62 Marijuana Leaf Questions & Answers | Answered By Experts

62 Marijuana Leaf Questions & Answers

Have you been wandering the internet trying to find answers to your marijuana leaf questions? I know how frustrating it is hopping from one website to another in the quest of finding the answer to a particular question. As a result, we have researched and compiled 62 marijuana leaf questions and answered them respectively. Answers were provided by experts in marijuana plants.

If you don’t find your questions here or you think your question is not answered properly. Leave a comment below and we will provide you with the adequate answer or elaborate more on the answer as the case may be. Furthermore, for convenience, use the page content below in order to save you time scrolling down the page.


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1. How To Draw A Marijuana Leaf  Step By Step


Step 1

Start off by drawing a long vertical line on your page.

Step 2

Put your drawing utensil at the midpoint of the vertical line. Next, between the midpoint and the bottom endpoint, move your drawing utensil in the middle. Draw a horizontal line that passes through this point. The horizontal line is slightly shorter than the vertical line.

Step 3

Draw 2 diagonal lines that will pass the intersection of the horizontal and vertical line. What you should see is a snowflake figure that is split up into eight sections. Anything you draw from this point onward is up to your creativity.

Step 4

In each section (between every straight line), start in the middle and draw upwards. As you approach the end of the line, draw downwards.

Step 5

Upon reaching the middle of the next section, you will have your very first sub-leaf.

Step 6

Draw zigzags to imitate the jagged points on each sub-leaf.

Step 7

Finish drawing sub-leaves in each section except for the bottom part as that is the stem of the leaf.

Step 8

Connect every section. You have finished drawing your marijuana leaf

2. What Does A Marijuana Leaf Look Like

There are three major types of marijuana leaf: Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. They all have different features. However, the marijuana leaves have between five (i.e. ruderalis) and thirteen (i.e. sativa) leaflets with jagged edges and downy surfaces. The stem of the marijuana leaf is typically hairy.

3. How Many Leaves Does A Marijuana Leaf Have

Under normal circumstances, a healthy marijuana leaf can have up to thirteen leaflets and these depend on the species (i.e. sativa, indica, and ruderalis). The sativa species usually have the highest number of leaflets.

4. How Many Points Does A Marijuana Leaf Have

When it comes to the number of points on a marijuana leaf it varies depending on its species, in other words, its genetic composition. A common misconception is that the number of leaves is directly correlated to the gender which is incorrect.

The 3 known species of marijuana is Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.

Sativa leaves are slim and lengthy with 13 distinct points often recognized by its jagged edges.

Indica leaves have 7 to 9 different points and are stubby and wider than their Sativa counterparts.

Ruderalis leaves are the least known species of cannabis. The width of Ruderalis leaves are similar to Indica leaves but they can be slimmer than normal Indica leaves. Ruderalis leaves have 5 to 13 points.

3 weeds


5. How To Tell If A Leaf Is Marijuana

Tip 1

According to the Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide, marijuana plants can grow as tall as 10 feet.

Tip 2

The top leaves on a marijuana plant grows in an interchanging pattern that originates from the end of the leafstalk.

Tip 3

The marijuana leaves have between five and nine leaflets with jagged edges and fuzzy surfaces.

Tip 4

The stem of the marijuana plant looks hairy and might leak a sap that has a strong scent. The scent of the sap is the distinctive smell of fresh marijuana. You will not find a plant that has the exact same smell like marijuana.

Tip 5

Flowers on the marijuana plant grow from the stem close to the point where the leaves originate. Male flowers produce a bud with a stem in the middle while the female flowers typically produce a clump of blooms.

6. How To Crochet A Marijuana Leaf

The videos below will guide you on how to crochet a cannabis leaf.



7. How To Make Marijuana Leaf Hash

Ther are five methods you can use to make a hash out of the marijuana leaf:

  1. Hand rolling
  2. Dry sifting
  3. Blending
  4. Using bubble bags
  5. Using a mechanical drum

Follow this link for an in-depth explanation of the methods above. Meanwhile, see the video below for a visual presentation.



8. What Can We Do With Marijuana Leaf

There are numerous things you can do with a marijuana leaf. For example :

  1. You can vape the leaves
    Marijuana leaves do not have much THC concentration as the bud. You may use the raw leaves i.e. chop them or you can produce a weed-vape liquid out of the leaves.
  2. Canna Smoothies
    You can make smoothies out of marijuana leaves. All you have to do is add the leaves to your favourite smoothie recipe. If you want a full cannabinoid treat, add hemp milk or hemp seeds. Marijuana in a raw and unheated form does not make you high, because it contains THCa, not THC – meaning it will not get you high.
  3. THC Pills
    You can make THC pills from marijuana leaf. Visit this site for more information on how to make THC pills
  4. CBD Oil 
    You can extract CBD oil from the marijuana leaf. The oil can be used for a number of things, i.e. flavouring your food, for sex or to cure diseases etc
  5. Weed Rolling Paper
    You can use marijuana leaf in place of a weed rolling paper.
  6. Skin Cream
    You can use marijuana leaves as a topical skin cream or balm.
  7. Tea
    Marijuana leaves can be dried and used for tea. This won’t get you high because the resins, in this case, aren’t dissolved into a fat (which causes the psychotropic changes in the body).
  8. Spices
    You can dry marijuana leaves and used it as a herb for cooking, pizza, salad etc

9. What To Do If My Marijuana Seedling Leaf Starts To Yellow In Self Watering Container


Majority of people think that marijuana leaf turns yellow due to the lack of sunlight. The truth is, marijuana leaf can turn yellow for several different reasons. It could be as a result of the following :

  • Root pH level
  • Poor watering practices
  • Bugs/pest
  • Light Burn
  • Magnesium Deficiency
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Insufficient light
  • Heat stress
  • Cold shock
  • Bud Rot
  • Nitrogen deficiency

10. Why Would Your Marijuana Grow One Leaf

A marijuana plant usually starts off with two small leaves which are used to capture light. As it grows it will begin to sprout more leaves to facilitate the growing process. That being said, stress can cause marijuana plants to have single bladed. Cutting the plant while it is flowering will result in single bladed marijuana leaf.  Another possible reason could be due to the environmental conditions not favouring the growth of the plant, thus, rendering it stunted enough not to produce as many leaves as it should. 

11. How To Extract Oil From Marijuana Leaf

You’ll need to cover completely the marijuana plant in a mixing bowl with alcohol and stir for three to five minutes with a wooden spoon to expel the resin. Then filter the liquid through the sieve and collect this first raw extraction into the catchment container squeezing out as much liquid as possible. Pour the strained liquid into the double boiler and heat until it starts to bubble.

As the alcohol evaporates mix the solution and scrape.

To extract oil from “sugar leaf”, marijuana leaf with resin on it, you can use a solvent to separate the resin from the plant itself. Typically solvents such as butane are used. 

12. What Does A Skinny Marijuana Leaf Mean?

A skinny marijuana leaf could be as a result of the genetic traits of the plant. If your marijuana leaf is skinny, odds are you have a Sativa or a Sativa dominant strain on your hands. This means that your plant will take roughly 4-5 months to mature before you can harvest it.

13. How To Cure The Yellow Spots On Marijuana Leaf

yellow spots

If your marijuana the “yellow leaf spot” or “leaf septoria,” as it sometimes called. It could mean the leaf being attacked by a fungus or a bacteria. This usually occurs in warm or wet weather. However, you can cure leaf septoria with the following steps:

  • Cut all the affected leaves to get rid of as many spores as possible.
  • Prune any leafy parts of the plant to improve circulation through the plant
  • Avoid moisture (don’t get water on the leaves or leaves laying on top of each other)
  • Ensure the ground under the weed plant is kept clean.
  • Make sure your plants are healthy at all times. Unhealthy plants are easily susceptible to having yellow leaves
  • Rotate where you grow your marijuana plants i.e. try changing location each year.
  • Use fungicide to avoid the spread of bacteria
  • Apply “Neem Oil” to affected areas and monitor it.

14. What Does It Mean When The Tips Of A Marijuana Leaf Are Turning Orange When Flowering

If the tips of your marijuana leaf is turning orange/yellow during the flowering process, it means that the buds are using most of the nutrients. The plant is now diverting all the processes to developing buds. You might need to give it some more nitrogen to ensure your plant is getting all it requires to grow strong buds. 

15. How Much THC Is In A Marijuana Leaf

The THC in a Marijuana leaf is quite low (between 0 to 4% ). The truth is, they are almost undetectable. However, the leaf is full of THCa, which is the acid form and non-psychoactive form of THC. You can still eat it to gain its benefits without feeling euphoria.

16. How To Get Vigorous Leaf Growth On Marijuana

If you want to have a  vigorous marijuana leaf growth, you’ll need to ensure that the marijuana leaf has a good root system to develop. The more space the roots have to grow, the bigger the leaves can get. Additionally, utilizing techniques like Topping your plants will result in more leaf development.

In addition to that, make sure you are growing your marijuana plant in a quality soil.  The ph should be at least 6.5 and do not over water since it can cause the plant to die.  

17. What Causes Holes In My Marijuana Leaf

Holes in your marijuana leaf could be spider mites or other insects eating your plant. Get a few ladybugs and they will eat the nasty little critters.


18. Why Is One Leaf Of My Marijuana Plants Bigger Than The Other

The reason why marijuana leaves are bigger than others is due to the fact that some leaves are older and tend to grow bigger than others ( due to genetics). Be rest assured, they all will eventually grow to this size if they get enough light and wind to help strengthen the stalk.

19. How Much Marijuana Leaf To Use In A Pound Of Butter

You don’t typically use marijuana leaf within butter to make cannabutter. You typically use buds. However, If you’re set on using leaf, you’ll need to use a lot of it in other to produce cannabutter. Probably a 1:1 ratio.

To shed more light on this, half an ounce of finely ground marijuana leaves is recommended when making bud butter.

First, melt the butter (1 Lb.) in a saucepan until it simmers, then add marijuana and let it simmer for 45 minutes. The butter turns green owing to the marijuana leaf. Next, use a metal strainer to sieve out the marijuana particles. Lastly, set aside to cool until it becomes solid.

RELATED : 3 Tips To Make Better Cannabutter

20. What Part Of The Marijuana Plant Is The Sugar Leaf

The Sugar Leaf of a marijuana plant occurs when the plant is in the flowering stage. During this stage, resin glands start forming on the buds and work their ways down to the leaves. These leaves with resin glands on them are called “Sugar leaves”.

21. Why Would A Marijuana Plant Only Have Three Nodes On Leaf

Mutation and genetic flaws are responsible for the development of three nodes on a marijuana leaf.  However, sometimes the marijuana leaf doesn’t produce five nodes. This happens usually to the “supporting leaves”, the ones closer to the bottom of the plant.

There is nothing wrong with the plant, it’s just using its resources wisely.

22. How Much Does A Marijuana Leaf Weigh

A marijuana leaf weights approximately between 1g and 5 grams depending on the length of the leaf.

23. What Causes Marijuana Leaf Tips To Curl Under

If your marijuana leaf starts to curl, there could be a problem with the root system or you could be drowning your plant by overwatering them. Additionally, they can get nutrient burned, meaning you have given it too much of a particular nutrient. Generally, high nutrient levels make the leaves dark green with curled tips.

In this case, flush it as soon as possible.

24. How To Roll Marijuana Leaf

Rolling a marijuana leaf is similar to rolling a tobacco leaf. You will roll the leaf from the bottom in a diagonal shape upwards and secure it with an adhesive such as honey or cannabis concentrates.

25. Why Marijuana Leaf Curls

Factors such as excessive use of marijuana fertilizer, too much heat or light, overwatering, nutrient burn, obstruction in the root system, bugs and pest, root rot and lack of sufficient water contribute to the curling of marijuana leaves.

26. How To Dry Or Store Marijuana Leaf

You can dry marijuana leaf in a cardboard box and then store it in a ziplock bag in your freezer.

Conditions such as room temperature of about 68-70 and 50% humidity environment are recommended for drying marijuana. After drying, marijuana should be kept in an airtight container and stored in a cool and dark place.

27. Why Are Only Marijuana Buds Used And Not The Leaf

Most of the cannabinoids concentrate in marijuana buds. This part of marijuana are the most preferred due to the high concentration of THC compared to the leaves. However, the leaves also contain some cannabinoids (resin glands in the whole plant). While the leaf still has plenty of cannabinoids, people typically use the marijuana bud for smoking, making concentrates and edibles.

28. How To Press And Preserve A Marijuana Leaf

Basically, the marijuana leaves can be pressed by placing the marijuana leaf inside of a book for a few days or in between two flat solid boards that are heavy. It will become dry and maintain a normal shape. To keep it forever, you can cover the marijuana leaf in resin.

basically, a marijuana leaf can be pressed by placing it in between two flat solid boards that are heavy. Pressed marijuana leaves should be stored in a cool dry place.

29. Signs Of Bad Marijuana Leaf

There are a few things to look for when we’re talking about a “bad marijuana leaf” – The tips begin to curl, yellowing of leaf, browning of leaf, holes in the marijuana leaf,  burnt appearance, drying out of the marijuana leaf,  mottling/mosaic pattern, and curling of leaves, to name a few. Visible signs include brown or dark spots on a leaf, brown or burnt appearance on the edges,

30. How To Make A Origami Marijuana Leaf

To make an origami marijuana leaf, you’ll need to follow a particular folding method. We have provided you with a link to a video that will show you exactly how to do that.


31. How To Fold Crutch Marijuana Leaf

To roll a marijuana leaf crutch or a filter. Get a cardboard paper that it is straight and rectangular and make folds. Make five folds and then roll the rest of the cardboard around the folded pieces, creating an M or W pattern. Simply shape the folds into the leaf shape and insert into your joint or compress the folded section and roll it into the remainder of the leaf, forming a cylinder-like shape.

32. Which Marijuana Has The Widest Leaf

In terms of the width of a marijuana leaf, the mighty Indica is the queen of Fat leaves. Indica leaves are wider. Usually with fewer leaflets compared to the sativa leaves.

33. How Do You Process The Marijuana Leaf

Depending on what you want to do with the marijuana leaf, you can process it different ways. One way is to insert it into a juice maker to extract the essential cannabinoids.

Another method is to process it by removing the resin from the sugar leaves and turning it into hash.

34. How To Recognize A Marijuana Leaf

This question relates to question 2 above. Anyway, for a short answer, a marijuana leaf has 5-13 points (leaflets) and serrated edges. Please, scroll up for a more detailed explanation.

35. What Is The Average THC Percent In Marijuana Leaf

Different parts of the marijuana plant have different potencies. However, people typically don’t measure the THC count in the leaf. The amount compared to the buds are almost non-existent. This is, of course, are leaves without resin on it. But if the leaf has resin on it, the THC count increases.

The strongest strains of marijuana have a THC percentage of 30-35 %. 

36. How To Tell A New Leaf From A Bud On Marijuana Plant

The marijuana bud and the marijuana leaf look completely different. A bud will start with pistils and then grow into a clump outwards. The new leaves are thin and easily distinguishable from the bud and are different from the normal large fan leaves.     

37. What Happens If You Eat A Marijuana Leaf

Eating weed wouldn’t get you high except you eat about one pound of weed (that could possibly get you high). This is because THC requires heat to be activated. That explains why people smoke, vaporize, cook or soak it in fatty substances in other to activate the THC..

However, eating a marijuana leaf does have its medicinal benefits — It still has a lot of cannabinoids. Some people have complained of feeling sick from eating raw marijuana. Different strokes to different folks.

38. How Large Is A Marijuana Leaf

It depends on many factors. A marijuana leaf in a small space to grow will produce smaller leaves. They can grow to become massive though given the space to grow. That being said, large marijuana sativa leaves can have up to thirteen long, slender, jagged and spiky serrations. It can weigh approximately between 1g and 5 grams depending on the length of the leaf.

39. How Hot Do I Cook Marijuana Leaf

It depends on what you want to achieve by doing that. Are you trying to make a cannabis-infused butter? Or are you trying to make a tea out of it?

Generally speaking, cooking marijuana leaf at a lower temperature is better in the sense that you’ll be removing a lot of the beneficial cannabinoids if you cook it at a higher temperature. More so, if you want the THC not to be completely degraded, then you need to lower the temperature ( between 100-200 degrees F is fine) anything above 392 will reduce the THC level and it starts breaking down long before that.

40. How To Fix A Marijuana Leaf That Is Turning Brown

Depending on what ails your marijuana plant [nutrient deficiency, lack of water, ph imbalance], you’ll have to first identify the issue and then remedy it accordingly. Scroll up to question 13 above for a more detailed explanation. Or visit how to diagnose Sick Cannabis Plants, Marijuana Nutrient Problems & Symptoms 


41. How To Turn Low-Grade Marijuana Leaf Into Good

Turning low-grade marijuana into something better requires good PH levels in your water, good nutrients, plenty of light (more light equals more bud), adequate water and most importantly “genetics”. Providing some wind is also a good idea to strengthen the stalk. Follow this link for more details

42. What Causes Marijuana Leaf Wrinkling

If your marijuana leaf is wrinkling, it could be because the plant is thirsty or it has a nutrient burn. In the case of both, flushing it with water is a good idea for a full day. Afterwards, observe if it is getting better. If not, it could be something else like root rot.

However, it is advisable not to water the plants until the top of the soil is dry about 1/4 to 1/2 inches down. Marijuana leaves tend to wrinkle from overwatering and droop from underwatering.

43. How To Tell If A Marijuana Leaf Is Dead

The marijuana leaf will turn brown and dry when it dies. If you rub your fingers on it, it will crumble in your hands. You may also try to see if the limb of the marijuana is dry and snaps cleanly with little pressure. If it does, the marijuana plant is dead. However, the roots might still be healthy.  If the roots have a sewer smell then it is most likely dead.



44. How To Make Oil From Marijuana Leaf

Generally speaking, you don’t make oil from a marijuana leaf. The buds are usually used in the making of marijuana oil because it contains the most concentrated levels of THC, CBD and the rest of the cannabinoids.

45. How Many Pedals On A Marijuana Leaf

A marijuana leaf has five to thirteen pedals. These are also called nodes or fingers or points. The number of pedals depends heavily on the genetics of the cannabis leaf.

46. How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Leaf

There are many factors ( cannabis strain, nutrients provided, growing conditions etc) that affect the total time the marijuana leaf will grow. However, marijuana leaf will develop within the first week after the seed has sprouted. It usually produces some starter leaves that will fall off once the first marijuana leaf is produced. It is hard to give a straight answer. However, the average growth time is between 3-5 months if grown indoors (might be shorter when using auto flowering).

Outdoor growing usually takes longer due to the lack of sunlight

47. How To Make Marijuana Leaf Lotion

To make lotion from marijuana leaf, you’ll need to first boil the leaf in coconut oil for a good hour. Once you’re done with that, you can mix it with some beeswax until you have the consistency you desire. You can also follow the steps below :

  • Melt about two cups of coconut oil either in microwave or heated
  • Preheat the oven to 230 F
  • Mildly grind marijuana leaves and place on the baking sheet.
  • Oven for about 8 minutes.
  • Take out from oven and put it in a saucepan along with coconut oil.
  • Allow simmering for 20-30 mins (don’t boil). Stir gently in between.
  • Sieve out oil from marijuana with a sieve cloth.
  • Melt one ounce of beeswax combined with five ounces of marijuana-infused coconut oil in a saucepan at low temperature.
  • Take out after 7 mins and let it cool for about an 1hr

48. Why Would My Marijuana Plants Leaf Turn White

If your marijuana leaf is turning white, it could be because of White Powdery Mildew or Magnesium/ Zinc deficiency. This is a minor problem, however still should be dealt with. If it is white powdery mildew problem, simply take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with 2 gallons of water. Then place it in a squirt bottle and squirt the white areas. If it is a magnesium or zinc problem, check to see you have the right mg and zc level (8-6 for mg and 5-7 for zn).

49. How To Identify Marijuana Leaf Issues And Their Common Causes

There are many different issues with a marijuana leaf. Depending on the symptoms it is presenting, you’ll need to identify the root problem. If you’re inexperienced, join marijuana facebook groups and post your question. Be sure to send pictures to other growers to help you out. However, follow this link in other to diagnose Sick Cannabis Plants, Marijuana Nutrient Problems & Symptoms 

Underwater Problems

nutrients burn

Nutrients Problems

ph problems

pH Problems

50. What Does It Mean If Your Marijuana Plant Leaf Is Turning Brown

Your marijuana leaf could be turning brown either due to nutrient deficiency or nutrient burn, lack of water, bud/root rot or overwatering.

51. How To Make Dab Marijuana Leaf

To make a dab marijuana leaf, you’ll need to heat up your dab so it’s malleable. Once it’s malleable, simply create five small lines with the wax and connect them all. Then place it in the fridge for a few hours to harden.


52. How To Make Marijuana Leaf Tea

You can make marijuana tea in two ways ( either with dry or fresh marijuana leaves) To make marijuana leaf tea with dry leaves, you simply need to dry out the cannabis leaf first. Once this is done, insert the crumbled leaves in a tea bag or a coffee filter and submerge in water. Boil with some coconut oil and flavour to your taste.

To make marijuana tea with fresh leaves. Boil the leaves until they turn green and add honey or maple syrup for sweetening. See the video below.

53. What Causes Black Leaf In Marijuana Plants

Black leaves are typically due to mould. If this is the case, check your humidity levels to ensure that you get rid of mould. Have a good ventilation system when you are growing to avoid this.

54. How To Clone Marijuana From A Leaf

To clone marijuana, you’ll need to cut at the stem of a marijuana leaf at a 45º angle. Then, submerge the cut root in root hormone and plant it in a starter cap. Keep light close to it for a few days until the roots settle.

55. How Many Petals Does A Marijuana Leaf Have

A marijuana leaf has five to thirteen points or petals depending on the marijuana strain (sativa, indica or ruderalis)

56. What Is A Marijuana Water Leaf

A marijuana waterleaf is also known as a Fan leaf. These are typically used for making teas or topicals.

57. How Does Marijuana Go From Leaf To Bud

A marijuana plant doesn’t go from “leaf” to “bud”. The leaf simply provides the surface area for the bud to form. From the centre of the leaf, the bud will begin growing however they still remain two separate entities.  However, the nodes play a key role in marijuana growth cycle.  The nodes connect new stem buds with the older growths. These can take the form of a leaf, bud or even a branch.

58. How to tell if marijuana leaf is male, female or hermaphrodite?

Distinguishing the gender of a marijuana plant is not always easy. Most of the time, you will need to wait until the early flowering stage just to see certain details to determine its gender. Female plants are the best for producing buds as they have a greater quantity of cannabinoids in their flowers. Whereas male plants are only kept for producing seeds. Hermaphrodite plants occur when the marijuana plant has both male and female characteristics.

During the early flowering phase pay attention to the area where the stems of the leaves connect with the stalk of the plant. Male plants will begin to display sacs of pollen that cluster together and hangs downward. Female plants will also produce these sacs that cluster together but the sacs are lengthy and will have little hairs sticking out. These sacs will eventually grow into buds which will be harvested. If a plant spawns both sacs of pollen and longer sacs with hairs sticking out then it is a hermaphrodite.

59: Which part of the marijuana leaf contains the reproductive organs?

The flowers are the reproductive organs of a marijuana plant. During the early flowering phase, males and females will produce sacs on the area where the stems of each leaf connect with the stalk of the plant. Male sacs contain pollen inside of them and are recognized as sacs of pollen. Female plants have lengthy sacs with hairs growing out of them called stigmas. When a male plant is developed enough the sacs of pollen will open and release its pollen into the atmosphere allowing the stigmas on female plants to catch them and begin producing seeds.

60. How does marijuana leaf reproduce?


There are two ways to reproduce a marijuana plant. The fastest way is to clone it. Cloning requires the grower to cut off nodes of the plant when harvesting. Nodes of a marijuana plant are stems that start to branch off from the stalk of the plant. If the nodes are left untouched they will grow nodes of their own and this process will keep repeating. After cutting off the nodes they are placed into a cloning cube and will be cultivated. Once there are roots growing out of the cube it is then transplanted to real soil. Eventually, the cloned plant will grow and become a plant of its own, growing and producing nodes allowing the cloning process to continue.


The second method of reproducing a marijuana plant is mother nature’s way. During the flowering phase, male plants will grow sacs containing pollen inside which will be released into the atmosphere. Growers will place male and female plants in close proximity to each other, allowing for pollination. Some growers will even take it a step further and brush the pollen onto the female plants to ensure that it is pollinated. Female plants that have their buds pollinated will turn into seeds. As the plant matures, these seeds are harvested and some will even fall onto the soil. Seeds are then planted which will become the next generation!

61. How long do marijuana plants live?


The life cycle of a marijuana plant is dependent on whether it is grown indoors or outdoors. Indoor plants will have an average lifespan of 3 months assuming that upon harvest all leaves will be cut off (killing the plant). If the plant is a clone then the average life cycle is between 2 and 2.5 months. The mother plant, the plant where nodes are taken off to be used to make clones, may last for years provided that it is treated with good care.


Outdoor plants have a longer life cycle than indoor plants. The reason for this is because we control the “environmental” conditions indoors whereas in the open we have no control over the weather and the sunlight that a plant receives. Naturally, outdoor plants will germinate, vegetate, flower and reproduce all within a year. Outdoor plants on average will be ready to be harvested between 6 to 9 months. If left untouched then male plants will die as soon as they finish releasing all their pollen. Untouched female plants will die as soon as they finish producing seeds. Ultimately, the life cycle of outdoor plants depends on the climate as well as animal and human interactions.

62. How tall do marijuana plants grow?

Marijuana plants can theoretically grow infinitely tall provided that it has the required light source and water to continue its growth. Most outdoor growers do not worry about the height and size of their plant because there is room for it to grow. Eventually, the plant will reach an equilibrium where there is just enough sunlight and water for it to survive whilst maintaining its current height and size. Indoor growers are more concerned with the height and size of their plant.

This is because the growing area of the plant is limited. On average, ceilings are about 8 ft and so, plants will grow to that height if left untouched. The growing container is also limited, therefore, any plant matter that exceeds the size will slow down its growth and eventually stop growing due to the lack of light received.

63. Cannabis leaves twisting

The leaf of the cannabis leaf plant may twist due to overwatering, nutrients deficiency or burn. You should let the water dry out between waterings by letting it sit on a drain pan.


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