How Cannabis Oil Helped This Child With Seizures

How Cannabis Oil Helped This Child With Seizures


Cannabis Oil

A child battling epilepsy, and a mother trying to do the best she can to aid him in his struggle. Where modern medicine failed to help them, cannabis oil made miracles, helping the child not only stop having seizures but also helping him start developing his cognitive and social skills.

Facing social criticism and backlash from people claiming she’s trying to get her kid high, as well as various other accusations. That didn’t stop her from using cannabis oil. She feeds him with the oil on regular basis, helping him cope and deal with his epilepsy seizures.

Low in THC & high in CBD

Cannabis oil is very low in THC, so low that it cannot get kids high, but high in CBD which has a lot of medicinal properties. It helps inhibit the chemical reactions that cause the seizures, while at the same time helping the child’s brain transition from an epileptic to a balanced state. This, in turn, helps the child recover and develop the cognitive skills that would otherwise be impossible to develop, while remaining balanced and safe.

Cannabis oil has shown a lot of promise during testing, and an increasing number of child patients and their parents are reporting massive improvements in their fight against epilepsy.

And still, people make false accusations as soon as they hear the word “cannabis”. Not to mention the fact that it is still illegal in 14 states. Parents that feed cannabis oil to their children are currently at risk of serving prison sentences and having their kids taken away from them.

It is an ongoing struggle for both the children and the parents, but there is still hope at the end of the tunnel.

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