Weed Prices Per Gram – The Breakdown | Legal Vs Illegal States

Weed Prices Per Gram – The Breakdown

If you’re trying to figure out the marijuana price per gram, then you’re in luck. Today we’re going to be breaking down the economics behind your cannabis.

The marijuana price per gram isn’t the same in every location due to a little thing economists call – supply and demand chains. Depending on whether you live in a legal state or an illegal state, the marijuana price per gram will change.

Let’s take a closer look.

Marijuana Price Per Gram – Legal States vs Illegal States

Places like Oregon, who had an overproduction of cannabis this past season saw a radical reduction in price per gram. They went from $15 down to $5 and in some cases even lower. You see, as the supply increases and surpasses the demand…the price automatically declines.

This is of course unless you act like DeBeers, where they have a stockpile of diamonds but only release 5% of their stock per year. Thus, they create artificial inflation by controlling the market supply and demand chains.

When a state “just legalizes” marijuana, the price per gram usually sits between $10 and $20 per gram. However, as the market matures and the supply catches up with the demand, the prices usually level out between $5 – $10 of high-quality weed.

Illegal states

Within illegal states, the price per gram can be higher depending on the quality of the cannabis. This is because the supply chain is afflicted by law enforcement. Higher risk for the producers and suppliers mean that the price per gram goes up.

This is why in States like New York, where marijuana was illegal with harsh penalties for years, the price per gram was well over $20. In fact, if you were to buy a pound in California and sell it off in New York, you could fetch about five times the value of the stash.

Weed Prices Per Gram – Bulk Rules

marijuana price

Another thing to consider is that when you purchase marijuana in bulk, the price per gram drops significantly. A gram might cost you $10 (hypothetically) whereas an ounce (28 grams) won’t cost you $280. There is usually some bulk discount within the ounce.

Whenever you are buying in bulk, you should be able to shave off those extra dollars on the price per gram. In the case of an ounce, the price drop can be between $50 – $100 meaning you’ll end up paying between $5-$7 per gram.

Will the Price Bottom Out?

Right now, cannabis is still a novelty item, however over time and with higher production rates we will begin to see grams of cannabis as low as $1. The market will eventually decide the right price per gram as the market establishes itself.

We’re currently undergoing a massive shift in global politics concerning this plant. It will take a few years for the market to bottom out and then you’ll be able to buy cannabis at very affordable prices.

Hell, considering that you could grow your own weed at home…you might even end up spending cents per gram. The world is moving towards full scale legalization and with this the prices of weed will drop once more. Eventually it will bottom out to the point where the market is comfortable with the price per gram.

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