Music to Listen to When High That You Won’t Find on Most Lists

Music To Listen To When High

In all likeliness, you’re reading this article right now because you’re either tired of listening to your own playlists or you’re on the search for new music. While there are thousands of “Top Music to Listen to High” articles on the web, the vast majority of them simply re-hash the same lists over and over again.

Below are amazing songs to listen to high that you won’t find on the vast majority of the lists out there.

As opposed to searching song per song, we will be focusing rather on full bands, groups and other musical ensembles that you can listen to while high.

De Staat



Witch Doctor



This Dutch Band has an intoxicating allure that entraps you from the moment you start listening to them. Their unique mix of sounds and high energy will keep you entranced within their music. De Staat, which means “The State” in Dutch, has a very anti-political view on society and it translates into the music. This makes it a perfect ‘trip companion’ for cannabis consumers since we’re all a bit “anti-establishment’.





This German Reggae/Dancehall band is a surprising twist on the genre. Their deep bass lines and catchy rhythms remind you of old-school reggae with a modern twist. With songs like “Psychedelic Kingdom” and “Sensimilla” will immediately captivate you and you’ll be immersed in the moment. Trust me when I say, there is nothing better to wake and bake with some Seeed.


Where It's At

While Beck isn’t an unknown artist, people tend to forget to include his songs on these kinds of lists. Beck, especially his old stuff is GENIUS! The way the music is organized, the beats, the layered sounds will keep you intrigued every time you listen to it.

Beck has timeless music that should be on every cannabis lover’s playlist. If Beck is ‘before your time’ then I strongly recommend that you check him out.

Doctor Octagon

Dr Octagonocologyst

Doctor Octagon is old school rap, a project of Kool Keith and has some psychedelic rhymes on the album that will keep you interested. If you truly want to experience the joy of listening to a rap song while high, then this should be your go-to rap song. Put on some headphones and go for a walk. You’re instantly transported into a new world and the complex rhyme schemes will talk to your very soul.

Jeff Beck 

Proud Hailer

This album probably flew by most folks out there but it’s a gem to be sure. Jeff Beck has been around since the 60s but he’s still producing amazing music like his 2016 release Proud Hailer. The tasty jams and guitar licks surely come from the mind of a true master.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Beck is a genius, so are the rest of the artists on this list. When it comes to listening to music high, it doesn’t always have to have the word “weed” in it to be appreciated. The above-mentioned bands will surely enhance anyone’s trip. These are my own list of  “Music to listen to high”. Feel free to suggest any you think should be in the list.

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