How To Make Hashish Butter

How To Make Hashish Butter

You’ve heard about cannabutter, you’ve heard about kief butter…but hashish butter? Well, if it’s cannabis…it can be infused! The beauty of hashish butter is that the process of making it is easier than making cannabis butter.

Why? Because a large part of the cannabutter recipe is made from hash.

If the hash is prepared,  then it has been decarboxylated. This means, that you only need to mix it with the butter to do the infusion.

If, on the other hand, the hash is live resin (Charas), then you’d need to activate the THC prior to infusing it with the butter or the oil.

Hash is known to have strong healing properties, very potent and powerful.

How to make hashish butter

hashish butter


Let’s say you want to make prepared hash, i.e. taking the resin crystals and baking it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

To do this, you need to wrap the hash in some hard cardboard and then soak the cardboard in water. Then, wrap the cardboard with tape and place it into the oven. Let it heat up for about 20 minutes before removing it.

This will activate the THC, making it psychoactive.

In the case that your hash is already activated, then you can move onto the next steps.

Preparing Hashish Butter

Take the desired amount of hash. We recommend starting off with between 3-5 grams of hashish. Then, get some high-fat butter and put it in a pot that is on a stove. On a low heat, heat up the pan until the butter starts melting. Once the butter has turned completely liquid, simply crumble in the hash into the butter.

Stir until all of the hashish has melted into the butter. Now that you have everything melted together, remove the butter from the flame and pour it into a container.

Place the container in the fridge and let the butter solidify once more. Now, you have hashish butter!

How to use Hashish Butter

Hashish butter can be utilized in different ways. You could use it to infuse some baked goods by simply substituting the “butter” portion of any recipe with your hashish butter.

Similarly, you can also use it for mild infusions. Instead of cooking with oil or butter, simply use your freshly made hashish butter. This won’t create a very strong infusion, but you’ll still be getting all the cannabinoid goodness that is found in the cannabis plant.

Edibles made from this butter is great for pain management, insomnia, anxiety, and other medical conditions. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, we recommend making baked edibles such as cookies or brownies. One of these should provide you with 4-6 hours of pain relief without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Just remember, to never operate heavy machinery under the influence of edibles.

Closing thoughts

Do you know that hash butter can be stored in the refrigerator for two months?

The video below will guide you step by step on how to  make hash butter efficiently and


Feel free to ask any questions. and leave your comments below.

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