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Ten Weed Poems Inspired By Cannabis

Poetry About Weed

At first glance, one would think that marijuana poetry is a small niche topic. “There can’t seriously be thousands of poems revolving around marijuana….can there?”

As with music, which has inspired thousands of marijuana-themed songs…cannabis has also inspired thousands of weed poems. I for one was shocked at the quality of these poems and so today I will present Ten poetry about weed, which will make you rethink your existence.

“Marijuana” — by Stephanie F. Krulick


Motivated by the light
I sit in the darkness and plan my escape,
the lighter reminds me of the sun.
I drift off to a faraway land,
it is always sunny here.


This marijuana poem talks about the struggle of the everyday grind. How many times do we feel hopelessly overwhelmed by the pressures of life? Sometimes, chasing the sun is the only way we can get out and when we reach our destination…we find it’s always sunny!

“Weed” — by Samantha Louise


People think it’s bad,
they don’t even know
what marijuana does
and where it makes you go
It opens up your mind
and helps you see the dreams
You stopped believing could come true
and it makes you realize
that the only thing stopping it is you.


One thing that cannabis does to the individual is it helps them to dream again. How many times do we sacrifice our dreams in order to live in accordance with the rest of society? Our fears keep us at bay, we don’t pursue that inner voice that says, “You’d be happy!” Then, a toke of weed and suddenly your inner-child awakes once more.

“Mary jane” — by Veemz


I know when everyone is gone
And the whole world has their backs turned
I can turn to you
Thank you
Mary Jane

Sometimes you just need to thank Mary Jane for being there when the world has turned its back on you. This poem, short and sweet definitely captures why people love cannabis as much as they do.

“Hope in weed” — by The Poetry Peddler


There’s always a tiny glimmer of hope
left within my fractured heart
when seeing that one dandelion
standing tall after a rainstorm
even after all the battering
that resilient little weed
refuses to give up


Isn’t this simply the story of cannabis? After more than 80 years of prohibition, cannabis is still standing and refuses to give up.

“Meditation” — by Brendan Barber


It’s the perfect kind of meditation,
smokin on that weed,
eased my mind now im spacin,
sprouted a new life like a seed,
Getting to success minds pacin.

it’s the perfect kind of medication!


The reflective nature of cannabis allows people to search their inner being. In this poem, we can see that cannabis is a form of “instant meditation”, allowing you to view the world from a different perspective.

“Choose weed” — by Jacky


Choose weed. Choose a dealer.
Choose your rolling papers.
Choose a bong.
Choose mind-numbingly long conversations about fuck all.
Choose homegrown.
Choose frequent holidays to Amsterdam.
Choose red eyes.
Choose the biggest pizza ever for when the munchies kick in.
Choose paranoia.
Choose chilling with mates.
Choose hallucinating about a giant green hedgehog following you home.
Choose watching Cheech and Chong.
Choose skunk.
Choose super skunk.
Choose hiding your stash from the police.
Choose spilling dirty bong water on your carpet.
Choose a fake Jamaican accent.
Choose space cakes.
Choose your future.
Choose weed.


This is a parody of the infamous speech in Trainspotting too “Choose life”. It’s a brilliant combination of ideas and captivates the life of a stoner.

“Blunt Haiku” — by Mary Jane Doe


Roll you up and smoke
You, a fire in the end
Your fat! Now who’s blunt!?

We can’t have a marijuana poetry list without a Haiku. This is short, sweet and to the point and all about smoking a blunt!

“Good joint” — by Matthew OMeara


I drift off, to be found by my
New reality, an amorphous existence
Where winds carry a challenging honesty,
the incarnation of rhythm itself.

Amidst the breeze, I meditate.
Swaying in the rhythm, my limbs become like
Quicksand, a physical contemplation of
the depth of character.

A quicksand entity, I am
The being who abides, the
Infidel to patiently infect and
Engulf, a suffocation mentality.


Smoking a joint can transport you into a new reality. Understanding that reality is merely perception, the altered state of one’s mind in essence…is a new reality. Deep like the Ocean!

“Bless me up” — by Blunt Blastah Mastah


My boy has a spliff and I don’t
I ask him
Bless Me Up
He say yes.


We know that partaking is a part of the cannabis ritual. Sharing is caring! In this short but powerful little poem we understand that sharing a joint or a toke…is a blessing!

“Let grow!” — by Sam Barger


Resting in soil.
Fed by water.
Raised by light.
I sit and wait for my birth.
Care for me like I’m one of your own.


For the home growers out there, you know this story well. Taking care of cannabis plants is definitely a stoner should do at least once in their lives. We found this poem to be spot on!


Final Thoughts

It turns out that the cannabis community loves to write songs and poems about their favorite plant. We hope you enjoyed this article about our top ten picks. If you did like it, then please follow us and let us know if you’d like to see more of these collections.

The Poems below wasn’t inspired by weed. I wrote them at 20 years old. I thought i should share it before signing off.


The ugly voices of racism

The dehumanizing plague of human race
The monster that victimize
Stigmatize and breeds hate
The cruelly partial judge
That sentence Kunta  Kinte
To slave trade
The terrible institution that stipulates
The marginalization of Black and white race
“I’m black and you are white”
“I’m more superior in terms of color”
“My daughter won’t marry your son”
“We can’t sit together in the same bus
The ugly voices of racism.


Like a rose flower

As I pierce through the shadow
Into the sharp claws of life
Every part that I follow
Burns me with a flame of sorrow
As I struggle to make it through
But oh! It claws leaves me with deep wounds
Every day and every night
It like hell in disguise
Like a rose flower, I pictured life
For the rich are like its rose petals
Soft, smooth, attractive
And scented with the sweetest fragrance
For the poor are like its stalk
So rough with thorns, wounds, and burns
Life for it is tough and rough

The Material Girl

The material girl
She lives in a material world
She is caught up in the material love
She dances to every tune of any material instrument
To know her; just use its influence
She makes love to all form of money
In her world, there is no such thing as loving
Although to her
Love means money
How funny she died
Making love to blood money
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