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Green Candy Strain: Is This The Strain For You?

The green candy strain sure sounds tempting (which candy isn’t tempting after all, right?) which is probably why you are here, reading about it, in the first place. Read along as see if this weed strain will satisfy your sweet tooth (or should I say weed tooth?), but I’m sure the answer to that will be positive.

The definition of the Green Candy Strain

The green candy strain is for those weed lovers who need a little bit of a kick throughout their day. After all, a little energy boost surely won’t harm anyone. Namely, when defining the green candy strain you should note that this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will give its users a nice high-powered day. To date, the original breeders are unknown but luckily for us, we know exactly how to get the green candy strain, in case someone wants to grow it themselves. Namely, the green candy strain is a cross between the popular Green Crack and the fancy Candy Kush, hence the name Green Candy.

The reason why the green candy strain is so popular is that it is strong enough to affect even the experienced cannabis lovers. And the best part of it is that it will support your daytime activities without interfering with your energy levels at all. The long-lasting effects of the green candy strain are even more pleasant thanks to its nice berry-tinged fringe that will stay with you for hours. The psychoactivity of the green candy strain is said to be between 15% and 24% depending on the grower, the origins, and your preferences, of course.

The appearance of the Green Candy Strain

What makes the green candy strain even more unique are its impressively large flowers with their pyramidal form. The buds have the distinct sativa shape structure that can be recognized by its piecey leaves adhering together relatively loosely. The leaves of the green candy strain are in a beautiful vivid yellow-green color that is mixed throughout with rust-colored pistils. The perfect finish to all the impressive structure is its coating of amber trichomes which lies on top of the flowers. This coating gives the green candy strain a unique luminous golden glow.

When the green candy strain is cured properly you can sense its fruity odor from the flowers. However, with it, you can notice the dank base notes and damp earth notes that are very refreshing. What is passed down through one of its parents – the Green Crack – is the tangy and skunky aroma when the green candy is being ground or picked apart. The best part is that when rolled in a joint or smoked in any other way, the green candy strain lets you sense skunky and berry-like flavors as an aftertaste.

The effects of the green candy strain

When it comes to the time you feel the effects of the plant, I would say they are pretty quick as it is expected of this sativa-dominant plant. Right after a couple of puffs, you start to feel the build-up of pressure in the upper part of your face. This comes along with the unwanted side effect of the dry mouth or the cottonmouth and the dreaded red-eye appearance pretty early into the green candy smoking session.

A cannabis joint


A cannabis joint via unsplash.

If you had been needed a kick to go and do what you planned to do in your day, you can turn to the green candy, since it is known to give you a jittery, go-getter feeling you won’t be able to shake off as easy. You can expect to be more talkative and energized and your brain will just jump from one thought to another pretty unexpectedly and randomly without you being able to be in control. If your friends are like-minded and you smoke the green candy strain together, you can definitely expect your fun and talks to last for hours on end – as long as its effects last.

Some people find green candy’s effects to somewhat mind race-inducing and overwhelming. Some feel disoriented within their own brains, but all this is just an experience you have until you learn how to control the effect of the green candy. If it’s your first time smoking this strain I would suggest going somewhere where you can spend some time along and pull all your emotions and feelings together before continuing with your day to day activities. However, once you learn how to drive the green candy strain properly, it will bring nothing by positive energy and motivation to you to do what you have always wanted but never had enough energy or courage to do.

Because of these energizing properties, the green candy is found the most suitable among its users for an afternoon use when you need one last push to finish that mountain of work-related tasks. I wouldn’t recommend using this strain just before going to sleep because it might keep your brain awake for several hours while its effects last, even though your body might be dying for some sleep.

The medicinal use of the green candy

People who struggle with attention deficit disorders might find the strain pretty helpful in maintaining a focus on one thing throughout their day. Namely, its buzzy, alert properties and its long-lasting sense of focus can really benefit anyone who is struggling with focus at work or at school.

If you have been feeling under the weather lately, experiencing mild depression and moderate stress, this strain will also be of a great benefit to you. However, smoking the green candy, vaping it, or taking it in edibles or in any other form isn’t recommended for people who struggle with anxiety, panic attacks and in general have a low THC tolerance. This is because the mind-racing effects that this herb induces can get pretty overwhelming for these people.

How to grow your own green candy strain?

Unfortunately, if you want to grow some of the green candy for yourself you won’t be able to do so by obtaining seeds online or elsewhere. It can be only done by getting clippings from healthy plants because no breeders have yet produced this strain on a commercial scale. The plant is able to grow both indoors and outdoors as long as you can supply it with a Mediterranean-like climate (semi-humid).

Green candy cannabis

The green candy via unsplash.

Green Candy Strain
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