Sour OG Marijuana Strain Review | A 50/50 Sativa & Indica Weed Strain

Sour OG Marijuana Strain Review

This perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid marijuana strain has long garnered a reputation for delivering the best of both worlds – Indica and Sativa. It’s no surprise due to its legendary lineage – Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Sour OG delivers a quick onset with an energetic head rush which eventually fades into a mellow body high. Known as a “one-hit-wonder”, it’s a strain that you need to ease into due to its potent levels of THC ranging into the mid 20%. You can expect thick, sticky buds that puff out like your typical OG strain, except with a lot more Trichomes.

This is definitely one of the strains if you are a true stoner.


As mentioned, Sour OG comes from two powerhouse strains – OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Separately, these two strains deliver a powerful punch, however, combined, the effects are almost divine.

Due to the presence of Indica, the growth cycle of Sour OG is relatively fast and produces a significant yield per square foot. We’ll talk more about growing down below.

It’s not the easiest strain to grow, but it’s also not the most difficult. Nonetheless, it’s genetics is something of a marvel within the cannabis marketplace. It’s the perfect balance of energy and relaxation.

Good For — Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches, Inflammation

Effects — Happy, Uplifting, Relaxed, Euphoria, Creative


Types of high

Most cannabis users who have tried Sour OG will tell you that the most predominant side-effect is “heavy relaxation”. The second most pronounced side-effect is an uplifting happy sensation bubbling throughout your being.

Overall, you’ll be submerged in a world of euphoria which will eventually lead to some serious munchies. We recommend that you have some food available when the munchie monster comes out to play.

Aroma & Taste

Due to the lineage of Sour OG, you’ll have a unique mix of “diesel” and “fruity” undertones. You’ll also immediately pick up a citrus taste within the smoke/smell profile.

The smoke can be quite harsh and thus we recommend that you take small puffs to first become acquainted with the strain. Many Newbie smokers found out the hard way that abusing Sour OG will knock you into an almost coma-like state where eating and binge-watching TV is all you can do.

Nonetheless, in moderation, you’ll be able to tap into the energetic side effects of the strain. The odour and taste profile are almost identical, with the unique flavours popping through every toke.


As mentioned, growing Sour OG isn’t too difficult, nor is it a walk in the park. This is a great strain to grow if you’ve gone through two or three harvests. It is a great indoor strain though and with a short flowering time (max nine weeks), it is an optimal plant for medical patients who need high resin production and a decent yield.

You’ll be able to pull out between 1-3 ounces per square foot and the plants won’t grow taller than 90 inches [max].

Negative Effects

Most users report that cotton mouth is one of the heaviest “negatives” of this strain. Due to the high THC count, some users also report a spike in anxiety, meaning it’s not good for patients dealing with anxiety issues.

Smoking too much can leave you a bit paranoid, so smoke with moderation and you’ll be more than fine.

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