How Marijuana (CBD Oil) Cured Kelsey Chronic Pain

How Marijuana (CBD Oil) Cured Kelsey Chronic Pain



Chronic Pain

Chronic pain often occurs when nerves are damaged, blocked or pressed, causing the person in question to feel extreme and excruciating pain in the region(s) controlled by the nerve.

In this case, it is the Trigeminal nerve, which sends impulses from the brain to the face. The chronic condition associated with this nerve is called Trigeminal Neuralgia, and it is one of the most dangerous and intense chronic neuropathic conditions out there. It is so intense to the point it is often compared to intense burns, the bite of a bullet ant, and even childbirth.

Suicide Disease

At one point, Trigeminal Neuralgia was nicknamed “The suicide disease” because those suffering from it would often take their lives in order to escape the pain.

In this video, we follow Kelsey, one of the producers from Buzzfeed, who also suffers from this disease, as she tries to treat her disease using Marijuana and the products that are derived from it.


The main substance used is CBD oil, which is responsible for all the positive medicinal properties of marijuana.

After obtaining her medicinal marijuana card, and advice from doctors and professors at UCLA, Kelsey goes on to try a wide range of medicinal Marijuana products in hopes of relieving the pain.

She tries everything from the flower, to vape pens, to creams, tinctures, roll-on applicators, until finally settling for Charlotte’s Web oil, which showed the most potent results in terms of relieving the intense pain.

Kelsey’s story is just one of the many medical marijuana success stories, which have prompted authorities and officials to finally start clinical testing and conduct research into the matter.

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