Magical Butter Machine Review 2018 – Why You Should Own One!

Magical Butter Machine Review 2018 – Why You Should Own One

For people who aren’t used to herb vaporizers or more aptly fans of smoking or vaping marijuana, edibles are a perfect alternative. To make edibles, however, can be a difficult process for beginners. Fortunately, with devices such as the Magical Butter, (i.e.cannabutter, butter tincture) has never been easier.

While the butter maker has been around for several years now, the machine has been updated over time to deliver higher quality extractions and infusions.

Let’s talk about the Magical Butter MB2e in a bit more detail!

What is the Magical Butter machine?

As mentioned, the Magical Butter (MB2e) is an all-inclusive botanical extractor (extraction and infusion )device that can produce results in as little as two hours. Its automated process makes it a simple “plug and play” device that will facilitate the extraction and infusing of your favorite cannabis edibles. The following are popular magical butter products;

  • Magical butter MB2e
  • MB Baker’s Kit
  • Other accessories i.e. Decarbox thermometer combo pack, MB Butter Trays etc.

Why is the MB machine worth buying?

It is economical

Concentrates within the legal market can be expensive. For medical patients who need higher doses of cannabis or more frequent doses of edibles, this can become burdensome for them economically. Thus, making your own edibles becomes a more reasonable option.

It’s efficient

However, as mentioned earlier. Making your own infusions can be a daunting task and also time-consuming.

To determine the doses for medical marijuana purposes

If you’re not familiar with the process of extracting and infusing cannabis, finding the right ratios can also be quite difficult. Because you don’t want to make your edibles too potent or too weak. This is especially true when using cannabis for medicinal purposes. You’ll need consistent doses within your infusion process.

The good news is, the Magical Butter machine does this for you. If you are worried about whether or not it is easy to use. The Magical Butter comes with easy to follow instructions, even a ten-year-old can operate the magical butter machine.

What to expect from MB


When looking at the Magical Butter for the first time, it will remind you of those electric kettles. Its outer body is completely covered in thick aluminum with strong plastic grips and lid. Lifting the lid reveals all the machinery within the device.

This includes the motor, the heating element and so forth. On top of the lid, you’ll notice five different settings from 1-hour cycles [cannabis infused oils], or 2-hours for butter, 4-hours for magical butter tinctures and 8 hours for general infusions.

The device also comes equipped with an auto-cleaning function, making it a breeze to keep clean and working at optimal levels. Typically the device includes:

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Lid
  • LED indicator ring UI
  • Heating Element (contained in Lid)
  • Blender (contained within the device)
  • Electronics (within Lid and Body)

All in all, the device looks like one solid piece of machinery. Like a Crock Pot on Steroids!

How to use the Magical Butter machine?

The process of using the magical butter is incredibly easy. Simply add between 4 grams and 8 grams of cannabis buds, the corresponding amount of butter and then press the “Make Butter” button. It’s that simple.

The machine will do everything else for you, and within the designated time you will have access to your fully prepared canna butter oil.

You can play around with the potency by increasing the number of cannabis buds, however, that is entirely up to your liking.

The website also boasts a wide range of recipes that you can follow at home. This goes from making tinctures to infusions and will provide you with the necessary resources to start infusing at home like a pro!

Follow the instructions of the device to make anything from grain alcohol, cannabis tincture or any other type of cannabis cocktail you might think of with this powerful herbal infuser.

Magical Butter Product Review By Higher Mentality

Source: Higher Mentality 

Final Thoughts

The Magical Butter maker is a magical machine that provides you with a simple approach to making your own cannabis infusions and is incredibly easy to clean. If you don’t want to go through the laborious process of making your own infusions and would rather rely on the simplicity of automation – The Magical Butter is your go-to and must have!


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