How To Fight Marijuana Addiction | DIY Therapy For Cannabis Addiction

How To Fight Marijuana Addiction

There are many rehabilitation clinics that offer services for marijuana addiction. Which brings us to the questions: Is marijuana addiction real? People who smoke marijuana regularly claim that you can’t get addicted to marijuana. Is this true or not?

The reality is; marijuana is a mind altering substance and similarly to sex…you can get addicted to marijuana.

With that being said, let’s look at the severity of marijuana addiction and whether or not it’s a problem we should be worried about post-legalization.

The severity of a marijuana addiction

First off, it is possible to be addicted to marijuana. The question is, how severe is the addiction?

Studies suggest that marijuana is 9% addictive, which places it at similar rates to coffee. 9% is also an inflated percentage. The real margin for addiction runs between 5%-9%.

Similar to a coffee addiction, a user would be able to quit cold turkey without the severe health risks [suppression] associated with harder drugs such as alcohol and heroin. 

Users might be “cranky” for a day or two, however, once the cannabis leaves their system…they revert back to normal.

With respect to marijuana addiction, most users are ‘addicted’ to the psychotropic aspect of cannabis ( euphoria, uplifting, happy and calming effects). The truth is, this psychological addiction isn’t truly severe and weaning off cannabis is quite simple. 

How to fight marijuana addiction

It’s very difficult to get addicted to marijuana…nearly impossible. However, this doesn’t mean that it would never happen.

If you feel you are getting addicted to marijuana, the first thing to do is :

  • Reach out to a marijuana addiction helpline
  • Find and treat the core issues that are making you addicted to marijuana.
  • Once you have established the core issues influencing your addition, treat and “detox“. 
  • Join marijuana addiction support groups in your area

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Furthermore, you would need to :

  • Drink a lot of water and perhaps do some exercise to help with dopamine production.

The process can last less up to 30 days to completely remove the physical addiction. However, you would still need to work on the psychological aspect of your addiction. Otherwise, they would merely substitute one addiction for another. 

Loneliness and fulfillment

Recent studies found that one of the strongest factors in addiction is “being alone”. Not being part of a community can lead to people wanting to take drugs at a higher rate.

Additionally, fulfillment is another aspect one needs to consider. People who feel like they don’t attribute to society or their direct social circles have a higher possibility of falling into addiction. 

Thus,  you need to keep yourself busy, keep yourself engaged with the community.

Should we be worried about marijuana addiction?

To be honest, marijuana addiction is nothing compared to alcohol, cocaine, heroin etc. There are far worse substances to be addicted to i.e. sugar. Cannabis addiction is mild compared to most drugs and it can be defeated quite easily.

In any case, if you 100% feel addicted to marijuana. Try to implement the points listed above to enable you slowly walk away from your addiction.


Furthermore, within a legal model, the government can implement prevention programs, drug education programs, and other social initiatives to address the core problem of addiction. 

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