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Marijuana Questions And Answers


Like me, you have probably wandered the internet trying to find answers to some of your cannabis-related questions at some point in time.

I, for one, know how frustrating it can be, knowing you are at the mercy of multiple websites

In other to make things easier, I have thus researched sixty 60 Commonly asked marijuana questions , most of which were answered by experts in the cannabis industry.

If you don’t find your question in here, or you’d like a more detailed answer, you are welcome to reach out to me in the comments section.

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1. Will holding my hit longer make me higher?

The short answer is No.

You must have heard that you can maximize the “high” if you hold the hit for longer before puffing. In reality, this claim does not hold water.

That is simply because about 90 – 95% of the THC (the active ingredient responsible for creating the psychoactive effect in the weed) is absorbed into the body system in mere seconds of inhaling. What you are holding off is just smoke.

2. Will CBD get me high?

CBD is considered a non-psychoactive substance which means that it does not have the capacity to get you high. What it can do though is help you with anxiety and pain.

When you observe that you are getting the “high” from something that was supposed to contain only CBD, there might be some sprinkles of THC in there. This is not uncommon as it can be found in the Harlequin strain

3. How long does cannabis stay in my body system?

This is a relative question, as it depends on certain factors.  While I will also like to give you a definitive answer, there is no exact science to this one.

How long it would take for the effects and traces to fully leave would be dependent on the quantity consumed, mode of consumption, your general health and your body’s rate of metabolizing the marijuana.

Even though you return to a normal state after hours of being high, weed can still be detected in your body days after.

Traces of weed can be found in the urine, 2 – 12 weeks of last use. That is little compared to hair drug test which can be used to determine when someone has used weed as far back as the last year.

4. What is THC?

Almost every article you read about weed has a mention of the abbreviation THC in it. So, what does that really mean?

THC is an acronym for  Tetrahydrocannabinol, it is the most active psychoactive ingredient that is found in cannabis. That is something of a feat since we have no less than 400 cannabinoids present in weed.

That being said, THC is responsible for the high that you feel after consuming weed. Thus, its percentage in weed strains will determine how strong that strain will be.

It is worthy of note that THC will remain inactive in cannabis until it is heated up. That is why a high can only be obtained by smoking or by consuming cooked edibles – both processes require some application of heat


5. How long can weed seeds be stored for?

Under proper storage conditions, cannabis seeds can be kept for between 3 – 5 years during which they will still maintain their optimal conditions. The quality of the seeds after storage will be dependent on such factors as exposure to light and moisture content in the storage vessel.

That being said, some seeds can still be germinated after being stored/ frozen in ice for thousands of years.


6. Where does the cannabis plant pick its origins from?

Both the Indica and Sativa strains of the cannabis plant find their origins in Asia. They are believed to have been first discovered around the Himalayas and also come from the same plant type.


7. Does getting high before exercising increase endurance?

Getting high before going on a workout routine is great for more reasons than one.

On the one hand, weed helps raise metabolism levels and contributes to faster muscle recovery after the exercise session. To answer your question, cannabis also increases the consumer’s endurance during the course of exercise.

THC reduce anxiety in the brain and also increase stamina levels


8. Where can I get a medical marijuana card?

There are two ways to get a medical marijuana card. You can either go to a doctor in your area or get it online. Personally, I think getting it on the internet is easier than having to show up in person.

The best part about applying for a card on the internet is that you can get a PDF copy of your card sent to your mailbox in a matter of minutes. Some dispensaries will accept this PDF copy from you while others will prefer you have the real deal. In that case, you need just wait a couple more days and you are set.


9. Can I abuse weed?

Yes, you can . The fact that cannabis is deemed non-addictive does not mean that it cannot be abused. If you observe that you are using more than you should i.e. morning afternoon and night, or even getting high before going to important places (like work or school). That could be signs of substance abuse.


10. Is weed stronger today than it was in the past?

Perhaps you have heard marijuana enthusiasts say that the weed that is consumed these days is much different from those in the past. Beleive it or not but it is true. The weed of today is about 57 – 67% stronger than anything that was available in the 1970s.


11. Is weed a gateway drug?

Saying weed is a gateway drug is one of the tactics used by prohibitionists to fight against its use. Weed might be the gateway drug to make you crave some girl scout cookies or other compatible edibles, but you surely won’t be smoking crack anytime soon. You can find out more details here


12. What are the most common ways of consuming cannabis?

There are two main ways in which cannabis can be consumed either for recreational or medical purpose. 

The first is by smoking it and that has been around for a while. The second is by consuming the cannabis in form of edibles. These edibles can be made at home or they can be bought from medical marijuana dispensaries.

13. Are cookies the only form of edibles?

It is surprising that many would think cookies and brownies are the only marijuana edibles.

These days, dispensaries now pack a variety that includes ice cream, cereal, candy, chips, snacks, and hummus, to mention but a few. The medical marijuana industry even caters to the special edible needs of patients. For example, they have introduced vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and organic fair diets — edibles.

14. Where can I get marijuana seeds?

Of all the processes involved in growing your own marijuana, getting the seeds is the easiest.

If you are just starting out and with minimal knowledge, it is advisable that you go with seeds you find in your buds. Referred to as bagseeds, a lot of variations can happen here. You can end up with a product that is absolutely stunning or one too weak for comfort.

When you feel you’re ready to start growing, you will find medical marijuana dispensaries very helpful. You will be in more luck if you happen to live in an area where a grower can be found nearby.

This is usually the best bet since you’ll be able to talk to the breeder about the strain you are getting, best growing practices, know what to expect and much more.

If you live in Canada True North Seed Bank

If you live in the US Growers Choice


15. Did weed become more potent?

Weed has always been potent. What mainly changed is the knowledge people now have about it.

Back when cannabis had not been legalized in the United States, more than 60% of all the weed present in the country was shipped in from Columbia. Due to minimal knowledge about the plant, the shipments were usually a mixture of leaves, stem, and flowers. Learn the differences between good weed vs bad weed.

As people started knowing more about the cannabis plant, these ‘extras’ were weeded out (no pun intended) in favor of just buds – and we all know that is where the flavor is.


16. Does weed always cause paranoia?

Paranoia is just a side effect of weed and it is not common across all strains. THC is the main culprit when it comes to being paranoid after using weed.

While some strains will make you start worrying about things you wouldn’t normally be concerned about, some other strains will help you forget all of such worries.

It is advisable that you check all the possible side effects of strains before you try them at all. For help on that, see our article on marijuana strains a-z


17. What is the safest way to consume marijuana?

That would have to be eating it.

Consuming marijuana in the form of edibles does not involve any smoke neither does it bring particulates with it. However, a concern for most is in the proper regulation of dosage. This can lead to there being a high that is too strong for some and weak for others.

An alternative is thus vaporization which is also better than plain old smoking of the plant. The downside is that vaping brings particulates with it.


18. How can I reduce my high quickly?

If you want to reduce your high immediately after consuming marijuana, perhaps because you are scared by the initial effects (especially the heart racing part). There are a couple of things you can do to help subside the effects.

The best advice given by marijuana enthusiasts are :

  • Consume very cold water or juice and/ or
  • Get some spicy foods

It is also advisable to eat a citrus fruit if it is readily available. Citrus contains terpenes which help to reduce the unwanted effects of the weed


19. Can smoking weed impair reproductive functions in men?

It is a well-known fact that smoking cannabis leads to cases of low sperm count in men. It can also cause a reduction in the sperm function for men too. Please, see our article on marijuana and sex and CBD oil for sex.


20. Where can I get a medical marijuana doctor?

If you happen to live in a country where marijuana has been legalized, you are in luck.

A simple Google search will lead you to the bulk of medical marijuana-trained personnel in your immediate area. A look at the patient reviews and comments section though would help you separate the brightest from the inexperienced.

Make sure that even after getting the best-reviewed doctors, you ensure they are the right person for you. Some doctors are better suited to some individual needs than others. Keep that in mind


21. How can I cultivate clones?

Clones are small female, bud-producing cannabis plants which can be cultivated by users on their own. They can be obtained from medical marijuana dispensaries and should be grown within the legal limit.

You should check if your dispensary also has a special course plan in place that has been designed to guide you through the cultivation and plant management process for the best results. If you have more questions about marijuana plant. See our post on 62 marijuana leaf questions 


22. Why does marijuana increase appetite?

Marijuana affects insulin levels directly, also working to block off insulin resistance in the body. On top of that, it also activates the cannabinoid receptors present in the brain and general central nervous systems.

Combined, these effects are related to the body’s mechanism for the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Thus, it is responsible for causing the sensation of hunger too.

The upside is that marijuana does not just make users hungry. It also makes the food taste better, improving the satisfaction obtainable with every meal.


23. Can I make dabs at home?

Concentrates sold in the stores are great but sometimes, we just want to get it done ourselves. What you might not know is that dabs and other concentrates can be dangerous to make on your own.

If you must, you should look at a safe way to make these concentrates as developed by some weed enthusiasts. All you need to make a dab is a piece of parchment paper and hair straightener. See this link for more details.


24 Can I eat marijuana raw?

There is no convention that says you cannot eat marijuana raw. However, consuming the weed in this form won’t get you high. It is not a quantity thing either so eating a ton of it won’t get you there too. The worst that can happen is stomach upset.

That is because THC is only activated upon heating and I don’t suppose anyone has a heating mechanism in their mouths.

That does not mean taking the weed raw is entirely non-beneficial though. Some people put raw cannabis leaves in their smoothies to get its added health benefits while keeping off the high.


25. Is there any difference between the Indica and Sativa?

I sometimes find it shocking that a lot of weed smokers – even the experienced ones – do not know that there is a difference between these two weed strains. While you might not be able to tell by looking at strains, you will surely know the difference when you start feeling their effects.

Indica is the type of weed that helps calm you down, relieves you of anxiety and relaxes your muscles (body high). It is the type of thing you can take before bed at night. Sativa, on the other hand, will keep you out of bed (head high). It is the type of weed used to induce creativity. It is also a great source of energy and motivation.


26. Can I overdose on marijuana?

It is impossible to get a marijuana overdose. Till date, there has been no record of a weed overdose and that is mainly because there is no situation which can be defined as such.

There can be increased effects of the plant on an individual according to the quantity they take but these effects are not severe in any way. According to history, no one has died from weed


27. What is a ‘Contact High’ – and is it possible?

A contact high occurs when someone not actively consuming the weed gets high just by being in a room/ confined environment with smokers and inhaling the resultant smoke. If the conditions are right, a person can truly get “contact high”.

It is only possible in closed environments such as a room without proper ventilation or a car with rolled -p windows.

The victim of a contact high could either be inexperienced or a veteran weed smoker themselves. In fact, being in such conditions as stated above with smokers will result in a positive urine test for cannabinoids, even in non-smoker/ non-user.


28 What is the average THC content in modern marijuana?

A large percentage of the marijuana in the market –  both legal and illegal – test at around 10 – 13% for their THC content. Some strains have tipped the scales at about 25% (such as some very strong Girl Scout Cookies hybrids) while some very potent strains have been reported as having as much as 37% of THC in them.


29. Is weed bad for me?

We are yet to meet a cannabis user who would say cannabis has done damage to their health. As opposed to that, many are of the opinion that they stand to gain a lot of benefits by simply using it.

While we don’t have solid research to state whether the plant is 100% good or bad for you, you should know a few things.

One is that using cannabis is not associated with any of long-term lung damage, brain problems or even carcinogenic diseases. However, know that weed is not suitable for children and teens especially when they are under the age of 16.

It is also not advisable to smoke anything (not just cannabis) if you run a risk of serious heart problems.


30. Can I get an addiction from using cannabis?

The answer to this question was always no, is still no and will always be no.

Don’t get me wrong. People can feel the need to smoke something or associate a mental need with the plant. However, cannabis is not known to contain any ingredients (active or inactive) that can cause dependency.

Unlike meth, opioids or heroin, users of weed won’t have to deal with withdrawal symptoms when they finally decide to stop using. On the contrary, weed is said to help with opioid addiction


31 Is marijuana bad for your health?

This question is a broad one that has a range of answers.

Weed is considered a much safer drug for adults over the age of 25 than most legal alternatives. The number of people that are killed by alcohol, tobacco and some prescription drugs ranges into the thousands yearly. Till date though, there has been no reported case of death from overdosing weed.

Medical studies directed at finding a link between marijuana and lung disease, schizophrenia and heart diseases have come up inconclusive in the end.

However, studies have linked the use of weed in teenagers to worse educational outcomes and cognitive deficiencies. It can be argued that this is on the cause and effect basis though since cannabis is known to work with receptors in the brain which peak during the adolescent years of life.

These receptors are sensitive to outside exposure which can then lead to the negative effects.


32. Can I get medical marijuana on behalf of someone?

If a patient is terminally ill or bedridden to the extent that they cannot get around by themselves, their friends and family are given the privilege of helping them fulfill their medical marijuana prescriptions.

You will have to apply for a caregiver’s permit with which you can then walk into any medical marijuana dispensary to buy the patient’s dosage for them. Likewise, some regions (such as the California area) have now started offering delivery services.

These deliveries are not only kept discreet but are also efficient.


33. Why is Cannabis still illegal in some countries?

I think the best way to answer this question is by letting you know that as of now, cannabis is legal in some countries already. However, in other countries cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 drugs.

There is no single, straight answer to the question of why cannabis is still deemed an illegal substance. The only logical explanation remains that the government has still not found a suitable way to regulate the spread and use of the weed. Hence, the restrictions.

I know that it sounds like a load of bollocks but it is the only logical explanation that there is for now.

34. Is cannabis completely harmless?

While I would love to tell you just the good things about weed, don’t believe anyone that tells you that it can be completely harmless. The smoke that comes from burning weed contains similar chemical components to tobacco smoke.

Thus, people who smoke pot heavily are at the same risk of health diseases as those who use tobacco. That includes but is not limited to bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

This risk can be averted if the cannabis is consumed in other ways. One of such is by using edibles instead.


35. Can I be fired from work even if I don’t use weed at work?

Yes, you can! Some drug tests could pick up marijuana strains in your body from as far back as one year? Even if you weren’t using while you were at your desk or during office hours, your employer reserves the right to fire or keep you once you fail a drug test.

Remember, they set the rules for their business and having legislation for marijuana in your state wouldn’t even make a case for you here.


36. Can I smoke weed and not get high?

This might sound like a funny question but many have asked this question.

Well, a small percentage of the marijuana consuming community. No matter what these people do, they never seem to get high after smoking multiple blunts. Like I said earlier though, this will only happen to a small percentage of people. Perhaps, their endocannabinoid receptors are wired differently. Just saying 


37. Is it safe to consume homemade edibles?

Yes, it is, but be very cautious.

Unlike those you get from stores, there is usually no standardization available to determine how much of the cannabis has gone into making those edibles. You will have no way of determining the high that would come with what you are consuming.

The first thing to do would be to determine how much you have used. If the edibles were offered to you, it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Of course, keep in mind that you cannot always get an accurate answer. Thus, I go back to the initial statement – proceed with caution.


38. How is medical cannabis different from recreational cannabis?

There are different ways of answering this.

The first one is access. You can only access medical cannabis when you go through with a doctor’s recommendation. To get recreational weed though, you would need to have attained the legal age of 18-21 (depending on the country you live in).

Another difference between these two is in the way they are used. Medical users look for strains that help them with specific issues while recreational users are looking for a whole lot of other things — some just want to get the high, euphoria and relaxation that comes with it. Others like the creativity and novel states of consciousness more.


39. Do cannabis strains really matter?

More than you can imagine. That they all have the general name of ‘cannabis’ does not mean they are all born equal. Different strains will have different effects on you depending on its constituents.

For example, there is a strain referred to as the Granddaddy Purple. It got the surname from the color of its leaves and it would usually make you go to sleep. It also has a high content of THC which gets you really stoned.

Go to strains like Harlequin and you won’t even get a faint feeling of high. Containing high values of CBD instead, the psychoactive effects is lesser. This is one of the cannabis strains used for medicinal purposes i.e..treatment of epilepsy. It has an herbal aroma, leaving the user energized and alert after use.


40. Can I reduce my anxiety when stoned?

Yes. The first thing I would advise is that you should smoke less of the weed to develop less anxiety. When you have taken one too many though, try to focus on the thought of everything just being in your head.

Believe in the words ‘This too shall pass” and you would be just fine – in about 20 minutes, most times.


41. Is it possible to test positive for THC after using topicals?

For those who do not know, topicals are a diverse range of cannabis-infused products which are applied to the skin in order to provide a localized effect. They usually come in the form of balms, oils, salves, etc.

Till date, they have been used to provide therapeutic effects and also for massages.

Note that THC is a lipid-soluble compound which means that it cannot enter the bloodstream through your skin. That is why you do not get high from using topicals, no matter how much of it you use.

In a nutshell, you have nothing to worry about when a drug test comes along.


42. Is marijuana a dangerous drug?

Multiple studies have been conducted on this topic and every time, it has been found that marijuana is not dangerous. When compared to other notable drugs like cocaine and heroin, this one comes out tops every time.


43. Does weed have an effect on an unborn child?

There is limited research on the subject but there is some proof that babies born to mothers who used weed during the course of the pregnancy will suffer certain cognitive defects. Please, see our article on Can Medical Marijuana Be Used During Pregnancy?


44. What is referred to as hash?

Also heard about hash? You are in for a treat – seriously.

When next you are in the presence of a cannabis plant, take a while to observe the white/ amber coatings appearing on the bud.

Related: Marijuana plant anatomy

These crystals are called the trichomes and they hold the majority of THC that get you into that ‘high zone’ you like.

If you separate these trichome glands (usually referred to as kief) and concentrate them well enough, you get what is called hash. By the way, I don’t think I need to tell you that this hash is more potent than cannabis flowers.


45. How long does it take edibles to kick in?

Edibles kick in for different people at different times. The only logical explanation for that is in the individual’s metabolisms.

People with faster metabolisms can start to feel the effects within the first hour while others may need to wait for about two hours or more.

On the average, the peak time for edibles to swing into action is four hours.

If you are trying to get high using edibles, I will advise that you take a dose you are comfortable with and wait a while. Don’t think you haven’t taken enough and try to induce the high with even more — you might end up getting super high.,

When it comes to edibles, patience is truly a virtue


46. Is marijuana a natural stimulant?

Yes, it is. Marijuana is found in nature, not synthesized in any lab. See our article on “is weed a depressant“?


47 Is marijuana the same thing as weed?

Yes. Weed is a common slang used to refer to the plant. In some other places, you might hear the same plant being called bud, pot, ganja and Mary Jane. We have compiled all the marijuana names in this article.


48. Should I tell my doctor I use weed?

 I want to assume you are not using cannabis under the medical program. 

What I will advise is that you do not fill out this information in any form you are given by the doctor. However, it is important that patients disclose any and all things they are using medically to their doctors so that they can get the best possible help.

On that note, I will suggest you have an off-the-record conversation with your doctor during a medical appointment. Make sure you get their verbal acknowledgment regarding the confidentiality of what you are about to disclose before broaching the subject.

If you are above the age of 18-21 (which is the legal age at which marijuana use is permitted), you shouldn’t have any issues with your declaration.


49. What effect does weed have on the baby of a nursing mother?

There is nothing that will make me advise a nursing mother to keep taking weed. If anything, this is the time to leave the plant until your baby has stopped suckling.

You should know that the THC content in the breast milk which is passed to the baby is more concentrated than the one in the mother’s blood.

On getting to the baby’s system, there is a reason to believe that this can impair the motor development of the infant. That is especially during the first month of breastfeeding.


50. Does cannabis make me smell bad?

When you’ve been smoking weed, there is a distinctive cannabis odor that tends to linger on and around you. This odor will stay in your clothes, your hair and even be noticeable on your breath.

After using for a long time, cannabis also has the tendency to cause a dry mouth. That can, in turn, lead to the development of bad breath. However, vaping marijuana can help to reduce the smell.


51. How can I safely store my weed?

Cannabis is best stored in an air-tight container kept in a cool, dark place. You can use a glass jar for this, making sure it is kept somewhere away from the rays of sunlight.

While not absolutely necessary, I will advise the separation of your different strains before storing them. That way, you can preserve the individual flavor and characteristics of each strain.


52. Can I post pictures of my growing plants online?

Like I have said somewhere in this post, weed is still illegal on a federal level (assuming you are living in the US)but legal in some states. Under the 64th Amendment, it is legal to display photos and images of your weed publicly. It is even legal to display the weed in public.

What is illegal is the consumption of cannabis in an open space. Consumption, not display.


53. How much of marijuana can I buy and possess at once?

This is another question much dependent on the laws in your area. For example, residents and non-residents of Canada can possess up to 30 grams of weed. Washington state allows residents and non-residents to buy and hold an ounce of the plant at any one time.

In contrast, Colorado non-residents can only buy a quarter ounce at once. While residents are allowed to buy one full ounce, both the dwellers and non-dwellers can carry one ounce of marijuana. In Europe, the law differs too. You have to check with the law of your city in regarding possession.


54. What are edibles?

Edibles, in relation to weed, are food items infused with cannabis in different shapes and forms. They can be baked foods, gummies, chocolates or anything else that can withstand the proper heating process needed to make the THC active.

According to John Hawkes, there are four main types of edibles – the Sativa only, Indica only, a mix of Sativa and Indica (the hybrid) and those with pure CBD.


55. What is the effect of weed on the brain?

Studies detailing the long-term effect of weed on the brain are not as conclusive as those which reflect the short-term consequences. On a short-term, weed is known to impact the nerve cells of the brain that deals with the formation of memories.

It is thus not surprising that a lot of people will have a feeling of amnesia after using marijuana. On the contrary medical marijuana can help the To Protect The Condition of The Brain After Injuries.


56. How will weed affect me?

There is no hard and fast rule in stating the effects of cannabis on people. The effect will be based on the person, the quantity they have consumed, what strains they took and even, methods of consumption.

Note that people who just started using weed will have different experiences to those who have become veteran users.

Generally, people find the use of cannabis both relaxing and creating a sense of euphoria. It is the kind of effect that makes people willing to try new things, go out and build up more confidence in them.

Some people have found themselves on the other end of this chain though, reporting how much tired, anxious and paranoid they started feeling after smoking/consuming marijuana.

The best thing to do when you’re unsure of the effects of cannabis is to start with a low dose. When you have formed a basis, you can then move on to those doses you can handle.


57. Is hemp the same thing as marijuana?

A lot of people would answer this in the affirmative. If you are one of them, I am sorry to burst your bubbles – the answer is No. Although they are closely-related plants, weed and hemp are not the same thing.

Unlike weed, hemp does not have the ability to intoxicate you. Since it contains a THC content usually less than 1%, there is truly very little it can do with regards to getting you high.


58. How much weed should I take at any given time?

Like the question of how weed affects people, this is also a subjective one. If you have been smoking for a while, chances are that you know how much to consume in other to get high. For first-timers, I will advise anywhere between 8 – 10 drags of joint.

Make sure you are taking a distinct strain though. In the case of mixed strains, take fewer drags till you build up your tolerance levels appropriately.

59. Where can I consume weed?

The first thing to do is make sure the plant is legal in your country. You should then know that it is considered illegal to consume weed in any public place – even when it is deemed legal in the country.

The definition of public places includes, but is not limited to, parks, sporting venues, music venues and retail businesses.

If you live in the US, there is a law against consuming cannabis in the car. You don’t even have to be the one behind the wheels for this to be considered illegal. If you must carry it in your car, make sure it is well locked out of reach.

One other thing you should make sure of is that you don’t cross state lines with the weed in your car/ on you.


60. Can weed help improve sexual performance?

According to Ashley Manta of Cannasexual. Cannabis can help to improve women’s health and sexual intimacy between couples. See our articles on marijuana and sex for more details regarding this.

61. Can Edibles Be Detected In A Drug Test?

Edibles can be detected for components of cannabis through saliva or urine drug screen. As with inhalation, once the endocannabinoids are ingested, they are metabolized through the liver, thus making it freely detectable by any screening measures.

.No matter how you ingest cannabis,  THC will still be released into your bloodstream to create that ‘high’ you need. Whenever a drug test is carried out for cannabis detection, it aims to find out the THC metabolites in your body.

If you will be taking a drug test (blood-based) soon and you have been taking edibles, you should consider detoxifying your system. Though that is not a guarantee to pass the drug test. It would at least increase your chances though.

62. Can you become addicted to THC using medical marijuana?

No, you can’t become addicted to THC when used medically.

Marijuana, when used for pleasure, is less addictive than nicotine or alcohol, and the chance that this effect will occur is estimated at around 9%.

63. How many people are addicted to “medical” THC? 

An analogy with opiates (such as morphine). patients will help in answering this question.

If you are looking for a feeling of euphoria, caused by morphine, the risk of addiction is usually estimated to be very high. however, for those using it is a pain medication, the percentage of opiate addicts, as reported by Annals of internal medicineranges from 0% to 3.75%.

This is less than the estimated number of addictions in the general population (where approx. 10% are addicted to “some” substance).

It is said that after reaching an effective dose, those taking medical marijuana do not increase it- which may be an indication that the risk of addiction associated with THC is really low


64. How long does being high last

Our bodies process toxins and chemicals differently. So, how long does being high last? It depends on you and the quality of the weed you are smoking.

Needless to say. Different weeds could have you high for 30 minutes. While others strains of cannabis could give you high for 11 hours. Yes, been there smoked that. So when confronted with a strain you don’t know, apply this rule. Take one hit. Step back and wait. You don’t need to wait too long to feel something.

In addition, you’re not a sissy if you ask your friends if this is a hydro or what class or strain it is. The more you know the more respect you will have for the cannabis your smoking. Many people who have smoked their first joint with pro-smokers; the hit scared them. There was no enjoyment of any kind just fear and chaos in their minds.

The only way you can know for sure how long a high would last is if someone has smoked that strain before. This is different if you are a regular smoker. If you smoke now and then, then the effect could differ.

On the other hand, if it’s your first time smoking the same hit could affect you much longer. Therefore, it depends on many factors. Nevertheless, in the end, you’re getting high. Read more.

65. How do you stop being high

Truthfully, you can’t. You just have to wait it out. But don’t despair there are ways to make the high experience bearable. 

Most people have a high tolerance and others not. One cannabis strain could invoke different effects in one that in someone else.

What you would want to do when you realize the weed is making you see stuff and you feel weird. Stop what you’re doing, find a place that’s quiet. If it’s night, turn off everything that makes noise or has lights. This will help drown out some of the noise you hear. The most important thing is that you remain calm, don’t freak out. Everything will pass with time. If you have the munchies, eat something sweet. There is a popular opinion that sugar reduces the high.


66. What are the strongest strains in the world?

When we say strong we mean not for the faint of heart. Cannabis strains are getting stronger and stronger every year, the debate around the correct Cannabis potency for each strain is yet to be concluded. Growers are innovating and crossing strains to keep improving THC levels.

As a result of great cultivation techniques we now have strains that produce buds with a THC level of 30% and above. The strains in the list that follows are no exception. With THC levels ranging from 27% to 33%, these puppies are bound to make you smile from ear to ear.  

That being said, some of the strongest cannabis strains on the planet right now are Chiquita banana, Girls scout cookies, Bruce Banner, Y-Griega, and Satori.

67. What are the best cannabis strains to make you sleep?

There are quite a few cannabis strains you can use to induce sleep. We have discussed these strains in details in one of our post. You will find it here.


68. Why does smoking weed make your eyes red?

One of the biggest tell signs for someone who has been smoking weed is their eyes. This red eye may go and come depending on the quantity of the weed consumed and also, the individual in question.

The most primary cause of the eye reddening effects of cannabis lies in the same reason why the plant has been employed for the treatment of glaucoma. When you take weed, the THC lowers the blood pressure which in turn causes the blood vessels to dilate. This dilation causes increment of blood flow to the eyes and reduces the intraocular pressure in the same vein… no pun intended.

The increment in blood flow to the eyes is what causes the redness in the eye. For glaucoma patients, they benefit more from the reduction in pressure that accompanies this mechanism.


69.  How can I reduce eye redness after taking marijuana?

Now that you know why the redness occurs (shown above), you could be looking for ways to make it less obvious against the next time you’ll be taking some weed. Note that the level of redness will be dependent on the consumer and also, the quantity of weed they are taking.

Some people will not have the eye redness present after using weed so they don’t need this. Likewise, consuming large quantities will impact the rate of redness. You might thus want to consider taking lesser at times.

Using a pair of sunglasses is usually the first thing people do to hide the redness n their eyes. This becomes awkward though when you cannot take them off even when inside a building or when there is no need for them anymore (evenings, cloudy atmosphere, etc.).

In that instance, you are advised to use eye drops. Check for the primary ingredient of the eye drop you’re opting for, making sure it is Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. These would help in constricting the blood vessels again and sending back the excess blood to relevant places in the body.

If you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon though, we don’t see the need to get all riled up about clearing up the eye redness.


70. Why does weed make my mouth dry?

Commonly referred to as cotton mouth, you can usually get dry mouth from the use of many medications, so it’s not only the weed that makes this happen. You should know that the effects of cotton mouth will be aggravated with the dose – the more weed you take, the drier your mouth is bound to become.

When the THC enters your bloodstream, they look for the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to bond with them. When this happens, the THC influences the way the brain controls bodily activities.

That is why more signals are being sent for the production of certain chemicals (e.g. the dopamine which contributes to the euphoric effect of weed) and for the less production of saliva by the submandibular glands.

When these glands stop getting messages from the brain to produce saliva, it is not uncommon to see the rate of saliva production drop by as much as 70% (which is about the amount produced by these glands)


71.  How do I get rid of dry mouth after smoking weed?

The first thing to do would be to get the dose right before consuming at all. Cotton mouth is very dose specific and that can make the difference for you. Should you want to go for higher does anyways, have water at hand.

This is especially good advice when you are eating since swallowing will be difficult. Use the water to wet your mouth till your saliva starts flowing again.

Speaking of the saliva flowing, using a straw will get you there faster. The sucking motion from using a straw increases the rate at which saliva is being produced.


72.  Why do I get hungry after taking weed?

Scientists and cannabis users have known for a very long time that with the use of weed comes the accelerated need for food. Fortunately, some research has been dedicated to that field with good results coming out of it.

In the brain, there is the production of cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) which aid the memory and mood as well as controls appetite, among other things. When you take weed, the THC latches onto the brain and takes on the work of these cannabinoids.

When there, the THC triggers neurons which communicate to your hypothalamus and body that you are hungry. Even if you just had some food and felt full before, you will suddenly start craving more food since your body is telling you that you are very hungry instead.

As a plus, this same cannabinoid will mess with the receptors in your olfactory lobe to give you the idea that what you are eating tastes and smells way better than it actually is.

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73.  What marijuana strains are the best for sex?

There are a lot of marijuana strains out there and true to most of them, they are good for sex. Which one are great for sex though?

According to Marijuanally, you will find a lot of love for the Girls Scout Cookies if you are looking to get in the mood for sex. Should your partner be around, the Bubble-gum Kush will get the job done for a slow, passionate lovemaking session.

Since sex doesn’t always have to be slow, the frenzied sessions will thus be heightened by a dose of the Sour Diesel strain. Harlequin takes the crown for morning sex while Jillybean is highly recommended to the kinky folks.

Generally, they are all great strains for a sexy time with or without a partner.

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74.  How do I get rid of the munchies after smoking weed?

If you have also been getting the munchies after cannabis-consuming sessions, there is good news for you – it can be gotten rid of or at worst, controlled.

The first thing to do would be to set up a proper feeding plan for yourself.  Make sure the plan not, only includes the consumption of breakfast, lunch and dinner but comes with some snacks on the side to keep your mouth going in between meals.

One other thing is to get your mind off it. Should you start thinking about food, get involved with something else instead. If that doesn’t work, brush your teeth or use some mouthwash. More than getting the taste of weed out of your mouth, it would do well to reduce your craving for another brownie.


75.  How many grams are in one ounce of weed?

You must have been wondering just how much of the weed you are getting from your dealer when you buy an ounce. For most people that do not have a scale, the eight system seems the most convenient means of knowing the quantity they are getting.

While your dealer will round off the values on the scale for mathematical convenience, the standard measurement of an ounce of weed should be 28 grams. That means ¾ oz will come in at 21 grams, ½ oz will read 14 grams and ¼ oz will be clocked at 7 grams.



76.  Can cannabis edibles be detected in the blood?

When you use weed, you are not looking for the smoke in the plant but its active ingredients. For most people, that is the component which produces the high – THC.

No matter how you ingest cannabis, this THC will still be released into your bloodstream to create that ‘high’ you need. Whenever a drug test is carried out for cannabis detection, its aim is to find out the THC metabolites in your body.

Depending on the type of test, the THC in marijuana will be detected in your body up to certain extents. That is better explained in #3 above.

If you will be taking a drug test (blood-based) soon and you have been taking edibles, you should consider detoxifying your system. That is not a guarantee to pass the drug test but it would at least increase your chances.

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