Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Review — Aroma, Taste, Growing & Effects

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Review

This marijuana strain is one that is well-known among stoners everywhere. With this Sativa-dominant, you’ll be up doing your chores with a smile on your face. The onset is quick and you’ll feel energized, almost as if you’re awake in a hazy dream with the ability to do anything. This is definitely a strain if you haven’t tried it already, to try before you die!

sour diesel

Good For — Stress, Pain, Depression, Fatigue & Loss of Appetite
Effects — Euphoria, Relax, Energetic, Happy, Uplifted



Sour D comes from two great strains, Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. With these two strains, you get the Sativa dominance, even though it still maintains some serious indica undertones. If you smoke a bit of this strain, you’ll get energized. Smoke too much, and you’ll be wanting to kill zombies in your pajamas binge gaming for an entire weekend.

19%-25% THC | 0.01%-.03% CBD

Types of High

The high with Sour D marijuana strain is really long lasting and hits you almost immediately. The cerebral, almost dreamlike state is perfect for those who would like to be more “outgoing.” This is definitely a marijuana strain you’d like to smoke up early in the day, along with some hot coffee!

It will get you on your feet, ready to tackle the day and achieve more things than you ever dreamed of!

Aroma & Taste

The taste and aroma profile of Sour D is a mix of diesel and earth. It’s got a pungent odor to it. Even the smallest nug would stink up a car if left with the windows up. The taste also translates into a diesel-like flavor.

The smoke isn’t too harsh though, although a hit too deep might send you into a coughing spree!


To grow Sour D is somewhat difficult. And can grow up to 78 inches with a moderate yield of 1-3 ounces per square foot. It will take you roughly 10 to 12 weeks to flower this bad girl, so including from veg to cropping out we’re talking about 16-20 weeks.

It’s pretty solid indoors and can become a beast outdoors. Most growers prefer outdoor grows with Sour D.

Negative Effects

As per usual, Sour D has the typical “negative effects” including; dry mouth, red eyes and of course the munchies. However, smoking too much of this can also trigger some paranoia. It’s best to keep a moderate consumption until you know exactly how Sour D Marijuana Strain will hit you.

Final thoughts

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