Sex And Marijuana | The Pros And Cons of Using Marijuana For Sex

Sex And Marijuana

Sexual drive is attributed to many factors both in men and women. For example, social, hormonal, physiological and psychological.

Marijuana can help to booth sex drive for both men and women. Studies have shown that the more people take marijuana in any form, the more they want to engage in sex.

Even with these recent findings, some researchers still insists that marijuana reduces the sexual activity to a large extent.

Cannabinoids play an important role in enhancing positive feelings that correlate with sex. Also, it triggers the feelings that may decrease libido in both men and women.

As you read on, you’ll learn more about this as i explain the impact of cannabis on sexual health.


Marijuana use before sex —Pros


When marijuana is used before sex, it may enhance or decrease sexual performance. It all depends on the individual in concern, the amount of marijuana consumed and the type of strain. That being said, studies have shown that marijuana use may increase sex drive and may not inhibit performance. Furthermore,  Ashley Manta, an American sex educator and the creator of CannaSexual®” shares her own personal experience on how Cannabis helps to boost her sexual health.


Why you should smoke weed before sex

Sensitive touch

Increase in sensitivity is a common impact expressed when marijuana is being used. Several marijuana users report that cannabis spice up their sexual experience.

People react differently when touched on certain parts of their bodies. Sensitivity increases when you are high on marijuana and engage in sexual activities.

The increase in sensitivity can be related to the relaxed feeling marijuana induces. Which in turn enhances the enjoyment associated with sex. Apparently, it’s more interesting to enjoy sex while in a relaxed, happy or euphoric state of being as opposed to having the opposite of these feelings.

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Increased libido


There are studies that reveal that marijuana can boost libido (for men and women). One study confirms that most users experience heightened sexual desire after the use of cannabis.


Prolonged orgasm


If you have ever smoked weed before having sex. You might notice a prolonged orgasm. A study conducted in 2009, shows that everyday use of cannabis may result in difficulty reaching or achieving orgasms for some men.


Better Connection



Typically, marijuana elevates the mood, relaxes the body and may tend to make the user more emotional.

Interestingly, these factors can increase the bond between couples — eventually creating a better sexual experience. In other words, smoking pot before sex may create a pleasurable sexual experience.


Smoking cannabis to boost sex — Cons


We talk about the Pros, let’s look at the Cons of using cannabis to boost sexual performance. The reality is, marijuana can also be detrimental to sexual health for both men and women.

The American Association of Neurologists reported from a study carried out that, cannabis dosage affects the action of individuals, especially while engaging in sexual activities.

If the user smoked weed in excess, there will be no focus and physical responsiveness to enjoy sex.

Marijuana can lower sperm count


low sperm count

If you plan to have a baby, it may not be wise to smoke, eat, vape, or drink marijuana regularly. Marijuana can affects the sperm count of a man, making it less likely to impregnate a woman (bad news for men).

However, that doesn’t make it a birth control method — you can’t predict when the sperm is too low for pregnancy and when it’s fertile.


Vaginal dryness

Generally, marijuana causes dryness (increased thirst or cottonmouth). This explains the reason some individuals crave food and drink after smoking marijuana.

For women, marijuana can cause vaginal dryness, which usually stands as a bad omen for good sex. Because the mucous membranes in the vagina are sensitive when dry. Thus, regularly smoking weed can affect female sexuality.

Cannabis sex lube

In case you do end up having vaginal dryness from the use of marijuana, ironically there is a cannabis cure for it. According to testimonies and some level of study, cannabis-based lube oils does help get rid of the dryness. Two specific products have been stated to not only enhance natural lubrication but to also help in enhancing the sexual experience.

Foria Pleasure is one of the aforementioned products. The lube is made from CBD active in cannabis. This chemical does not affect the user psychoactively and so one cannot get high from applying it topically. CBD oil carries with it benefits like easing physical pain, hydration, and is also an anti-inflammatory supplement. So does it really help improve the sexual experience?

Well, cannabis has been known to promote relaxation as well as increase blood flow. This then means that the application of a cannabis-infused lube prior to sex creates an aphrodisiac so to speak.

On application of said four to eight pumps of Foria at least half an hour prior to action, the vagina starts to relax, lubricate and generally prepare for intercourse. You do not get high at all, but it does relax the muscles inside the vagina making penetration easy and totally painless.


As for increasing orgasmic intensity, Foria has been claimed to deliver on a high level!


Quim Rock is the other mentioned lube that is cannabis-based. However, unlike Foria Pleasure whose active ingredient is CBD, Quim Rock’s active ingredient is THC. Much as THC is the chemical that is attributed to having a psychological effect on its users, it does not have the same effect when used on the skin. When applied to the vaginal area, it helps in lubrication and improving desire thus improving the feel of intercourse. Much like its counterpart, Quim Rock also heightens and lengthens orgasms. CBD Hemp oil is another alternative to try.

Final Thoughts


It’s obvious that the feeling one derives from the intake of differs from individual to individual. It can only be expressed from one individual to another.

However, as much as the use of marijuana is legal in some countries. The positive and negative effects of marijuana on sexual health must be made known to those who use weed frequently.

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