Free the Weed – A Message to the World (Freedom, Economy & Environment)

Free the Weed – A Message to the World

What happens when you free the weed? No, we’re not talking about those unwanted weeds in your mother’s garden…we’re talking cannabis!

Right now, we’re at a very important juncture within global cannabis politics. For more than 80 years we have been warring against mother nature…and losing the battle. Now, cannabis is closer to global legalization than ever before.

The United States is seeing a political revolution occur and individual states are opting out of the prohibition model. This, in turn, is forcing the Federal government to reconsider their stance on marijuana.

Why should weed be freed and what benefits we can obtain from this action?

Free the Weed

Free the weed for “Freedom”

The first reason why we should free the weed is because of a little thing we like to call “liberty”. You see, the current model of prohibition creates penalties against the individual for consuming cannabis. In essence, what the government is saying is that you don’t have their permission to put a foreign substance into your body.

The question everybody should be asking is; “why does the government have authority over your body?

At what moment did the government steal your sovereignty and freedom of choice? If you believe that it’s okay for the government to sanction your consumption behavior, then you would also be okay with the government banning the obese from eating fast food.

If that last statement angered you…it should! The government assumes that they have authority over what you can and cannot put into your body is a subtle claim that they own you. Unless you like the idea of “people owning people”, then you should free the weed.

Free the weed for the “Environment”

Other than the fact that cannabis prohibition is nothing more than modern slavery, another benefit of marijuana legalization is that it’s good for the environment. In this case, we’re looking more at Hemp than at marijuana.

Hemp, if fully implemented, could replace all paper production from trees, provide biodegradable plastics and even fuel if necessary. It takes about one year for hemp to reach full maturity, compared to about seven years for trees.

Furthermore, one acre of hemp produces the same amount of pulp as four acres of trees. Unlike other crops, cannabis replenishes the soul once it is harvested and won’t steal all the nutrients from the ground. Nature, and you…need hemp legal!

Free the weed for “Economy”

Finally, with job markets becoming more competitive, the cannabis industry is creating a unique opportunity. In fact, currently, it’s the fastest growing job market on the planet. It’s outperforming tech jobs and the likes.

If you have more people working, you have more people paying taxes. As you can imagine, this will provide value overtime to any place that legalizes marijuana and hemp.

Final thoughts

There are many more reasons why you should free the weed, however, we believe that these are the top three reasons why any individual should support cannabis legalization. The creation of this blog was the beginning of our own “Free the weed campaign”.

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