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What The Hits Blunt Meme Is All About

I’m sure by now you have seen the Hits Blunt meme on the internet. For the seasoned stoner, those memes are hilarious because they hint at a reality that only stoners can understand. Today, we’re going to be talking about the reason why these memes came to be in the first place.

Origins of the Hits Blunt Meme

The earliest records we have of the hits blunt meme is in September 2014 and was posted by a Twitter user by the name of @JimJones. The tweet captured 4,400 retweets and 3200 favorites. This was also the catapult that made the sea of Hits Blunt Memes become a ‘thing’.

But what does it refer to?

Hits Blunt Meme Reference

Stoners, as they progress through their habit of smoking marijuana, have unique thoughts akin to ‘aha moments’. The Hits Blunt meme references these ‘cannabis-based-aha-moments’ usually by showing a two frame picture with a guy or girl wearing a hoodie, completely dazed and in awe.

For instance, “Do you think sand is called sand because it’s between the Sea and the Land.”

Of course, this isn’t the origins of the word sand, however, it’s the out-of-the-box creativity of the stoner that creates that “Mmmh, maybe?!?”

Our Top Hits Blunt Memes

hits blunt meme
If you wear a shirt inside out, the whole universe is wearing it except you….

This one is a classic. Playing on the idea that by flipping your shirt inside out can find yourself ‘outside of the universe’ makes one think. In a way, the meme speaks to some truth.

hits blunt meme
If Professor X can move stuff with his mind, why can’t he move his legs?

Another amazing hits blunt meme for the X-Men fans out there. These kinds of plot holes make for great memes and the Hits Blunt Memes captured the essence of this plot hole perfectly. If Prof. X is telekinetic, wtf is he in a chair?

hits blunt meme
Bruh, it’s called a pilot episode because it’s the first one they put on the air…

Ever wondered why they call it the “pilot”. While the actual reason it’s called a pilot episode dates back to the 1500s, referencing those who steered the ship, this one does make you think. You have to absolutely love the whacky-creativity of stoners though. It’s perfect!

hits blunt meme
If Two mind readers read each others mind, whose mind are they reading

Oh, the profoundness doesn’t end! I mean, you have to be really baked to come up with stuff like that and we for one are absolutely glad that the “Meme Artist” who made this one smoked up. It’s a great question. Does anyone have the answer?

hits blunt meme
Bruh, what color are mirrors?

Finally, the mirror question takes the cake. Something so ordinary that we stare at daily simply doesn’t have a color. It’s obviously reflective, does that mean that the color of the mirror is that of which it reflects. What if there is nothing to reflect…what color is it then?

And there you have our top hits blunt meme compilation. Well, we have plenty of others, but these are definitely some of our favorite. If you liked what you’re reading and would like to receive timely updates, consider following us on Facebook!


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