How To Choose The Best Vaporizer For Medical Marijuana

How To Choose The Best Vaporizer For Medical Marijuana

Without a doubt, vaporization is the best method for absorbing medical marijuana. However, in order to get the best result while vaping, it is necessary to buy the right vaporizer. In the next couple of paragraphs, we will suggest how to choose the best vaporizer for medical marijuana.

There are many stores offering vaporizers in the USA and Canada, but in the vast majority of them, there are vaporizers that are made with low-quality (cheap) components, that can be dangerous to your health. Some of these materials are not even resistant to high temperatures.

Choosing the first vaporizer can be overwhelming, and it is very easy to buy a model that will put your health at risk —  due to the materials used for its production.

The best way to avoid these type of “surprises” is to choose a store that offers only tested and safe vaporizers, especially for medical marijuana patient.

An example of these type of stores is VapeFully —offering only fully safe and proven premium class vaporizers.

Stationary or portable vaporizer – which is better?

Apparently, vaporizers are divided into stationary and portable devices. The former requires a permanent power source (electrical outlet), hence they are intended for use only at home/office.

The latter is powered by rechargeable batteries, which allows them to be carried in bags, pockets etc.

It is worth considering the patient’s needs when deciding which vaporizer to buy. If the patient suffers from a disease that doesn’t require frequent inhalations (vaping) then a stationary vaporizer would suffice. However, if the patient suffers from a disease that requires frequent vaping, the best solution will be one of the portable vaporizer models.


portable or desktop vaporizers


Stationary vaporizers – what model will be the best?

Stationary vaporizers differ in a number of features, such as the quality of the steam produced, the efficiency and method of steam supply. Assuming that you are only interested in high-performance devices that supply the highest quality of steam, then what you should be looking for is the method the device uses to produce the steam.

There are stationary vaporizer that deliver steam via a balloon, mouthpiece or even both.

Balloon method


ballon volcano vaporizer

This method is very convenient – it allows steam to be accumulated in a detached balloon, which is especially important in the case of elderly people and severely ill or bedridden patients. Volcano Vaporizer is the best vaporizer of this type for medical applications.

Mouthpiece method

Models that provide steam with the mouthpiece are also very convenient to use, but require the user to be in the vicinity where the device is located for inhalation. A certified device of this type is Aromed Vaporizer, which filters steam through water — making inhalation more comfortable.

Universal method

Arizer Extreme Q 6.0

There are also universal models that are a combination of both the ballon and mouthpiece steam delivery method i.e. Arizer Extreme Q 6.0.

Portable vaporizer – which model is the best?

Although portable vaporizers are associated rather with the recreational use of marijuana, however, you can find models that are ideal for medical users.

High efficiency (effective extraction of cannabinoids from the weed), high power, ease of use and inhalation are important factors here. An example of such devices are Crafty Vaporizer and Mighty Vaporizer — these devices differ in size and battery capacity but provide exactly the same vapes.

Mighty is also a bit easier to use because temperature control is possible from the level of the device. In the case of Crafty, the temperature can be regulated by a means of a mobile application. This is probably why Mighty is a device recommended for medical marijuana patients in countries such as Canada or Israel.

Although other models can also effectively provide cannabinoids, however, Crafty and Mighty is the best solution among portable models because they fulfil the needs of medical marijuana patients.

Is it worth investing in a vaporizer?

Definitely! All research results clearly indicate vaporization as the best method of medical marijuana application. A high-quality vaporizer will help to effectively deliver cannabinoids, while not providing toxic and carcinogenic compounds that accompany traditional combustion.

It is a better solution in many cases than RSO oil, which is usually not properly cleaned of its solvents, and its production in illegal conditions are not controlled in any way, which often results in low quality of the final product.

Final thoughts

In the case of people suffering from medical conditions, in which medical marijuana can bring relief, vaping weed is by far the safest (least harmful) and the most economically efficient method for consuming medical marijuana.

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