Marijuana Dispensary Shopper’s Guide For Beginners or First Time Shoppers

Marijuana Dispensary Shopper’s Guide For Beginners

Going into a marijuana dispensary for the first time can be an intimidating experience. How do you know which strain to choose from the massive list of strains, what do you do when you’re inside? For the first time shopper, it can all be too overwhelming.

This is why I thought it would be a good idea to create a marijuana dispensary shopper’s guide in other to assist first-time shoppers.

Before you visit the Marijuana Dispensary



First off, it’s important to know why you’re visiting a marijuana dispensary.  

  • Are you looking for something to assist with a medical condition or simply for recreational purposes?
  • Will you be buying for you or are you throwing a social gathering?

These are important questions to know before entering paying a dispensary a visit. Once you establish your intentions, the whole process becomes easier (from selection to use).

For instance, if you are going for a specific medical condition, you can eliminate a host of products and focus on the products that will serve you best. Similarly, when you’re shopping for recreational purposes,  you will eliminate the products specifically made for medical patients.

Of course, any of the products could get the job done, however, it’s best to know what you want beforehand.

Entering into the Marijuana Dispensary

If you’re living in a legal recreational marijuana state or country, then all you need to enter into the establishment is proof of age. This could be an official identification document such as a :

  • Driver’s license, passport or anything of the sorts.
  • In most recreational states the age limit is 21-years old.

If you live in a Medical Marijuana [only] state,  you’d need to get a

  • Medical marijuana license.

This can be obtained from a physician that provides a recommendation for your specific illness or condition. Every state has their own rules, so it’s important to brush up on those rules prior to applying for the medical marijuana license.

For Canadians

For Americans

Once you have presented your id or license, you will be granted access to the establishment. Depending on the layout, you should see a wide variety of products and buds. Additionally, you’ll see a few “budtenders” waiting to take your order.

Ordering at a Marijuana Dispensary

ordering marijuana from a dispensary

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to track down the right product. We recommend leaning on the expertise of the budtenders, as they know about the strains and their effects. In all likeliness, they will ask you why you are there…for medical purposes or for recreational purposes.

Depending on your answer, they will continue to probe a bit more for information on how best they can serve you. Once they have identified the reason and/or condition, they will offer you the product and provide you with their reasons.

Wrap up

As a rule of thumb though, Sativa strains are “daytime strains” and Indica are “nighttime” strains. It’s important to know the distinction because they produce different effects. Sativas usually provide you with energy and a heavy cerebral high, whereas indicas are more for relaxation, sleep, and chronic pain. It acts more as a sedative.

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Now that you know how to order in a marijuana dispensary, it’s time to get up and go find your next bag. While dispensaries might seem intimidating at first, it will only get easier the more you visit them. 

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