Marijuana Effects On Skin — The Carter Padelford Story

Marijuana Effects On Skin

Carter Padelford
The story of little Carter Padelford, though full of sadness and suffering, is an example of the fact that even in the face of a very severe, incurable disease, hemp preparations show efficacy, reducing the severity of a severe disease symptoms.

Carter Padelford’s Story

The Shai-Anne and Zach Padelford of Las Vegas states were waiting impatiently for the birth of their first-born son. Finally, in November 2016, little Carter came into the world, although, as the boy’s mom recalls, something strange happened from the beginning. “Just after giving birth, his skin was intense red, just like a tomato, and it was so tense that Carter could not close his eyelids.” This observation immediately disturbed the doctors who decided to diagnose the problem immediately.

Lamellar Ichthyosis

The result was devastating. The results of the test confirmed that there was a change in the genetic material which resulted in a rare disease called lamellar ichthyosis.


In the United States, the chances of a baby being born with this disease is at a ratio of 1: 100,000. The disease is characterized by irregularities in the formation of the outer layer of the skin. The main symptom of the disease is large and dark scales on the skin (resembling a fish skin). In addition, the skin is very dry, flaccid, red and has a tendency to damage and crack easily.

This is because the appendages of the skin, including sebaceous and sweat glands, do not work properly, so on one hand the skin is not flexible and does not constitute a protective barrier against pathogens. On the other hand, the toddler’s body is not able to properly regulate the body temperature.

Ms. Shai-Anne mentions that she had to measure with a contactless thermometer to monitor her baby’s body temperature several times a day. Regular temperature measurements are just one of the items on the long list of daily rituals. Also part of the daily routine was two daily baths.

Doctor’s Recommendation

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts by the parents, the boy’s condition did not improve. So Padelford went looking for help. He consulted a doctor, who had recommended some medication such as ppAmLactin (lactic acid) to exfoliate the skin. He was also adviced not to expose Carter to intense sunlight.  None of these recommendations and adviced work for Carter.


Everything seemed gloomy for Carter’s parents until they came across an article on the medical impact of marijuana on chronic skin diseases.

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Carter’s parents thought there was nothing to lose if they try out medical marijuana to improve Carter’s condition. The Padelford family got a prescription immediately and purchased a cannabis oil, which they added to a homemade cream (shea butter and essential oils).

It only took a few applications of the hemp oil when they start seeing results.  Mrs Shai-Anne said with emotion that after a few days of the application, the scales present on the boy’s body began to fall off slowly, and the inflammation causing the redness gradually subsided. In addition, the hair that Carter did not have since birth began to grow, and problems with thermoregulation of the body were reduced such that Carter could sweat like a normal child.


Our son is now a completely different child after the application of the hemp cream, said Carter’s parents.


Dr Scott Jacobson.

Such results did not surprise a dermatologist – Dr Scott Jacobson. In an interview, he explained that cannabinoids, contained in hemp oil, exert their effects by affecting various elements of the endocannabinoid system, including cannabinoid receptors, which in turn are located in various parts of the human body, e.g. in the brain, cells of the immune system and in the skin.

The application of hemp cream directly on the skin reduces inflammation, as it did for little Carter. Although no clinical trials have yet been conducted on the medical use of marijuana in dermatological conditions. However, there are cases where the use of cannabis preparations has proven successful.

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Final thoughts

Hemp oil has been used as an alternative medicine for so many ailments where the conventional medication/therapy have failed. Another reason why marijuana for medical use should be legalized.

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