Sherbet Strain Information | Characteristics, Medical Use and Effects

Sherbet Strain


Have you ever reached a level of high where you feel sleepy, relaxed and enervated all at once? That is what the sherbet strain will do to you.


Good For — ADD/ ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Loss of Appetite
Effects — Euphoria, Relax, Focus, Creativity


Sherbet strain is one of the indica-dominant hybrids recommended for users who are just starting to smoke weed. It has about 1% cannabinoid and the level of THC ranges from 14% to 19%. Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, combined to form the Sherbet strain.

CBD1% |  THC: 14% to 24%

Call it a close relative of the Sunset Sherbet and you are not far from the truth. It has a sweet and child-like taste which devolves into a slightly acidic taste after consumption. The size of a Sherbet tree is huge enough to be intimidating, albeit attractive.

The Sherbet Strain Effects

It contains 85% indica and 15% sativa. This makes it ideal for relaxation when you feel tensed or stressed. To get the best out of this cannabis strain. Play your favorite music or watch one of your favorite stoner movies while enjoying the Sherbet strain. Trust me, the feeling is bliss!

Even though it takes time to enjoy the relaxing effect, but when it kicks in, the effects is long-lasting. It might start with a feeling of pressure in your eyes or head area. And continues to stimulate your entire body, until you feel a body high/energize head high. Due to the combining effects that this strain provides, it has won the hearts of many marijuana users.

Certainly, the Sherbet strain can prove to be a potent sedative. If you suffer from insomnia, this strain can definitely help you to sleep.

Features of the Sherbet Strain

  • The flowers are medium-sized, held together in an indica-styled structure.
  • It has wide leaves with a spring green color.
  • The buds ooze aroma of fresh-from-the-tree orange and sweet-smelling berries.
  • The smoke is harsh and can be stinging to the naked eye.
  • Inhaling the smoke leaves a sharp, acidic, and saccharine taste in your mouth.
  • Anthocyanin pigments are present in the Sherbet strain. This causes a distinct purple color to emerge.

Growing the Sherbet Strain

It is not readily available for sale. This means that you need to grow clones from chopped parts of mature Sherbet plants. If you have a semi-humid climate, consider outdoor planting. The Sherbet strain grows short and thick and the branches extend wide. You should trim branches which obstruct the free-flow of air. It might also help to know that the strain takes about 9 weeks to mature.

Medical Use of Sherbet Strain

Medical experts recommend a healthy dosage of Sherbet strain for several conditions. We shall discuss some of these conditions below.

  • Sherbet strain provides a form of relief, especially for issues related to stress. This includes PTSD, anxiety, and even depression.
  • For those who suffer physiological strains, the Sherbet strain possesses pseudo-narcotic powers. This makes it perfect for aches, pains, and other forms of injury.
  • Do you have issues with appetite? The Sherbet strain will induce hunger and get rid of any feeling of nausea.
  • Suffering from insomnia? Take the sherbet stain and suffer no more.


The Sherbet strain is perfect for sleeping, working on creative projects, and relaxation. It is no wonder why this strain remains the favorite for celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and John Mayer.


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