Weed World Candies Products — Do They Live Up To The Hype

Weed World Candies

Weed World Candies is a company that was formed in 1999 with the aim of promoting the legalization of marijuana. Apparently, the company has transformed into a brand for weed products such as “weed candies”. In this article, we will discuss on some of the candies that are sold under the brand name – Weed World Candies.

Weed themed candies van

The company under the banner weed world candies sells its products via vans that can be seen driven around in all the major cities that this company operates in.  The vans are branded with lollipops alongside cannabis plants.

The vans are most commonly spotted in the city of New York and New Orleans.

It is important to note that the sale of these candies is legal in all the areas that the vans can be seen. The vans attract a considerable following in many cities.

weed vans

Although some people may be against the sales of candies that have been branded with cannabis, however, the company still has a huge following in many parts of the world even those that have not legalized the use of marijuana and its products.

Products made by weed world candies

This US-based company sells a variety of weed products that are packaged using cannabis branded wrappings. Their line of products includes;

  • Bubble Kush

    A chewing gum that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol THC. The idea of chewing cannabis in bubble gum is awesome, but the company isn’t doing well with this product due it’s low THC content.

  • Strawberry Cough

    This is a line of lollipops that are sold by the company through its website and also through its numerous marketing vending vans in major cities in the United States. These lollipops have high sugar content but just like the Bubble Kush, the THC content is very low and thus does not cause any psychotropic effects (high).

  • OG Kush

    This product happens to be the most prominent of all the products sold by this company, it could be the cannabis strain name that has made it famous. OG Kush also happens to be the product with the most reviews online. Sadly, though, a majority of them are negative reviews due to the low amount of THC.

What are weed world products made of?

The products made by this company such as ‘OG Kush‘ are simple candies that contain THC in fewer quantities. The company has been able to get people interested in their products largely due to branding and vigorous marketing campaigns.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the products are normal candies that contain sugar and other additives such as colour — to make it appealing to marijuana users.

The high sugar content in the candies is only guaranteed to give you a sugar rush. Subsequently, the low THC content does not seem to have any effect on chronic marijuana users that have developed a high tolerance for weed. 

All this goes to show that these candies have no effect at all on the user as they are made of sugar and contain very low amounts of THC.

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Weed world candies reviews

If you are looking to buy products from this company, first look at the reviews of the products online. You will notice that the majority of the reviews are negative —  it seems the users aren’t too satisfied with the products (we learnt that the products didn’t get the users high as they anticipated, hence, the negative reviews).

Furthermore, what we are able to deduce from the reviews on the site is that the products aren’t suitable for recreational marijuana users— because the presence of THC in low quantities does not appeal to them. Similarly, the absence of the CBD cannabidiol (the chemical compound in marijuana which contains the therapeutic properties) also makes these candies not suited for people that may be looking for edibles that can help them deal with their medical conditions.

Final thoughts

Verily, what these reviews reveal about the weed world candies products is that they are not as effective as they are portrayed to be in the marketing campaigns. If you are an ardent cannabis user, this product might not be for you.

The products prove to be a good cover up for amateurs that may want to blend in with the cannabis use hype, especially at social settings.

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