Smoke Buddy Product Review 2018 — Smoke Weed & Go Incognito

Smoke Buddy Product Review

On our search for the perfect stoner gear, we came across the Smoke Buddy. This nifty little device is the perfect companion for those who need to keep their smoking discreet. In essence, the Smoke Buddy isn’t for smoking, but rather for diminishing the smoke when you exhale.

We’ll be going over the different sizes and options for this device, so sit back and enjoy this product review.

What is the Smoke Buddy?

A Smoke Buddy is a filter or commonly known as a sploof. A sploof is a device designed to filter out the odor and smoke when exhaling. It can be used for tobacco or cannabis smoke.

It’s designed for people who need to keep their weed consumption on the “down-low”. People who live in apartment complexes or who have relatives that don’t approve of cannabis. Additionally, if you’re just someone who wants to keep the smell of weed off your clothes, car, and furniture, the Smoke Buddy can also be a handy device to have around.

The Smoke Buddy was the first commercial sploof on the market. At least the first one I saw commercially available.

Prior to the Smoke Buddy, people were crafting sploofs from things they had laying around the house.

DIY Sploof

DIY Sploof

A toilet paper roll stuffed to the brim with toilet paper and doused in Febreeze is an example of a DIY sploof.

The internet also provides some truly interesting designs, from water filters to PVC constructions.

The sploof is one of those pit-stops on every stoner’s journey. Something that eventually you’ll make, whether you’re smoking in a hotel or need to keep your smell on the minimal.

The Smoke Buddy, however, utilizes “Carbon Air Filters”, meaning that it’s ability to filter out the smell is vastly superior to any DIY sploof.

To give you an idea of how effective these are, carbon air filters are used to mask the smell of major grow houses.

Does the Smoke Buddy work?

Yes! It works like a charm. The only smell you’ll get is from the pipe you’re smoking. You could remedy the smoke emitted from the pipe by getting a hitter.

Simply take a big power hit, and blow out through the Smoke Buddy. You’ll instantly notice that there is absolutely no smell to any smoke that might make it through the filter.

How long does a Smoke Buddy last?

As with any device, there is an expiration date. The Smoke Buddy is no different. The Carbon Filter eventually will start clogging up.

However, irrespective of this…you’ll be able to take at least 500-800 hits before it’s completely unusable.

Heavy smokers could probably get through an entire month’s worth of consumption on one Smoke Buddy. Granted, you’d have to stretch the use and probably do some basic maintenance, however, it’s definitely doable.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size of the Smoke Buddy you’re buying, you can get a device between $9 – $13 USD on Amazon.

Considering that it can give you a month’s worth of odorless smoking…it’s a solid investment if you’re trying to keep things on the down-low.

Moderate and light consumers could probably stretch it for a few months at least before needing a replacement.

All in all, a solid buy!

How to use the Smoke Buddy

The video embedded below will show you how to use the smoke buddy. It is pretty much simple.

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