Marijuana Delivery Service: How To Start Your Own Business?

Marijuana Delivery Service: How To Start Your Own Business?

The marijuana delivery business is just one option of the many available to us in the booming marijuana industry of the 21st century. There are plenty of options and ways to start your cannabis-based business these days and be a successful entrepreneur. The ideas are flowing from everywhere on the internet and you can easily get inspired by simply looking into the topic. Here I would like to present some general points of what you can do in order to earn money while working with the cannabis plants or around it.

Marijuana Delivery Business

And while there are indeed thousands of ideas and opportunities for you to start on, most of them usually require plenty of time to develop and actually bring profit, and others do require a lot of money to invest in the beginning. Which is why I have decided to talk about marijuana delivery services that you can develop and offer to other marijuana business owners and cooperate with each other. Just as a comparison, to back up my theory here, if you are looking to start a cannabis-based business and dispensaries are crossing your mind, you should be aware that your starting capital needs to be way above $100,000 in order to get 30% net profit. Another thing that makes the marijuana delivery business more desirable is the fact that you can create more meaningful connections with your customers by providing them with 1-on-1 services. When you create these “personal” connections with your customers and your services stay high-quality throughout the entire time, you will have lifetime customers and probably many grateful referrals that will only bring in more customers.

However, just as with any other business, the beginnings are hard and rough until you learn everything in order to make this a successful and steady job. There will be challenging periods and discouraging moments, but if you’re committed to growing your brand you should know that one thing will definitely stay on your side now that recreational marijuana is legal in several states in the U.S and worldwide. And that is the fact that the market is booming and marijuana delivery service is a convenience that will definitely be in demand in the upcoming years.

Delivery van

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I know that sounds promising and I’m glad to give a boost in your motivation, however, there are a few things you need to remember before diving in head first. So, in order to create and grow your business as smoothly as possible, we will go through some key components of starting a marijuana delivery service and the best way to accomplish your dreams. Read on and start creating to-do lists:

Marijuana delivery business financial model

This financial model will show you how you drive the future in all major areas: investments, sales, expense items, and financing goals. Furthermore, you will also need a marijuana delivery business plan that you will use as a tool for understanding how your business is put together. You can use it to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable, it’s a sales and recruiting tool for attracting your future investors and expand your business and of course, it will help to apply for a marijuana delivery license.

Getting the proper business license

This is probably something that I should not even talk about because of how obvious it is but for the sake of making this article wholesome and you well-informed I’m going to list it here. There is a necessary paperwork that you need to collect depending on the local laws in your country in order to be able to apply for a business license. If your marijuana delivery service isn’t affiliated with a storefront dispensary you’ll want to apply for a Retailer Non-Storefront business license. This does require that you secure premises but it will not be open to the public. But if you want to start a storefront dispensary and you want to implement a marijuana delivery service, you must apply for the regular Retailer business license.

It is extremely important to remember that once your delivery service has been approved for a license, every driver must carry a copy in their authorized vehicle. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg of documentation. I know that’s not what you want to hear (I hate bureaucracy too) but it’s the only way to do it, so make sure you ask in your local office or someone who has already done it. And never rely on one person’s experience. Always consult multiple people before taking any action.

Woman paying invoice with her phone

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Having a delivery compliance

You, as a business owner of a marijuana delivery service, need to be vigilant about cannabis compliance. You need to ensure that all of your couriers are adhering to new regulations crucial in preventing violations that can jeopardize your business. Having one of your delivery drivers pulled over for being under the influence could easily lead to heavy fines and penalties.

Marijuana delivery drivers

When you are hiring drivers you need to make sure to check their driving record and previous experience. If they have experience as a dispensary delivery driver, reach out to their references to inquire about their work ethic and why they were let go. Finding couriers who have experience and understand the compliance regulations will cut down on training time too.

Delivery dispatch

Maybe this should be a step for you to undertake in the long run when you are into business for a while and you grow enough, but surely one of the most important roles in any marijuana delivery service is the dispatcher. This makes the delivery prompt, on time and accurate at any moment and situation. You can also use a delivery software that will make it easy to accept orders, map their route and process transactions over the course of an average day.

Three people making a deal

People making a deal via unsplash.

Business advertising

Of course, last but not least, we have marketing. Although being into the cannabis business it sure isn’t easy to market it with all the regulations but there is always a way when you have the will, right? For instance, you cannot use Google, Facebook, TV, or Instagram, simply because cannabis is illegal under federal law so these platforms are placing strict rules on how companies can market their products. However, there are sites on the internet where you can have your marijuana delivery services promoted. Here is a short list of each one of them:

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