Scientists Prove The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Scientists Prove The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana


Medical Marijuana

Scientists at the University of London have discovered that marijuana actually helps treat and prevent cancer tumours when combined with chemotherapy.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Oncology, cannabinoids have been observed to decrease cancerous tumour growth. A research team discovered that cannabinoids combined with chemotherapy killed cancer cells faster and more efficiently than chemotherapy alone.


Numerous studies have provided evidence that THC and other cannabinoids exhibit anti-tumour effects in a wide variety of animal cancers
International Journal Oncology


This has led to several successful clinical studies in humans.

Chemotherapy all by itself is very difficult to deal with. It makes you miserable, you’re constantly vomiting, your hair falls out, your nails peel off, and you are just an all-around mess.


Adding cannabis helps significantly to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy. The faster the cancer cells are killed, the less time you will need to endure chemotherapy for.

Something very important to note here is the fact that this is only possible with purified and highly concentrated cannabinoids. Smoking, ingesting, or using any marijuana or marijuana-related products will not yield this result.

There are still studies and experiments being conducted with cannabinoids, along with clinical trials, in order to come up with a stronger and more efficient cancer treatment.

The only problem is that, depending on where you live in the world, this treatment might be deemed illegal because of the cannabinoids.

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