Nuggy Multi Tool Review — What To Use The (Nuggy) For?

Nuggy Multi Tool Review

If you have been searching to find a gift for a stoner friend that has an upcoming birthday,  then search no further. With The Nuggy Multi-Tool Review, you will discover what a perfect gift this is. In fact, every cannabis consumer should own one of these.

The Nuggy Multi-Tool Straight Up

This device is a 10-in-one pocket-sized tool specifically developed for the smokers. Everything you possibly need is packed together in a Swiss Army style tool. The spring-locking tools all fit into a compact design.

Tools Featured

The compact device includes:

  •  A knife
  • Scissors
  • A roach clip
  • A tamper
  • A mini spoon
  • A herb bowl scraper
  • A bottle opener
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A pointed pick
  • LED flashlight

Batteries are included and render 8 hours of battery life.
Included: – Nuggy Tool Decorative Box

How to Use the Nuggy Multi-Tool

Similar to a Swiss Army Knife, you pull each tool out as you need it. It is not always that easy to do but with the use of your nail, it pulls out. It can be a bit annoying but it is also understandable for the sake of safety. For a cannabis user, the tools most frequently used are the poker, roach clip, the hash spoon, and the tamper. But each tool has its specific purpose and is well deserved.

The tools are all made of stainless steel and easy to clean.



Who can Use the Nuggy Multi-Tool

The tool is just perfect for dabbers, smokers, on-the-go consumers, vapers, etc. In fact, it can go anywhere from camping trips to people who like convenience. As said before, this is something that all cannabis users should have.

Best ways to use the Nuggy Multi-Tool

  • Weed grinder – The Nuggy scissors are perfect for grinding weed.
  • Pack a joint- After a joint is rolled, use the tamper tool to pack the joint before you close the end
  • Resin scraper- The Arrowhead scraping tool is perfect for scraping resin off your stuff.
  • Pipe cleaner – Use the pick to clean your pipes.
  • Slice papers- The knife cuts easily through papers, and the scissors can be used for precision cut
  • Joint holder- The roach clip acts as a perfect joint holder

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are just an occasional smoker or an avid cannabis consumer. The Nuggy Multi-tool will never sell you short. It can be used for every part of your smoking experience and can even be used for other minor tasks around the house. It is a little bit chunky and you will definitely feel the weight of it if it is carried in your pocket. But it is handy to carry in your purse or bag.

Even if you are not used to carrying a pocket knife around, you will be surprised how often you would want to reach out for this device. The Nuggy Multi-tool is definitely recommendable for any user and for any means of consumption.

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