How To Achieve The Best Results While Vaping Weed — Techniques & Vaporizers

How To Achieve The Best Results While Vaping Weed

Vaporizing is the best method of consuming medical marijuana. However, in other, for it to be effective,  there are simple rules that need to be followed. We will tell you what to look for and what to avoid in order to achieve the best result while vaping cannabis.

It is necessary to comply with several rules related to the preparation of dried herb vaporizers and vaping-technique. Below is a small compendium of knowledge — a set of tips that will help you achieve the best possible effects when inhaling medical marijuana.

Preparation of dried herb vaporizers

In traditional smoking, the consistency of the dried herb (in this case weed) is of moderate importance. But in vaporization, it is extremely important. For every portable vaporizer, the dried weed needs to be properly ground with a grinder so as to ensure fine and uniform consistency.

How finely ground the dried weed should be? That depends largely on the type of vaporizer used.  For example, conduction vaporizers  (heating the material with hot walls of the heating chamber) will work most effectively if the weed is finely ground, almost to dust.

grinded weed

Finely ground weed


On the other hand, convection models (which heat the drought with a stream of hot air) will cope much better with a medium finely-ground weed — which can be achieved with an ordinary grinder.

It is also important to have a properly dried marijuana when vaporizing. If the herb is slightly damp after grinding. It is best to leave it for some time on a sheet of paper – so that it completely dried out – the drier the weed the better the steam production.

Correct use of vaporizers

When the weed is ready for vaporization, put it into the vaporizer chamber. The degree of whipping the weed in the chamber is very important and also depends on the type of vaporizer that is being used. Conduction vaporizers require strong compacted material – so the heat will be better conducted, which also ensure a more efficient use of the contents of the chamber.

On the contrary, in the case of convection models, the weed should not be compacted too much, because it would impede the airflow, which in this type of models is crucial for the proper operation of the device. For optimal use of weed. Most convection models require mixing the weed in the chamber during inhalation. For vaporizers that are recommended for medical use, such as the Volcano Vaporizer, information on how to properly fill the chamber with weed can be found in the instruction manual.

Instructional videos on YouTube are also very helpful. Like the one below



The choice of the right temperature is also extremely important. “During inhalation, it is best to gradually increase the temperature, i.e. start at 190 degrees Celsius and increase the temperature to 205 degrees in the middle of the session. Of course, when it comes to temperature, its selection should depend on the effects we want to achieve. “- says Ryszard Fazowski, an expert representing VapeFully in conversation with us.

Different temperatures will allow the evaporation of other cannabinoids, which will result in different effects that will be felt after vaporization – so take a moment to read about the evaporation temperatures of individual cannabinoids.

Also, do not neglect the cleaning of the vaporizer – a dirty device will produce bad taste and overall poorer quality. Neglecting cleaning can also lead to a deterioration of air flow, which will result in impaired inhalation. In extreme cases, the lack of cleaning can even damage our device. “So it’s a good idea to regularly clean your vaporizer with isopropyl alcohol – this is the best cleaner for vaporizers,” says Fazowski.

The right technique of inhalation

Even the best vaporizer loaded with the best medical cannabis will not give good results if we do not take it properly. The vast majority of vaporizers require a long, slow and steady inhalations. Inhalations that are too fast or too strong will not allow getting the right amount of steam. The best results are filling the lungs with steam, to half of their capacity and then filling them up with the breath of the air itself – this will allow the moving of the steam into the lungs. However, it is not worth keeping vaporized weed in the lungs for a long time – cannabinoids are absorbed in a flash, holding it back in the lungs for a long time could result to hypoxia of the brain. In total, it is enough to release the steam (exhale) after 1-2 seconds.

Quality of equipment

Complying with all of the above recommendations will ensure you achieve the best results while vaping. Also, the quality of the vaporizer itself plays an important role too. The cheapest devices, such as Snoop Dogg G Pen, can be dangerous to one’s health because of the extremely low quality of materials used in its production.

That being said, it is worth investing in a premium class vaporizer, which will be fully safe for health and at the same time will effectively extract medicinal cannabinoids from the dried weed and provide high-quality steam that will adequately chill and not irritate the airways.

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