost a piney-woody undertone to it as well. One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that it is pungent. It’s one of those strains that would stink through two Ziploc bags.

Nonetheless, when smoking it, hints of the woody-piney undertones become much more apparent with that thick chronic-like taste lingering on your tongue.

The smoke can be harsh for newbies; thus we encourage you to take smaller hits to start off with. It’s wise to pace yourself when enjoying White Widow. Allow her to school you in her ways.


White Widow is a perfect starter strain. It’s quite easy to grow and very forgiving with mistakes. The height of the plant can range anywhere between 30 inches and 78 inches with a yield of roughly 2-3 ounces per square foot.

With a short flowering cycle, you’ll be able to crop out in fewer than nine weeks. With a massive resin production, it’s a perfect strain for people who need to convert the raw bud into THC oil.

We highly recommend beginner growers to start out with this strain.

Negative Effects

White Widow can leave you very thirsty, so it’s always best to have some liquid on hand. Apart from the dry mouth, you might experience a bit of dry eyes, however, apart from these two common negative side effects of cannabis, the strain is quite pleasant overall.

Some people do report a bit of paranoia, however, this is precisely why we advise you take it calmly at first and scale up your consumption rates as needed.

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