Is 30 Days Enough To Pass a Drug Test?

You ace some tests because of the knowledge gained over time. Others, you avoided in the past due to the drug in your system. Is 30 days enough to pass a drug test? You are about to find out. 

Some say that life is the only test without past questions. There’s an iota of truth in this, especially if you’ve been through life’s stinking hole. Yet, the test of life isn’t the scariest, a drug test is.

Have you smoked some weed recently and you have a drug test coming up soon? There is a great chance that you might fail your drug test as a result of the THC stays in your system after ingesting or smoking marijuana except you plan to use a synthetic urine.

Although habitual drug users are more concerned, it is not exclusive to them. Non-weed-smokers also worries about the previously secondhand smoke inhaled (i.e. contact high). Perhaps, your friend had an important occasion recently and you smoked weed for the first time.

What affects the outcome of a drug test?

Questions relating to how long it takes to pass a drug test hinges on certain factors. For one, let’s determine what causes THC to remain in the system.

There are 3 factors influencing the outcome of a weed test.

  1. The quantity of weed ingested
  2. Your body weight
  3. The nature of the drug test

Let’s go into detail.

  • The quality of weed

This follows a simple rule – the more you take, the longer it stays. If a medical practitioner administers a drug test to a chronic weed smoker, the result obtained will be similar to that of a first-time user.  Sounds strange right? This assertion is not only logical, it is backed by research. According to a published paper, after a test  was conducted on 13 chronic users, THC traces was still observed after 25 days of ingesting/smoking marijuana.

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  • Your body weight

You might balk at the fact that your weight is a factor, but this is a good consideration. Remember that THC is a fat-soluble molecule. As a rule of thumb, unfortunately, overweight people need more time to get rid of the drug in their system.

  • The kind of test

Is it a urine drug test? If we go by stats, over 90% of drug tests comprises urine and a cup. Hence, it should be urine testing or drug screen (UDS). These test strips are able to detect from 100ng/ml to 20ng/ml of THC in the urine. If the cut-off rate of the test is high, it will affect the result.

Okay, even after the test, what can you do?

You can stay clean.

How to stay clean until your test

  1. You need a lot of willpower here. Commit and make sure you do not take consume marijuana in any form
  2. Engage in physical activity, exercise if you can. This will enhance the rate of degradation of the THC in your system.
  3. Drink water! Drink it even before you think you’re thirsty. Become addicted to water.
  4. Eat healthily. Take fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet 
  5. If you smoked weed then use a detox drink like GNC’s Herbal Clean ® QCARBO16 2 weeks before the drug test.

So, Is 30 days enough to pass a drug test?

Usually Yes, but it also depends on some of these factors :

  • How much you smoke (anything above 30% of THC ) would reflect in the drug test.
  • Metabolism of the individual in concern
  • Medical conditions
  • How tolerant and how active

That being said, if you smoke weed that has 1gram of THC ( say 15%) and didn’t smoke 30 days after that, you should be clean if you take a drug test — this statement is from a medical graduate.


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