Laughing Buddha Marijuana Strain Review 2018 — A Powerhouse Strain

Laughing Buddha Marijuana Strain Review 2018

This indica dominant marijuana strain is a 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner which has a quick grow cycle with a decent yield. Crossed with Thai and Jamaican, the sweet and fruit-like smell is quite pungent. You’ll also notice hints of spice in the mix.

Nonetheless, the strain is a head-high that will keep you laughing [as the name suggest] for hours. Due to its unique genetics, you can expect ginormous colas and you’ll probably need to build some support system for your plant to sustain the yield. Nonetheless, it’s something that will reward you for all the extra effort you’re putting into the entire ordeal.


Laughing Buddha

As mentioned, Laughing Buddha is mixed with Thai and Jamaican. With a mix of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, you can guess where the big buds come from. The THC count can reach up to about 18% with a small CBD count of between .2% and .4%.

Due to the dominance of indica in its genetics, Laughing Buddha produces enormous buds. They are really heavy and covered with resin glands. Definitely, something you’ll want if you’re looking to create bud for turning into oil or something similar.

However, it’s 25% Sativa also shines through and won’t give you couch-lock. It’s the perfect marriage between indica and sativa.


Good For — Depression, Stress, Pain, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Fatigue
Effects — Happy, Uplifting, Relaxed, Euphoria, Energetic


Types of high

You can expect a potent, crisp and clear high. You’ll be focused and not worried about everything around you. Nonetheless, it’s powerful. It will keep you uplifted from the first moment the smoke enters your system.

Give it only a few minutes and you’ll be plastered within a deep euphoric state.

Aroma & Taste

In terms of taste profile, Laughing Buddha has a spiciness to it. However, there is also a flowery and sweet undertone to each hit. This unique mix of flavors is actually quite pleasant.

The smoke can be a bit harsh due to the heavy concentration of THC in it, thus we recommend taking moderate tokes when you first try it. The smell of the bud itself is quite pungent and loud. Try to keep this in a hermetically sealed jar unless you like the smell of Laughing Buddha all over your house.


Laughing Buddha isn’t an easy strain to grow at all. In fact, we don’t recommend growing this strain unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. It grows very tall and has a moderate yield of about 1-3 ounces per square foot.

Flowering can take up to three months before you crop out. Thus, patience is required when growing Laughing Buddha.

If this is your first cannabis-rodeo, steer clear of this strain.

Negative Effects

The biggest negative effect with Laughing Buddha is that it will give you cotton-mouth. You might also get a bit paranoid from smoking too much. Thus, take moderate tokes so that you can see how the strain hits you first.

Other than that, this is a powerhouse strain that isn’t for the faint of heart. Only serious tokers will love this strain.

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