How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last ? — Depends On (Quality & Storage)

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last?

Any good harvest is predetermined by the quality of the cannabis seeds used during planting. When growing weed, the quality of seeds cannot be neglected either. One point of focus that is particularly important to many cannabis cultivators is how long do cannabis seeds last?

A tricky question that cannot be answered vaguely, because of the many factors that influence the longevity of cannabis seeds. In this article, we will look at these factors and how they help to prolong the lifespan of cannabis seeds.

How can cannabis seeds be stored?

cannabis seeds storage


The most crucial aspect of the longevity of weed seeds is their storage. We won’t be able to ask the question how long cannabis seeds last if the manner in which they are stored is wanting.  So what are some of the ways that can be used to store marijuana seeds to ensure that they last longer and serve you better?

When storing marijuana seeds to plant for the next season, always consider two things:

  • The environment
  • The storage container

The storage container

It should be airtight and not be exposed to any moisture, as the presence of moisture may encourage premature germination which is something we don’t want.

If you cannot find such a container, it is best to leave the seeds in the storage in which they were delivered.  In most instances, these storage has a desiccant that put in it by the dealer.

The environment 

The place in which the seeds are stored influences their longevity. Weed seeds are best stored under room temperature in a cupboard or shelf. Although a lot of people may advise that you store the seeds in a freezer or refrigerator, this is not the best option due to the fluctuations in moisture and temperature that may affect the nature of the seeds.

How long do cannabis seeds take to develop?

Cannabis seeds take anywhere between 3 to 5 days on average to grow before they can be transplanted. The number of days can, however, shift significantly due to different factors and manipulation techniques. When using small containers to grow your seedlings, be sure that they will mature faster and may even be ready within two days provided other supporting factors such as moisture, warmth, and light are in their required optimum. 

You should however not be seduced by the idea of fast-tracking the germination of seeds to the point that you fail to consider the quality that they will produce when they are fully mature plants.

When grown within natural conditions without any form of manipulation, weed seeds will take longer to germinate, an average of 5 to 7 days. This may be a long time for an impatient cultivator, but the seeds are given the best chance here to develop their best features which then enables them withstands the harsh conditions they will face in the vegetative stage. The optimum maturity of the seedling also influences the flowering stage significantly, and thus it should be given keen attention.

How long do cannabis seeds need to dry before planting?

Drying of cannabis seeds is essential because it enables the seeds to be stored well and this eventually influences the longevity of the seeds and their quality.  For a person looking to be a successful cannabis cultivator, the question of how long cannabis seeds last, is something that you should take seriously by taking the following proactive measures when drying your seeds.


The first thing to consider before drying seeds is the existing environmental conditions. The light exposure, moisture, oxygen concentration and temperature should be considered.

Marijuana seeds start to germinate when they are exposed to these conditions, thus the drying mechanism used should not expose the seeds to moisture.


Dry the seeds gradually over time, but be careful not to dry them entirely since this could make the seed fail to germinate at the time of planting. It is advisable to maintain the moisture content of dried seeds at not more than 3% which is the optimum. Note that the seeds when dried also adjust their physiological process to prepare for a period of dormancy.

Basically, the seeds respond to the stimulus that you expose them to.

How long can cannabis seeds be stored?

Marijuana seeds, as we have seen, behave just like any other seeds out there that are not genetically modified. The longevity of marijuana seeds in storage will depend on the handling most importantly. It is for this reason that a lot of cultivators (including first-time cultivators) opt to buy just the right amount of seeds that they will cultivate and then order for another batch during the next planting season.


A typical cannabis seed that has been stored properly, tend to survive one planting season, which ranges between 5 to 8 months at most. Any stored seeds that fail to meet this threshold cannot be said to have been stored well — probably because some steps were missed at the drying stage.



Some indoor weed cultivators have reported up to two years of storage for their cannabis seeds provided the optimum conditions were availed to the seeds.

This is enviable, and many cultivators would wish to reach that level, but it requires a lot of effort and investment in knowledge and equipment. There are high-cost storage equipments available for purchase by weed cultivators for storing weed seeds.  But due to financial constraints, a lot of people opt to use airtight and vacuum containers for storing their dried seeds.

As a marijuana cultivator, one of your primary goals should be to ensure your cannabis seeds last and this can be improved upon with experience. Researching more about cannabis seeds and storage methods will also help to increase the longevity of viable cannabis seeds in your possession and thus resulting in better yields in each harvesting season.

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