How To Tell If Someone Is High — 5 Sure- Fire Signs

How To Tell If Someone Is High

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you try to figure out if someone is high on weed? If that’s you, then you are not alone. In fact, a lot of people would also want to know ” how to tell if someone is high” on weed too.

It is important to note that people react and act differently when they are high (it depends on which marijuana strain or substance they are high on).

Generally, there are different substances that can get you high i.e. weed high, bath salts high, inhalants high etc. And two types of body high ( cerebral or head and body high). That being said, the main focus of this article is geared towards the weed-related high.

There is a saying that goes ” weed brings out your true personality”. Whether that is a myth or a fact, I honestly don’t know.

5 signs someone is high

There are signs to look out for in other to ascertain if someone is high on weed or not. Just as I made mention earlier, these signs might appear prominent right off the bat in some people and for others, you might have to examine them closely.

1. Social tendencies

It is not uncommon for someone who is usually sociable to withdraw into themselves when they are stoned. On the other hand, someone that is shy is unusually social and outspoken in a group. When either of these happens to someone you know, there is a great probability that he/she is high.

2. Tone of voice

Just like someone using headphones to talk but yet speaks loud. People who are stoned would sometimes find it difficult to gauge their speaking volume. They are usually talking lower or louder than the normal audible volume of speech.

3. Strong scents

This is the first sign people often use to tell whether or not someone is high on weed? However, in most cases, it could go both ways. I say that because cologne or perfume might be used to mask the pungent smell (scent) of weed that would have been left on them otherwise.

4. Eyes

They say the eyes never lie. Fortunately, that is largely true for those who are high too.

The pupils of the eyes would naturally be constricted in a lighted room. A high person would have theirs to be dilated instead. Conversely, the same pupils on the high person would be smaller in the dark.

Lest we forget, bloodshot eyes are usually the easiest way to tell if someone if high ( again it might just be a sign of stress or something else entirely).

5. Unusual actions

A series of unusual actions will follow suit for those who are high on weed. It could range from little things such as delirious laughter, excessive eating (munches), and compulsive snacking to violent behavioral tendencies.

People who are high could also appear slower than normal or even be oblivious of the environment they are in at times.

Wrap Up

Just because your friend is super-charged around you does not mean they are high. Likewise, a sober mood does not reflect the lack of high in a person. The easiest thing to do would be to confront someone and ask them. But the points enumerated above will surely give away someone who is high on weed.

If you’ve got more signs to tell if someone is high, let us know about it in the comments below.

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