How To Conserve Weed Using Vape Products | The Mechanism Behind Vapes

How To Conserve Weed Using Vape Products

If you follow these instructions judiciously, you will achieve enough “high” on just a small stash of weed. I stumbled on this technique a few years ago, and I am so delighted I now have this opportunity to put down my experience in writing. So initially I discovered I was spending a lot on weed, most times I am left with just a few grams, and payday isn’t anytime soon.

I usually end up frustrated in the past as I struggle to manage my remaining stash until my next payday. I can still remember how unsatisfied I typically end up back then because most times I get about 10 seconds of drag before my weed finally burns out.


The answer to my problem was a vaporizer. Initially, I started with the Magic Flight Launch Box; now I use the Fury 2.
Although most people still prefer the traditional means of smoking which involves rolling up your weed, I feel the world is evolving, and marijuana is not left behind either.

These vaporizers will help you store your weed for a long time, so you don’t spend money on weed all the time.

How to conserve weed using vapes

The Magic Flight Launch Box

magic flight launch box

This vaporizer allowed me to save money some years ago. I remember when I first started using it, I noticed I still have enough weed to last me a long time a month after purchase, which was not the case when I didn’t;t have the vape. It’s a little bit expensive, but it’s worth it.

A particular feature I like about this vape is the fact that the heating element is not activated assuming you don’t apply pressure to the battery. Thus, conserving your weed.

Fury 2

Fury 2

If you read my post on “newest vape products“, you will realize I love this product. Maybe it’s the sleek and portable design (easy to conceal in the palm) or is it the protective cover that makes easier to smoke discreetly. There are so many reasons why I love this product, and I know you will love it too.

The mechanism behind weed conservation

Now let me explain the mechanism behind weed conservation using vaporizers. I’m going to try to keep this very simple. Remember back in high school when you were taught the difference between combustion and convection? A traditional bong operates on the principle of combustion, where all you have to do is light up the whole thing and gets high; pretty much burns everything.

However, vaporizers (God bless them) work on the principle of Convection. In convection, your weed is placed in a compact space, and hot air and steam somehow acts on your bud rather than burn it. So you get to conserve your bud, plus you get many flavors too.

Closing thoughts

So this pretty much explains  the mechanism behind using vapes to preserve weed. You would be saving money if you vape weed rather than smoke it the traditional way. Have you tried vaporizing your bud? What is your experience using both methods? I will like to hear your own side to this. More so, if you know any other means on how to conserve weed, please do share!

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