Marijuana Strain Review Alaskan Thunderfuck | Genetics, Growing & Effects

Marijuana Strain Review – Alaskan Thunderfuck

This powerfully named marijuana strain is a legend within the cannabis community. Alaskan Thunderfuck or commonly referred to ATF or Matanuska Tundra is a Sativa dominant strain. Originally rumored to be a cross breed a Northern California Sativa and Russian Ruderalis, the strain was eventually crossed with an Afghani strain to make it more resistant.

In turn, ATF was born and the community has been reveling in its power for decades. It’s one of the older strains dating back to the 1970s. Due to the genetic makeup of the plant, it can produce large buds covered with resin. However, we’ll talk more about that in Genetics.

Alaskan Thunderfuck


As mentioned, the Alaskan Thunderfuck marijuana strain originally comes from Northern California Sativa and the rest of the genetics are kind of murky. The rumors about it being crossed with Ruderalis and Afghani is present in modern strains.

This is why people speculate that this strain was crossed with its European cousins so many decades ago. However, these days the presence of Afghani far outshines the presence of Ruderalis. Thus, if we were to conclude on the genetics of this strain, we can say it’s primarily Northern Californian Sativa mixed with some Afghani and hints of Ruderalis.

Due to the genetic mix, the plant produces large colas covered with white resin.

Good For — Stress, Headache, Depression, Pain, Fatigue
Effects — Happy, Energized, Uplifting, Social, Euphoria, Relaxed


Types of High

The types of high associated with the ATF marijuana strain are typically very euphoric and happy. People also claim that you will have a lot more energy when smoking this marijuana strain. Additionally, many people have claimed that it has a “creeper effect”.

What this means is that even after you think your high has worn off, the euphoria comes flooding back to give you a second wind. Smoking this strain in excess will send your mind into a whirlwind of thought with a deep relaxing feeling while being energized at the same time. It’s truly unique in that sense.

Aroma & Taste

ATF has a strong odor to it. You’ll quickly pick off the piney, lemony and skunk like tones within the smoke and the odor. This also translates into the taste of the strain.

When taking a hit, you might also notice a menthol like taste that is present within the strain. This combination is very pleasant to the olfactory senses.

You do need to be careful about storing it as it can stink up a small space in a matter of minutes. It’s best to store this strain in a hermetically sealed jar.


When it comes to growing ATF, people find the strain to be moderately difficult to grow. It doesn’t really grow too tall, but it will bush out and provide you with fat colas. In terms of yield, you can pull out up to 3 ounces per square foot, making it a decent indoor strain.

Flowering is very fast, considering it is a Sativa dominant strain. You can expect to crop out between 7-9 weeks after the flowering process starts.

Negative Effects

In terms of negative effects, most people find that the ATF marijuana strain produces dry mouth [as with any strain] and dry eyes. It is recommended that you have some water on hand to mitigate these negative side effect.

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