What is Sensimilla? | All You Need To Know About This Marijuana Strain

What is Sensimilla?

Did you know cannabis requires the male and the female plants to grow? Yes, cannabis plants show gender, and it is an important aspect for marijuana growers. That being said, what happens when you deprive the female of pollen sacs? Sensimilla weed emerges.



Sensimilla originates from Spanish “Sin Semilla” and refer to plants without seeds. To understand how it’s possible to grow weed without seeds, first let’s look at how marijuana is grown.

How Is Marijuana Grown?

Male and female cannabis like any other living things on earth reproduces when they come together. The arrangement is such that the female plant produces the bud while the male plant provides the pollen sacs.

Once the pollen grain comes in contact with the female plant, reproduction occurs. Then, the female plant begins to make seed (unlike before when it was producing buds).


How Are Sensimilla Plants Grown?

Sensimilla weed is usually grown indoors using hydroponic techniques. The sensimilla strain is also produced under greenhouse conditions. Growers do this in a bid to reduce the risk of the male pollen fertilizing the female plant.  The pistil of sensimilla weed is the part of the pod which houses the seed and this pistil, when it grows, changes color — signaling that your sensimilla weed is ready for harvest

Hydroponic Techniques

We all know that plants are grown in soil, right? The word hydro also gives us a hint that water is a part of the process. Here, sensimilla strain is grown in a nutrient-rich soil as opposed to a normal soil. In this case, the plants are in a container and this container has tubes flowing through them. These tubes also allow the flow of nutrients.

As a grower, you must ensure that the light is enough to ease germination. Although hydroponic techniques can be beneficial, it can also be stressful to execute. You always have to check to be sure that there’s adequate water supply. Also, it is important to avoid over-fertilizing the plant.

Sensimilla Seeds

sensimilla seeds

For growing indoors, you will need lights, heat, water, air, soil, and also fertilizers. Without this, it might be difficult to grow sensimilla seeds. Maintaining a temperature optimal with an extractor fan helps the growth of marijuana plants.

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Sensimilla Strain flavor

Sensimilla has a very strong flavor. Why is it strong? It contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) —  one of the reasons why it is the most preferred marijuana plant by most growers.


Sensimilla weed can cause elation, increased sense of perception, and increased appetite. But no reduced activity has been reported with this strain


Alright, let’s call it a wrap (no pun intended). Sensimilla plants are very unique in the sense that they are “seedless marijuana“. Subsequently, they are unable to reproduce until they are fertilized. Another aspect that makes them special is the fact that they are 10% more concentrated than normal weed. However, it is possible to achieve up to 30% if it is grown using hydroponic techniques.

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