Twisty Glass Blunt Review | The Most Innovative Dry Herb Device

Twisty Glass Blunt Review

The modern cannabis market provides a plethora of marvelous products that simply puts a smile on a stoner’s face. Every now and again there is a product that blows your mind. Twisty Glass Blunt is one of such product.

Traditional smoking products are almost all the same. Most often it is just a newer version of the same product. Let’s look at some of the features that make the Twisty Glass Blunt so special.

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What is Twisty Glass Blunt?




Blunts are common knowledge, but rolling a blunt will not be the same again. The twisty glass blunt is a product that makes smoking so easy, irrespective of where you go. It is so easy that it could be the last smoking device you’ll ever buy.

A nifty attribute

Because of its innovated design, this product soars high above the average blunt. It is a classy invention that would make you wonder if you would ever smoke a regular joint again.  The Twist Glass Blunt allows you to always have up t0 1.5-gm of flowery bud with you. What makes it awesome is that you can also use it to consume CBD oil. This is especially great for those not seeking to be high.

What makes it even better is that this crafty blunt can be packed way ahead of time. It can be kept discreetly within you without the fear that it would break or spill. It also traps the smell of weed so well that there is no fear of being detected.

How does it work?



Pack the Twisty Glass Blunt with the desired amount of weed. Don’t pack it too tight, though. Twist the screw counterclockwise into the tube. There you are, all done. All that needs to happen now is to light the end and puff. It is so easy and perfect to share with others.

When ash builds up, twist the screw clockwise and all the ash gets pushed out to the other side. Even more extraordinary is that the designers provided the Twisty Glass Blunt with an infinity-cherry. This means there can be evenly-heated tokes without having to light-up before each puff.

Excellent for Medicinal use

The Twisty Glass Blunt is an excellent device for medicinal cannabis. The evenly-heated attribute allows the valuable cannabinoids to be released

What do you receive?

In each box you will get:

  • 1 Twisty Glass
  • 1 Microfiber bag
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 2 Rubber caps

Twisty Glass Blunt is made of a premium 22mm thick German-engineered SCHOTT’s glass that makes it super durable. It also serves as an herb carrier if you wish to take it with you. Just remove the screw and keep it safe.

Cleaning the device

With a little Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab, you can do the job. With the cotton swab dipped in alcohol wipe the inside of the glass to remove all residues. Clean the tiny holes in the filter with the cleaning brush.

Final Thoughts

Twisty Glass Blunt is fun to use in group sessions. The design is far better than the traditional blunts out there. If you are worried about how easy it is to clean this device, the Twisty Glass Blunt is easy to clean.

Please, review this product if you have used it.

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