Roll UH Bowl Review | Bendable, Foldable, Diswater Safe

Roll UH Bowl Review

Many argue that bongs are healthier than pipes and other method used to smoke weed, — they say the water filters out tar and purifies the smoke. The hits you get from bongs are stronger and last longer than the traditional blunts. For this reason, ardent “stoners” try to find that one bong to rule them all.

The original Roll uh bowl is one of such bongs. A portable and inexpensive water pipe you can carry on you wherever you go.

Roll-Uh Bowl Specs

The original Roll Uh Bowl is roughly 8-inches tall when folded. It is made with Grave VI Healthcare (platinum cured) Silicone. This means that the device can actually fold and maintain its base shape without breaking. You can drop it or stomp on it and it won’t break!

It’s also Dishwasher safe, meaning keeping this device clean is as simple as pressing a button. It has a 9mm composite down-stem and a 9mm anodized allow “Eject-a-Bowl”. The bowl is an awesome accessory that can be adapted to any DIY bong you decide to create.

What makes it special?

Like I made mention earlier, the Roll-uh-bowl is portable, thus, you can “toke” on the go. If you want a bong that won’t break, then the roll uh bowl is definitely your go to.

The ability to “roll it up”, makes it a very convenient device. Furthermore, the roll uh bowl comes in a wide variety of colors, thus, you can choose a color that best suits your personality.

Seeing that you can pop this in the dishwasher, you won’t have to worry about microbial build up or scrubbing every time in other to have a clear hit. In other words,  it can be used over-and-over again and may last for long if properly maintained.

The only real issue with the Roll uh Bowl is that the down stem and the bowl are quite close to each other. Meaning, those with long hair would have to take precautions not to burn their hair in the process.

Another special feature of the roll oh bowl is that it can be transformed into a dab. The video below shows you how.

How To Make Your Roll Uh Bowl Dab Friendly

Furthermore, the Roll Uh Bowl is the cheap alternative to buying an expensive glass bong.

How to use the roll uh bowl

The first thing you’ll notice when taking out your Roll-Uh-bowl is that it is conveniently rolled up with all the necessary pieces on hand.

Remove the rubber band and you’ll quickly see how the Roll-uh-bowl pops into its “bong” form.

Simply insert all of the different pieces accordingly. “The composite component” will be inserted into the silicon component.

Then, insert the “bowl” into the composite component [also known as the stem].

Pack a bowl and start smoking.

Once you’re done, simply remove all components, fold the Roll-uh-bowl and insert the two stems into the top of the Roll-uh-bowl.

Then use the rubber band to hold everything together.

For visual purposes, the video below demonstrates how to use the roll oh bowl.


How To Use The Roll Uh Bowl

Final Thoughts

The original Roll Uh Bowl is worth every dollar on its price tag. The fact that it isn’t expensive is quite surprising despite all its features. True most bongs are portable, but the roll uh bowl’s portability is revolutionary  — bendable, foldable and most especially dishwater safe.

Just clean out any residue and you’ve got a mobile bong you can take with you wherever you go! For $35 USD, this bong is one-of-a-kind-pure-awesomeness.

If you’re looking to invest some money in a smoking apparatus or add to your weed gadgets, then the Roll Uh Bowl is definitely something you should consider. We give the original Roll Uh Bowl a 9 out of 10 for being hands down the best portable and inexpensive bong on the market.

Feel free to review this product if you own one.

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