How To Use A Joint Roller And Top 7 Joint Rolling Machines 2018

How To Use A Joint Roller And Top 7 Joint Rollers

Most cannabis users find it somewhat challenging rolling a perfect joint using their bare hands. As such, they will rather use a rolling machine which in this case a “joint roller”.

What is a joint roller?

A joint roller is simply a rolling machine designed to roll cannabis. A joint roller is indeed a worthy investment, it can save time and money.

Benefits of joint rollers

Unknown to most people, handling marijuana with the bare hands takes away a sizeable amount of THC. Which most stoners wouldn’t want to happen.

What You Need to Roll a Joint

Below is a list of the essentials. Whether you are using your bare hands or a rolling machine

  1. The cannabis strain
  2. Papers for rolling the strain
  3. The crutch for the joint
  4. A grinder to grind the joint
  5. Your lighter (winks)
  6. A rolling machine

Factors to Consider When Rolling Your Joint

The Quality of the Paper

This is as important as the quality of the weed itself. We have three different types of paper used for cannabis.

  • Wood pulp
  • Hemp
  • Rice

You should only use papers which are made of rice or hemp if you want a crisp-feeling weed (no pun intended). The hemp paper particularly burns better and it is easier to roll for beginners. Rice papers also give you that tasteless and slow-burning feel.

The Size of the Paper

When considering this, think of three things.

  • How many people are taking this joint with you?
  • Do these people have high tolerances?
  • How many joints do you plan to roll?

If you have friends like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg coming over, you’ll need a king-sized paper. Otherwise, you can stick to the conventional 1 ¼” size and you’ll be fine.

Lighting the Joint

Here’s a little tip, it’s on the house. Cannabis joints burn differently. Unlike cigars, you should rotate the joint and then allow the heat increase in a gentle fashion. This will cause the burn to last longer and also burn better.

You might’ve heard or seen people who rub saliva all over the joint to slow the burn. You will end up smoking alone if you do this.

Now that you know the items you need to roll a joint and the factors to consider when rolling a joint. I will explain step by step how to roll a joint using your bare hands or a rolling machine.

How to Roll Your Joint With Your Bare Hands

Now, this is the much-awaited moment. Drum rolls! Let’s get right to it.

1.  Grind the weed

Well, even if perfection is an illusion, the point is to put in your best effort. Another tip on the house, if you dry your weed well, grinding it will be a walk in the park.

2. Make a joint crutch

This is more like a filter and it prevents the shake from falling into your mouth or to the ground. You can use business cards, greeting cards, or even a cardboard, they all work well.

3. Loading your weed

Your weed then goes into the paper. Half a gram or one gram, depending on the quantity you want to use. Now, let the joint take shape and use your fingers as a guide.

4. Pack the joint well

Your loaded joint begins to take shape here. Pinch the paper between your fingers and roll it as you deem fit. This is when your joint takes the final shape.

5. Rolling the Joint

Here’s where you should be careful. Tuck the outer side of the paper into a roll and hold it down with the glued part. If you have the crutch here, it’ll come in handy.

6. Finishing Touches

With the aid of a pen (or any other material with a pointed tip), tuck your weed in. This will afford you an even burn and will help the joint appear fuller and fatter. Close the tip and you’re good to go.

7. Light it Up!!!

Yes! You earned it.

How to use a joint roller


 Open up the rolling machine by sliding one of the rollers up. Fill it up with the weed either tightly or heavily. Try to achieve an even spread as you do this. When ready, close the roller.


Depending on the joint roller you are using. Place your paper in between the rolling machine with the sticky side facing up. Use your thumbs to press down firmly and roll till the sticky strip becomes visible.

Licking and closing up

Before removing your joint from the roller, have it sit for a while as you lick the sticky edge and fasten it neatly.

Removing from the roller

Carefully open your roller and remove your blunt carefully. Once out, twist the tip of the blunt to close it up before you light up to smoke.

Best joint rolling machines

Joint rollers operate differently as they use varying mechanism (manual or automatic). Because they are different, it is worth looking at the types of various brands before deciding to purchase one.

In this article, we reviewed the best joint rollers, expounding on their benefits.

Top 7 joint rollers

#1. RAW Natural Rolling Papers Cone Shooter

RAW Natural Rolling Papers Cone Shooter

Coming ready with instructions, The Natural Cone Shooter is an easy to fill accessory.

With it, you can fill king-size filters and roll a cone neatly in a matter of seconds. With this tool, no herb is wasted as any leftover weed is collected inside the joint roller for later use.

In order to make sure that only RAW can be used with this roller, made sure that only their cones can fit inside of the machine. These papers are incomparable to regular ones, given their unique strength and all-natural composition.

You won’t have to be an expert to work the pre-rolled cones. Once you’re done rolling, you can immediately spark that “cone” up!

#2. The Rollerbox Silver Adjustable Joint Roller

Rollerbox Silver Adjustable Joint Roller

If you consider yourself a classy stoner, the roller box will serve both as a roller as well as a storage container. Once you try this, you won’t be able to go back to any other conventional way of rolling. With it, you can craft a number of blunts in just a few minutes, and almost effortlessly.

This joint roller is divided into several compartments, allowing you to carry your blunts, lighter, and roller in a neat unit. Whether for medicinal or recreational use, your favorite strain will be just a heartbeat away.


The metallic structure holds up well against pressure, maintaining its form even when fitted in tight spaces. The joint roller is an ideal carry case seeing that it has a discreet design so you can take with you on the go.

It is virtually weightless, meaning you will hardly feel its presence. This is a perfect definition of thoughtfulness.

#3.  JWare Cone Loader King Size

JWare Cone Loader King Size

Are you commercially operating a marijuana shop or dispensary? A large number of clients probably leaves you with no time to do anything else other than attending to their needs. This J Ware joint roller can load up to 24 cones in a session.

These king size joints are all evenly packed with the strains of your choice, offering a variety in record time. For the best result, the pre-loaded cones should be from J Ware too, fitting in exact specifications.


During operation, all the cones can be filled simultaneously, or one at a time depending on the retailer’s needs. The perfection in each cone will leave you astonished, and your clients even more satisfied!

# 4. 1 X Cone Artist Roller

1 X Cone Artist Roller

In most cases, simplicity is key to success; this artistic roller depicts just that. A single glance at it and you will instantly know how to use it, no manual needed. Unlike many other joint rollers, it works with just any paper regardless of texture or thickness.

How It Works

To start off, roll the filter neatly and insert it in the back end. You will then be required to wrap the paper around the body and fasten. This is followed by filling the funnel with your favorite strain before inserting the funnel into the pre-rolled cone.

A simple tap will pack all the content into the cone. You can optionally make it firm at the top by using a pen or similar object. You’re done!

#5. Juicy Jay’s 120mm Rolling Machine


Juicy Jay’s 120mm Rolling Machine

Are you into flavored joints? If yes, finding the right paper and rolling strategy may be challenging. Juicy Jays can roll any flavor you desire, in the most seamless and satisfying way.

It is perhaps one of the biggest rollers in the market, producing long and puffy blunts. The joints are characteristically tight, ensuring the smoothest airflow and most relaxed smoking experience.

Being a plastic roller, it is certainly not the highest quality but does an unmistakably neat job. Juicy Jays fans won’t feel a pinch paying prices matching those of Zig Zag and RAW.

#6.  Zig Zag Roller Perfect Cigarettes

Featuring a clear plastic construction, Zig Zag Joint Roller is traditional in style and offers impeccable results. This clearness is not as aesthetically appealing as other high-end joint rollers. The ease of use is coupled with extensive durability.

With its quality skirt and very few moving parts, it can last a lifetime when kept in pristine condition. This model, however, requires users to be careful not to roll joints too tight; you will get acquainted with rolling “too tight joints” in no time.

You are at liberty to exercise various joint tightness levels, with no set specific parameters. However, you will have to forego the luxury of rolling king size blunts due to this roller’s small size.

#7.  Tommy Chong Exclusive King Roller

 Tommy Chong Exclusive King Roller

Though not often seen and used by most stoners, this joint roller is truly one of a kind. This type of skirt model is easily adaptable even for novice smokers just starting out. You’ll just have to load and roll out in a matter of seconds.

Any king size paper can be used to churn out tight joints which are well aerated. The size of the roller accommodates a lot of cannabis, meaning fewer twists to get the job done. And throughout all of your rolling endeavors, you’ll have the pleasant face of Tommy Chong encouraging you every step of the way.

This joint roller’s longevity depends on how well you take care of it.

Wrap Up

There you go! I hope you have learned everything you need to know about joint rollers and how to roll a joint using your bare hands or a rolling machine.

Want to learn more about marijuana joint rollers? Reach out to us or leave your comments below.

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