Marijuana Strain Review – Northern Lights | Effects, Genetics & Growing

Marijuana Strain Review – Northern Lights

Back before weed went mainstream, the Northern Lights Marijuana Strain was the most revered of the strains. It still holds the status of Legendary among modern consumers.

This is also one of the few strains that is a Pure Indica strain and provides phenomenal growth cycles and is relatively easy to grow. With a high yield, potent genetics and quick crop out cycles, it is no wonder that Northern Lights is such a popular strain.

It is speculated that this strain was originally grown in Washington State, however, in the 1980s Sensi Seeds took it to Holland and perfected the genetics.

Now, people from all over the world know and love Northern Lights and its derivatives.

Marijuana Strain Review – Northern Lights


While the genetic makeup of the strain is a mix between Sativa and Indica, the Indica qualities is what stands out with this strain. A mix between Afghani and Thai, it is a short bushy plant with a high yield.

The purple hues and the white resin covering the buds give it its name. Furthermore, the genetics of this plant makes it flower at record speeds and it’s not finicky when growing it, meaning novices will have plenty of times to make mistakes without losing their crops.

Good For — Stress , Pain , Insomnia , Depression, Lack Of Appetite
Effects — Relaxed, Happy , Euphoric, Sleepy and  Uplifted


Types of High

The high associated with the Northern Lights Marijuana Strain is a heavy body sensation. You’ll instantly feel a deep relaxing side effect, with a general sense of happiness. You may also become sleepy with this, making it a perfect medical strain.

It helps with Stress, Insomnia, pain, and depression and also is perfect for the production of cannabis oil. You won’t need many hits to feel the deep narcotic effects of this strain and will help medical patients with rest, stimulating their appetite and sleeping.

Aroma & Taste

The aroma and taste profile of the Northern Lights Marijuana Strain is a mix between sweet and spice. It’s very pungent, meaning that it stinks right through a bad. We recommend that you store this strain in a hermetically sealed jar, a mere zip lock back won’t be enough to mask its scent.

The smoke can be intense and can produce coughing, thus we recommend taking smaller hits in the beginning. The same odor translates into the taste itself.


As mentioned, Northern Lights is extremely easy to grow and with a flowering time between 45-50 days, you will be able to crop out faster than most other cannabis strains.

The plant itself won’t grow too high, but it does bush out and produce a lot of resin. With an impressive 3-6 ounces of bud per square foot, it’s definitely a strain we recommend as your first grow.

Scrogging this plant also provides an awesome yield if you have limited space. Just get some activated carbon filters because your house will stink.

Negative Effects

As with most of the cannabis strains, the most prominent negative effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. Thus, we recommend that you stay hydrated while you consume the amazing Northern Lights Marijuana Strain.

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