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Everything you need to know about the cannabis resource site — Leafly

If you have been in the cannabis community for a while now, chances are you have come across the word Leafly more than once. That is not a totally strange occurrence though. In fact, we consider it strange for a weed enthusiast not to know about leafly.

So that our community of readers won’t be left out of the loop, we have put up this article to provide you with everything you need to know about Leafly

What is Leafly?

Wikipedia pegs Leafly to be the largest cannabis website in the world, but we believe it to be more.

We see Leafly as being the largest community of cannabis users in the world. This claim is backed up by the numbers – 13 million visitors on the website monthly and a total of 40 million page views, spanning both website and mobile application. What a staggering number!

Leafly functions mainly as a broker of information between the general public and dispensaries selling different strains of marijuana.

Through a crowdsourcing system, they get reviews of different dispensaries and the strains. These reviews help to inform users about what to expect from various marijuana strains. On deciding, Leafly then goes the extra mile of connecting these patients with the nearest dispensary to their location.

What strains are available on Leafly?

Leafly is a supporter of nearly 2500 different strains of Cannabis, making it nearly impossible for anyone not to find whatever weed strain they are looking for on their website.

The strains being supported are also classed in three different groups – Hybrid, Indigo and Sativa. With a colour coding system that allocates Green to the hybrids, gives Purple to the indices and Red to sativa, users can easily work their way around options.

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Of all these strains, the most popular ones on the website remain the Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and OG Kush (hybrids); Sour Diesel and Green Crack (sativa); and Granddaddy Purple (Indica).

What other products does Leafly sell?

Asides selling the actual cannabis, Leafly has even more ways of reaching the weed community.

Listed on their website are options to buy any of apparels, books and games, concentrates, edibles and topicals, just to mention a few.

Leafly also allows cannabis vendors to advertise their products on the website. That way, the vendors can take advantage of the massive traffic coming to the website daily promote their products.

Wrap Up

Found in the year 2010, Leafly has grown to become the most trusted, legitimate strain resource in the world. As of the time of this writing, they have established a catalogue of strains that is nearly unbeatable anywhere online.

With that amount of resources and dedication, it is no surprise why they are the go-to provider for information regarding cannabis.

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