Long Term Use of Marijuana Results From Research Studies

Long Term Use of Marijuana – Results From Research Studies

This is the argument most often raised by medical marijuana opponents.

We do not know what effects the use of cannabis will cause if used for a long period.

Perhaps, for this reason, marijuana remains illegal in many countries. However, thanks to a recent study by Canadian researchers, you can finally dispel their doubts.

Dr. Ware Experiment

In the Dr. Ware experiment, 215 people were under observation – patients taking marijuana or other drugs because of chronic pain. 141 of them used Cannabis sativa, 12.5% THC, on average 2.5 g each day. All the patients were carefully evaluated for the impact of marijuana on health, blood, kidney, liver, lung function, and IQ.

All adverse reactions that occurred during treatment were recorded to compare both groups.

What was the result?

The results of the study were published in the prestigious “Journal of Pain“.

According to the results of observations carried out by Dr. Ware and colleagues:

Does marijuana have side effects?


The use of marijuana is not associated with an increased risk of serious side effects.


We also managed to prove that synthetic preparations with cannabinoids are in no way safer than medical marijuana.

Does marijuana have negative effect on memory?


The use of marijuana has no negative effect on memory and intellect.


On the contrary – in both groups, memory, and intellect even improved. This is surprising because it has so far been thought that marijuana worsens intellectual abilities. It is possible that the scientists made a mistake, comparing the burning “recreational” herb in large doses, to those who use it only for health reasons.

Marijuana Vs Traditional medicines


It reduces the perceived pain and related symptoms more than traditional medicines.


Marijuana has definitely proven its advantage. Patients were asked in detail about the degree of pain intensity, its impact on mood and daily life. As it turned out, marijuana not only helps with pain. It also improves the quality of life.  It reduces the stress experienced and the feeling of tiredness and anxiety associated with certain ailments. It is not only a relief for the suffering of the body, but also for the “soul”.

Can smoking marijuana cause lung cancer?


Smoking marijuana does not cause major changes in the lungs.


Patients who smoked cannabis were regularly checked for lung function. Smoke coming from combustion is not indifferent to this organ. However, there was no link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer.

Is medical marijuana safe?


The use of medical marijuana does not lead to disorders of important organs(liver, kidneys), does not affect hormonal balance, nor does it change the results of other tests.


Does this mean that marijuana is completely free from side effects? No ! Even though cannabis cannabinoids are natural, they still are active in the body just like other medications. Unwanted activities occurred equally frequently in both groups – not only among marijuana users. Any interference with the use of drugs is associated with a certain risk. However, only pain therapy using medical marijuana resulted in some additional benefits i.e. improved mood and reduced pain, which was not seen in the group treated with “ordinary drugs”.

Final thoughts

Data such as Dr. Ware in Canada cannot be provided by any laboratory research or, usually, short-term clinical trials on humans. Apart from the duration of the experiment, the number of participants is also important, and this usually does not exceed several dozen people. The Canadians study is the first set of data from such a large number of patients observed for up to a year.


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