How To Identify A Bad Weed | Looks, Texture, Smell & Taste

How To Identify A Bad Weed

Do I have bad weed? A question not frequently asked by those who live in a marijuana-friendly state. However, for the millions of unfortunate people who still live in prohibition states…it’s a question that comes up frequently.

How do you know if you have a bad weed? Are there telltale signs to look out for? Fortunately for you, Yes! Today we’ll be going over the telltale signs of bad weed.

Bad Weed Characteristic 1: The Smell

The first thing you’ll be looking out for when buying a new baggy is the smell. Simply open up the bag and take a big whiff. If your bag has a grass-like smell to it, it means that the plant was harvested before it was mature.

Additionally, if it smells like wet-grass, then the curing and drying process was also neglected. You might still pick up hints of terpenes here, however, if herbs or grass is the predominant smell…it’s probably a bad sack.

Characteristic 2: The Look

Notice if you see any seeds or excessive leaves on the buds. This will indicate whether the grower trimmed the plants before curing as well as whether or not cross-pollination took place.

A few seeds could mean that the plant became a hermaphrodite, meaning the seeds would be 100% feminized. However, these usually only will provide you with a few seeds. If there are more than 10 seeds in the bag, chances are it was cross-pollinated.

The presence of seeds means that the plant stopped producing THC. This will reduce the potency of your baggy.

Another thing to look for is to see how compressed the weed is. Good weed will have dense little nugs with crystals on it. Bad weed would be brick-like, compressed and full of stems and seeds.

Characteristic 3: The Texture

By now you should have already identified the quality of the bud. Let’s say, for argument sake it that you still don’t. Another thing you could do is physically handle the weed in your hands. Does it feel sticky?

If it doesn’t, it means that the plant either didn’t produce a lot of resin [which is unlikely] or was harvested prematurely [more likely].

The moisture in the buds also matter. If it’s too wet, it means the weed hasn’t been properly cured. If it’s too dry, it means that the bud wasn’t properly stored. All of these will affect the potency of your stash.

Characteristic 4: The Taste

Finally, you can taste to see if the weed is good or bad. If it’s bad, you’ll immediately taste a harness too it. This is probably because the plant wasn’t flushed properly, it either has pesticides on it or a combination of the two.

The near-bitter taste of the weed will eventually give way to elevated blood pressure, probably a headache and a heaviness in your being. This is all telltale signs of bad weed.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that bad weed will eventually become less frequent, there still are many people that have to deal with this on a daily basis. Hopefully, this guide provided you with the insight needed to identify a bad sack of weed.

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