Wasy To Vaporize Weed | Pen, Portable, Wax, Oil & Tabletop vaporizers

Ways To Vaporize Weed

Have you noticed the influx of vape products in the last couple of years? Even as you read this article, new vape brands have just been released into the market. Just like the cannabis industry, the vape industry too is thriving.

Technology has made it a lot easier for marijuana users to enjoy cannabis without having to burn their lungs. So far, this new technique (vaping weed) has been positively received by marijuana users all over the world.

Why do people vape?

Weed vaporizing does not only help you conserve your weed, but it also enables you to release a substantial amount of active ingredients contained in the weed i.e. THC and CBD.

People engage in weed vaporizing for so many reasons (i.e. weed conservation, prestige, health, convenience etc), and with the advancement in technology, there are a wide range of weed vaporizers available for you to choose from.

Ways to vaporize weed

Weed vaporizers are classified according to their structure and how they are utilized. You can vaporize weed using any of the following products:

  • Portable vaporizers
  • Pen vaporizers
  • Oil vaporizers
  • Wax vaporizers
  • Tabletop vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers

When they say a vaporizer is portable, it merely means you can take this vaporizer anywhere you go. You can carry it in your bag or pocket. Anyway, most portable vaporizers are designed to fit in the palm perfectly; this allows for concealment  — making it possible for you to enjoy different bud flavors anywhere discreetly. Majority of marijuana enthusiasts own portable vaporizers. An example of a portable vaporizer is the Fury 2.

Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Fury 2

Pen Vaporizers

The V2 Pro Series 3x is so far known as the best pen vaporizer 2018. There are so many features that come with this super portable and easy to carry pen vaporizer for weed. One of the best features of the V2 Pro Series is the “compartment that can be used with e-liquids”.

Another great feature this product has is the “battery life” that is motion activated. The Series 3x deserves all the headlines it is currently getting. Aside from possessing some of  the best qualities a dry herb pen vaporizer should have, its compatibility and sleek design is top notch.

Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer
V2 Series 3x

Oil Vaporizers

Oil vaporizers are a good choice if you want to medicate on the go. The best oil vaporizer 2018 is the Honeystick Squeezebox Phantom. Priced at about $129.00, this product allows you to enjoy essential oil from cannabis especially if you want to vape for medical reasons.

Honeystick Squeezebox Phantom

Wax Vaporizers

As the name implies, these type of vaporizers is specifically designed to allow you to enjoy the flavors of cannabis wax without having to pass it through combustion. The Source ORB 4Signature kit comes to mind whenever wax vaporizing is mentioned. Consisting majorly of about 40W, this wax vape product has a magnetic mouthpiece that allows the user to enjoy toking up cannabis wax.

Wax Vaporizer
ORB 4Signature

Table Top Vaporizers

Ironically, i saved the the best for the last. Apparently, the table top vaporizers are meant to be used in the comfort of your home or office. They are typically large and usually come in different aesthetic designs. Selecting the best tabletop vaporizer for 2018 was a bit tricky, simply because there are so many good products to choose from. However, the Dr. Dabber Switch is a product that have gained so much attention from marijuana enthusiasts.

The design alone, makes you want to start vaping immediately. Known as the beast of tabletop vaping, the Dr. Dabber Switch generates smooth hits. It is made up of a solid material that creates an extremely comfortable feel and also helps to regulate the temperature, hence, it doesn’t get too hot (heat resistance). Although, it is priced around $399.99, look past the price and go for this “beastie”. You will be glad you did!


Wrap up

Every day, manufacturers are constantly researching better ways to improve on already existing vaping products in other to make the vaping experience more enjoyable. It is worthy to note that the mechanism behind vaping is based on conduction and convection and not combustion, thus, making it a healthier option for consuming weed.

Vaping helps you enjoy cannabis to the fullest and cannabis lovers all over the world remain grateful to the brilliant minds that are daily devising various ways to consume cannabis.

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