The Dangers Behind Mixing Marijuana With Tobacco | Negative & Positive Effects

The Dangers Behind Mixing Marijuana With Tobacco

Have you ever stop to ponder the dangers behind mixing marijuana with tobacco, commonly referred to as “Spliff”? True, mixing these two leaves can provide a unique smoking experience. However,  the “health risks” outweigh the “benefits”. You will learn about this as you read along. Before that, what is the difference between a spliff and a joint/blunt?

What is a spliff?

Spliff is a hand or machine rolled marijuana cigarette — a mixture of tobacco and marijuana. Also called doobie, jay or joint. There is a difference between these concepts though.

Spliff is a combination of marijuana with tobacco, whereas blunt/joint by definition is a cannabis filled roll.


The dangers behind mixing marijuana with tobacco

There is a clear reason why spliffs are so popular. Nicotine stimulates the brain and gives a relaxing effect along with a slight dizziness. Smoking marijuana gives similar sensations — effects caused by smoking the cannabis plant are psychotropic, relaxing, energizing, uplifting and euphoric.

Thus, when these two leaves are combined, you will have a completely different experience –  a different high.

Different high(s)

The mixture of tobacco and marijuana creates a calming effect.  You will not necessarily experience any mind-altering associated with smoking pure marijuana. Although it differs from person to person and the marijuana strain — each strain acts differently on the user. For example, the girl scout cookies (GSC) strain might hit you harder than the blue dream strain.

With that being said, it is likely that you will feel a pleasant relaxation and you will still be able to concentrate and stay calm and vice versa.

It is important to note that, both Nicotine and THC evoke euphoria, so expect a big happy smile on your face when these two leaves are combined together.


There is more THC in a Spliff

Research from 2009 showed that the combination of tobacco and marijuana makes THC easier to absorb. In other words, the effects associated with smoking marijuana will be much faster and last longer with a spliff.

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The content of THC in the smoke from a joint was examined, as well as a spliff containing only 25% of marijuana. The results are surprising. The THC content in smoke from pure marijuana is around 32.70 mg per gram. In a Spliff, it increased to 58.90 mg per gram. The authors of the study claim that tobacco seems to increase THC evaporation efficiency up to 45 %.


THC combined with nicotine causes a special type of dizziness. Tobacco generally produces tingling and a feeling of emptiness in the brain and also stimulates the production of adrenaline. The heart pumps blood faster and blood pressure rises (adrenaline rush).

Marijuana causes a faster flow of blood to the brain, which also results in a feeling of dizziness, although a bit different.


When you combine these two leaves, you may feel more confusion in your head than usual. Nicotine gives a small, energetic “kick”, and marijuana provides a chuckle and psychological episodes.


Confusing from tobacco and weed


Tobacco smoke is a threat to health

It is no longer news that tobacco badly affects your health. We’ve known this for decades. If you smoke more spliffs than joints, you are endangering your health 50% more. Most of the health problems associated with smoking tobacco occur after a continuous and prolonged use of tobacco. It is unlikely that you will have lung cancer if you do not smoke often, but if you smoke more tobacco, it’s good to know what the consequences are.

Some of the risks of smoking are:

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Emphysema
  • Lung cancer
  • Throat cancer
  • Asthma
  • Hairy tongue
  • Diseases of teeth and gums

Are these risks reduced if I smoke spliffs?

There are several factors that contribute to the risk of having cancer or the occurrence of other negative health consequences. Here are some of these factors you need to consider:


People who smoke cigarettes do not usually end up with one. Americans burn an average of 1,000 to 1,500 cigarettes a year. That amounts to 4 cigarettes every day, and the more cigarettes you smoke, the greater the health risk.

Spliffs are a bit different because cannabis is so strong — it’s hard to find a person who would smoke spliffs in such quantities as tobacco smokers. If spliffs (with a filter) are smoked occasionally, the health risk is associated with tobacco is reduced.


With or without a filter?

Although the cigarette filter is far from perfect, it catches a lot of tar and toxins. Filters are rarely used when smoking a spliff, and traditional blunts do not have them at all. Without using filters, the number of carcinogens that is inhaled increases, which in turn increases the risk of diseases. Perhaps even larger than a traditional cigarette.

Less tobacco

Marijuana has strong anti-cancer properties. The cannabis plant has no carcinogens, but are generated during combustion process (when cannabis is mixed with marijuana). Theory says that the healing properties of marijuana can protect against carcinogenic compounds contained in spliff smoke.

Tobacco has no anti-cancer properties. Adding small amounts of marijuana will not fully protect against tobacco-related health risks, but may reduce some of the damage.


There is no scientific evidence that occasional spliff smoking may be a better solution than smoking cigarettes. However, smoking pure marijuana is a better solution, and certainly healthier. If you use a vaporizer, eat food containing marijuana (edibles), or smoke using a bong, the risk of negative health effects due to “smoke” is reduced.

Smoking a spliff can be very pleasant, but it is certainly not one hundred percent (100%) good for your health. If you love spliff so much but worried about the dangers behind mixing marijuana with tobacco. Then you may try vaporizing your spliff (which is a healthier option as opposed to smoking it).

We know that it can be a bit challenging and almost impossible to live a healthy lifestyle 100% all the time. A bit of indulgence will probably not kill you once in a while, but you should be aware of the risks involved.

Do you smoke spliff ? What cannabis strain do you normally use? The quantity or ratio of tobacco and weed? And what type of feelings do you get (effects)?

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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