UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review | Effects, Taste, Genetics

UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

UK Cheese is one of those marijuana strains that can be immediately identified due to its smell-profile. If you’ve got a marijuana strain on you that has a “Musty Cheese” smell to it…odds are your working with a variety of the Cheese family.

This particular strain came from the UK originally in the 1990s by a growers’ collective known as Exodus. Thus, the strain is sometimes called “Exodus Cheese” as well. In essence, some believe that Cheese is only a different phenotype of Skunk #1, which is a powerful Sativa strain.

You can expect to get quite energetic with this strain, but at the same time, you’ll feel total body relaxation. The denseness of the buds is something to admire with a stark contrast between the light green buds and thick orange hairs weaved in between.



UK Cheese Marijuana Strain Review


As mentioned, most people believe that UK Cheese is simply a different variation of Skunk #1. While this isn’t 100 confirmed, it is the general consensus that the same strain simply produced two different variations.

Irrespective, UK Cheese couldn’t be contained within British Borders and moved out throughout the world. The Dutch are some of the more prominent promoters of Cheese Varieties, especially Green House Seed Co.

Good For — Stress, Depression, Pain, Appetite, Insomnia
Effects — Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifting, Hungry


Types of high

When smoking UK Cheese, you’ll instantly feel a deep relaxing high. This deep sense of relaxation is accompanied with a happy and euphoric undertone. If you smoke too much of it though, it will definitely send you to La La Land [you’ll get sleepy].

Many users also claim that UK Cheese is a perfect strain to use if you feel the need to be creative. Smoking a little bit of this powerhouse strain will give you enough energy and creativity to get any artistic project done before you know it.

Aroma & Taste

It is quite obvious that UK Cheese has a strong “cheese-like aroma” to it. Coupled with the cheesiness, you also have a strong undertone of “earth” and a fruity after burn sort of like berries. This mix of flavours and odours make it easy for users to identify the strain.

While the strain might smell like cheese, the more prominent flavour when smoking is a fruity-berry note that lingers on the pallet of your mouth.


This strain isn’t too difficult to grow; however, we don’t recommend it for first-time growers. Nonetheless, the indica-sativa blend makes it a quick harvest with a decent yield. The plants will not grow more than 80 inches and will produce a yield of between one and three ounces per square foot.

You can expect the flowering cycle to end at roughly nine weeks. The yield will produce thick resin covered nugs with pronounced red hairs.

Negative Effects

As with almost every cannabis strain, expect to have cottonmouth and perhaps some dry eyes. Smoke too much of it and you might be feeling a bit of dizziness [head rushes] and a tad bit of paranoia. Thus, we recommend taking it slow at first to feel out how it will hit you.

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