Green Crack Marijuana Strain Review | Effects, Type of High, Growing

Green Crack Marijuana Strain Review

Some people are turned off by the Name Green Crack. However, this strain goes by other names too. Some call it C, Cush or Green Cush due to the negative connotation to its original name.

The reason why it’s called Green Crack obviously is because it hits the user the way “crack” does. Meaning, you’ll have high energy, focus, and a seriously head-heavy high after some tokes.

This strain is primarily a Sativa Strain and helps fights conditions such as depression, stress-related illnesses, and fatigue.

With a fruity flavour profile, you’ll enjoy Green Crack from the moment you sniff the baggy to the moment you cash the joint.


Green Crack


Green Crack comes from the lineage of Skunk #1. This is a powerhouse strain responsible for many other strains such as UK Cheese and the likes.

Skunk, for those who don’t know, is a hybrid strain with heavy Sativa undertones. This means it hits like a Sativa but grows like an indica.

Good For — Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Appetite
Effects — Energetic, Happy, Uplifting, Uplifting, Focus, Euphoria


Types of high

You can expect to feel a burst of energy when smoking Green Crack. Couple this with an intense feeling of happiness, the Green crack will keep you going throughout the day. You’ll feel focused and an uplifting high that takes you deep into a euphoric state.

Medical patients find that this strain is excellent for stress management, depression, fatigue, pain and even headaches and migraines. It’s a strain that will get you out of your funk and back on your feet.

Aroma & Taste

The most predominant flavour/ odour of this particular strain is a mix between Earth and Citrus. It also holds a few sweet undertones that translates into the actual smoke. You’ll quickly taste the earthy baseline with a soft citrusy note lingering in the middle of the taste profile.

People absolutely love the smell profile of this strain and seeing that it can get quite stinky, we suggest storing it in a hermetically sealed jar to preserve the terpenoid profile.


Green Crack is an excellent strain for beginners. It’s quite easy to harvest. Seeing that it’s a sativa plant though, you can expect the plant to hit the 80-inch margin and even taller depending on your set up. You’ll be able to pull out between one and three ounces per square foot.

While the strain is predominantly Sativa, it still has a super short flowering cycle maxing out at about nine weeks.

If you’re looking for a powerhouse strain to start growing…this is definitely something you should consider.

Negative effects

You can expect to get cottonmouth quite quickly. We suggest having something cool to drink while smoking Green Crack.

Additionally, some users report dry eyes and a tad bit of paranoia. We suggest that you start off moderately when smoking Green Crack and increase your dose as you assimilate the high. It’s not your typical cannabis strain. This high energy, high focus strain is for getting up and going out. Don’t smoke too much of it in one sitting. Usually, one or two hits would is enough to get you stoned.

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