How To Store Cannabis Seeds To Last Long For The Next Planting Season

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

In the wake of the cannabis boom, more and more farmers are looking to not only grow the cannabis plant, but to also find ways of ensuring that the seeds they have, will stay long enough to plant in the next season.

In our previous article, we explained how long a cannabis seed last. In this article, we will discuss how to store cannabis seeds to stay long enough to be planted for the next planting season.

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

Here are a few tips:

Dry the cannabis seeds

Before any other thought or action, the first thing you need to do is dry the seeds.

Dried seeds last far longer than green seeds.

The locked in moisture generally works to make them rot faster and as such, will not store for long. The best way to dry seeds is by letting them dry naturally. Leave the seeds out to dry naturally for a few days. Ensure that you place them somewhere that birds cannot reach — as they can make a good snack for birds.

Keep them whole

Well, this goes without saying but may still be necessary to point out. It is very necessary to ensure that your cannabis seeds are not squished, cracked or in any way invaded.

The shell of any seed works as the barrier, a shield so to speak, that protects the inner contents of the seed from the outside environment. This then means that if the shell is cracked or broken, the seed is no longer viable.

seed shell

Check for pests and virus

Keeping the seeds together is not how to store cannabis seeds. You need to select the healthy ones from the batch and store only these. As small as the cannabis seed may be, it can be attacked by pests and bugs. Look for any holes or any sign that show the seed has been “invaded”.

Also, some cannabis plants become infested with some viruses that may not be clear to the naked eye. This then means that the seeds may also be infected. Thus, you need to inspect the mother plant of the seeds prior to choosing them for storage.

Store in a dry dark place

I know, this sounds like a label on a medicine bottle. It does, however, apply to your cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds are attracted to light and as your grade school science would tell you, germination takes place in the presence of light and water or humidity.

If you want your cannabis seeds to store for long, you need to ensure that the place you keep them receives no light and is completely dry.

On the same note, you may find a dark place to store them but some levels of humidity may seep in. The humidity may cause it to rot and thus wither away. You don’t want this.

Keep them under lock and key

Now I don’t mean this to imply that they may be stolen. This is in regard to pests and pets that may find them and choose to feast or chew on them. Store your seeds in places that can be easily locked and has no other way in — this will prevent pets and pests from gaining access to your cannabis seeds.

Store them in a cool environment

Besides just light, seeds require warmth to grow. Since you really do not want them to grow, deprive them of all possible notion of warmth. The cooler the environment, the better. Some actually choose to refrigerate cannabis seeds. Let’s look at the dynamics that this prospect presents.

→ Storing cannabis seeds in a refrigerator

Knowing that warmth, light, and humidity counteract the cannabis seed from being stored, the refrigerator definitely seems like the best possible option. You do however need to take a few precautions here. For starters, the same way that warmth isn’t really good for storing seeds, too low temperatures are just as, if not worse, for seeds. If you freeze cannabis seeds, they become unviable  — meaning even when you do need them to grow, they won’t. You, therefore, need to keep your seeds away from the freezer. Put your seeds in store in airtight containers or packs and place them either on the door or in the vegetable section of the fridge.

Making seeds viable after refrigeration

If you choose to store your cannabis seeds in the fridge, then you need to find a way of making them viable again when you take them out. You will need to dry the seeds again (natural air). Lay them out again for a few days to get them back to natural temperatures.
If you try to speed up the “drying” by i.e. heating up the seeds — this will only work to render the seeds completely useless.

refrigerator door

How long can cannabis seeds be stored for before they go bad?

As long as all the factors are taken care of, it is possible to store cannabis seeds for years. We have discussed this in our previous article about “how long do a cannabis seed last”.


Simply ensure that the cannabis seeds are not exposed to moisture, light, warmth or pests. If you do this properly, your seeds can be stored for years.

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