Weed Growing Kit: What Is It And How To Pick A Good One?

Weed Growing Kit: What Is It And How To Pick A Good One?

Weed growing kit is something many people turn to when they first start growing their batches of marijuana. Whether is due to lack of outdoor growing opportunity, or a lack of knowledge so they want some help with the kit, these weed sets are getting pretty popular. Basically, a weed growing kit is a complete package where you’ll get every essential thing you need for growing.

Weed Growing Kit: The ideal Kit

There are many but one weed growing kit on the market by now, especially after the legalization of marijuana in many states in the U.S. and also countries like Canada, and The Netherlands, Jamaica, and countries like Spain that are loosening up the laws on it. So, if smoking is more tolerable, why not grow your own, right? If you were able to source some good seeds, why not! So, what makes an ideal weed growing kit?

The characteristics of an ideal weed growing kit

In this article, I won’t get into the details of recommendations and reviews of a specific kit simply because there is a lot to be told as information of weed growing kit and what you need to know before buying one. Let’s see the points below on buying an indoor weed growing kit.

First off, let’s start with the things the perfect marijuana grows kit should include:

  • A grow tent
  • High-powered light
  • inline and clip-on fan
  • A filter
  • Some beams
  • A thermometer
  • A speed adjuster

The pros of owning a weed growing kit at home

There are many benefits and pros as to why you should get your own weed growing kit and start growing marijuana at home. First of all, it pays off even if you aren’t selling and the reason is that it’s cheaper once you make the investment. Health-wise it pays off because you know exactly what you are smoking and you know the exact ratio of TCH to CBD and other characteristics that might be important to you.

  • Firstly, having a weed growing kit is a great tool for indoor gardening because it provides the best environment for an indoor garden. This is especially useful for people with apartments or living in houses with small gardens.
  • It’s very easy to use – you simply need to set up all your plants and other equipment in the tent and you’re all set. What you have to do is simply taking good care of your plants and wait for the maximum yield. It’s as simple as that.
  • A weed growing kit is your complete system. What’s a complete system, you may ask? Well, it’s an all in one solution to growing cannabis simply because it contains all the essential stuff your plant needs for growing.
  • A weed growing kit does not require you to have a growing room specifically designated to your cannabis plants. It surely is useful, but you can also install your weed growing kit whenever you find suitable and grow it there.
  • Cutting back on costs is possible when it comes to having your own weed growing kit because a kit already contains all the growing tools you may need for your plant to grow instead of building one yourself and buying all the parts and tools separately.
  • Having an excellent source of lighting is another pro to having your own weed growing kit. Namely, the kits already come with the best-adjusted light according to the size of the tent it comes with so there is no need to worry about the having to adjust the lighting or harming your plants with too much or too little.
  • Probably the best side to having a weed kit is the ability for you to control your plant’s environment in which it grows. The lights, the temperature controller and the other tools with it enable you this making it easy for you to grow all sorts of strains from all over the world.
  • Not feeling any smell is another excellent feature of the growing kits because most of the kits come with filters for filtering the smell and keeping your room fresh.
  • With the ability to control the environment of the plant you are growing with a touch of a button, there comes another great side of owning a kit and that’s the low maintenance. With a kit, you aren’t wasting a whole lot of time or energy on your plants while you are getting the maximum yield at the same time. How cool is that!

Weed-growing tools

Weed-growing tools via 101growlights.

The cons of owning a weed growing kit

Speaking of personal and my friends’ experiences of owning weed growing kits is the initial cost of it. But as I previously said, it pays off pretty quickly, even more so if you are selling the weed you are growing, at least in the beginning. Plus, health-wise you know you are smoking the best quality weed, so we cannot put a price on health!

Factors to consider when buying your weed growing kit

  • The quality of your tent and its size: Initially, you have to consider the tent’s quality and the tent’s size. When it comes to the size, you need to know your plants’ sizes and how many you are planning to grow inside. Also, the size depends on how big is the room you have for growing the plants.
  • Buying with or without soil: This is a simple decision based on how you want to grow your plants. If you buy a kit for growing with soil then you grow your plants in soil. Otherwise, you grow them in a soilless environment hydroponically.
  • The light: Always try to get a full-spectrum to grow light. Your options are LED, fluorescent, T5, and HPS, choose one accordingly, based on your needs.

Weed Growing Kit
  • Weed Growing Kit

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