Top 3 Wax Vape Pens 2018 — Specifications, Ratings & Review

Top 3 Wax Vape Pens 2018

#1 Prohibited In The 5th Degree

Great with waxes, dry herbs, and e-liquids. These vape pens serve more than one use. We give the Prohibited In The 5th Degree :-



9.5/10 -overall versatility

9.5/10 -quality design and style

10/10 -value, worth its weight in gold


Prohibited In The 5th Degree

This year’s best made and designed vape pen has made its debut. We have tried and tested thousands of “great quality” vape pens only to be disappointed. Some may work well with certain concentrates but not all vape pens work well with all cannabis products. The 5th degrees by manufacturer “Prohibited” has the potential to make all your cannabis highs come true.  

Vaporising your dabs will be more enjoyable, giving you a rich strong flavor. The 5th Degree is extremely smoker friendly and very easy to use. You will be impressed with the battery life; toke-up more often without waiting for it to charge and using it.  It’s durable and versatile.

The 5th Degree is made to impress and it keeps impressing.

Quick Summary

It will vaporize your dabs, delivering the best vapor and flavor. It’s extremely easy to use, has an outstanding battery life, and is unrivaled in terms of durability and versatility.


Key Features

Dual Quartz/Titanium

Adjustable temperature

Good battery life

Dabs + Dry Herbs


#2 V2 Series 3x Dab Pen

V2 Series 3x Dab Pen

Great with waxes, dry herbs, and e-liquids.



9/10 overall

9.5/10 quality

10/10 value

A sleek and useful dab pen. This model offers 3 in one experience. The V2 Series 3x is one of the best vape pen kits on the current market today. The V2 Series 3x vape pen is able to vape 3 types of content —  vape your dabs, herbs and thick oils, with no problems at all. For the amazing cost of the V2 Series 3x, it’s well worth the expense. This vape pen is stealthy looking, with an impressive battery life. This vape pen might be what you need to vape through all those cannabis delights.


  • Multi-functional
  • Three temperature control options
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient, stealthy pen style design
  • Magnetic connections
  • Super fast heating, intense vapor


  • You might have to replace the cartridge a few times a year, the only downside to this marvel.
  • The cartridge may have to be replaced a few times per year


#3 Mig Vapor WASP

Mig Vapor WASP




9/10 overall

9.5/10 quality

9/10 value


The WASP Air Vape Pen from MigVapor is for the vaper on the go because it’s pen-like and easily pocket-able. It has a great rubberized grip to it, making it easy to hold and comfortable. The Mig Vapor WASP has a very responsive fire button for quick on and off functions.

The Mig Vapor WASP is made with state of the art tech. Making it possible to heat up the vape pen within 2 to 3 second and smoke after hitting the fire button. The mod is powered by a 900mah battery. This is a guaranteed 50 high-quality puffs per charge. That could last the whole day if you think about it.  

Wrap up

So there you have it, top 3 wax vape pens 2018 to choose from. So which appeals more to you? Being able to smoke a variety of cannabis products with the same vape pen or having a vape pen for each cannabis product in the market? Leave your comments below.

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